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May 8 meanie commented on Guest Editorial: Mayor Ed Murray Should Boycott, Not "Pinkwash," Israel.
Presumably a Palestinian state would be gay positive, thats pretty common in that part of the world.
Apr 29 meanie commented on The City Council Is So Over Being Nice to Kshama Sawant.
The narrative that the councils only issue was that it just wasn't socialist enough, and that sawant is a savior for polices moving forward is going to get dumped on its face pretty fast.
Apr 29 meanie commented on The Morning News: King County Approves New Radios for Emergency Responders, Student Boycott of Standardized Test Grows.
@5 It's never been any police job to serve and protect, it was the official motto of the LA PD police academy, and was later put on cars as a PR move. the LAPD was later involved in one of the worst corruption scandals in the US.
Mar 30 meanie commented on King County Will Reduce Number of Beds in New Juvenile Detention Center by One Fourth, Bowing to Protests.
@5 less beds will mean more "juveniles" put into adult holding.

This is champion level dum dum thinking that less beds = less minority incarceration.
Mar 11 meanie commented on Protesters Forced Seattle's Arctic Drilling Deal Onto the Port Commission Agenda Yesterday.
@1 Drilling in the arctic isn't zero sum for supply, its simply a profit center for shell, since they aren't taxed appropriately and as of 2014, the US is a exporter of oil right now thanks to the cheap shale in the dakotas. Oil companies like the arctic because there are less people around to pay off when it goes sideways unlike the gulf of mexico. Ask google about how well the valdez spill was payed out. ( pro tip, it's still in court! )

The "Protesters are just hypocrite sandal hippies who drive" slur doesn't hold a ton of water if you are keeping track of global commodity markets, OPEC, or the FUCKING PRICE OF GAS RIGHT NOW IDIOTS.

@10 Commissioners don't get paid enough for it to be a full time job, so they are basically professional cronies, or industry moonlighters. The last alt candidate ( Rob Holland ) who got the job, got kicked out of office for dodgy expense reports, and not knowing how to write off bribes donations like the establishment.

Every port meeting should be like this. The port runs like narissistic assholes. There plans hinge on every other port and canal in the world failing and them running all shipments for the west coast, and every spending decision follows it. They fund themselves through property tax. They needed bertha for freight to canada, they spend millions on infrastructure so trucks can drive frieght through the city, They are so profitable, they had to GIVE AWAY CRANES and rent to hanjin so they would stay. The port needs to concentrate on running the airport, and breaking even on shipping operations, ( without taxing the city ) and forget about their self-aggrandizing policy making.
Mar 10 meanie commented on Here’s Something We Could Do Right Now to Help Low-Income Renters.
@20 Your trying to make a point here, but its falling a little flat with all your weasel words. "circumvent" in your example means, "don't intentionally break" If you think the notice period isn't sufficient that's great, and you should lobby to change it, but attempting to add some moral foil by calling obeying laws, "circumventing" is disingenuous. I am sure we all circumvented the law by not robbing any banks today as well.

The other part your glossing over while trying to make the poor renters seem like the ever present hapless victims, for not realizing that there rents might go up while the neighborhood around them is booming is called a lease. Leases lock in your rent for 12 months at a time. After you get the bonus of not being tied down anymore and go month to month. This freedom also allows the landlord to change the arrangement, as long as they follow the tenancy rights you mentioned. Which in these cases, they did.
Mar 10 meanie commented on Here’s Something We Could Do Right Now to Help Low-Income Renters.
@13 speaking of kindergarten understandings, please show an example of:
" find any growing city with a healthy economy that building less units LOWERED rents."

While your at it, show any market where rent controls didn't just create a black market for limited housing.

The rhetoric that developers are evil people because they make money ( but you aren't when you ask for a raise ) and that we have to stop all density to save lower end rentals is currently being dis-proven by reality.

Everyone of these posts on every outlet has comments like yours, calling everyone an evil idiot and yelling for failed policies. Well we have failed policies now, and your rental is next.
Mar 6 meanie commented on What Happened to Bike Activism in Seattle?.
@53 Oh good, now we can finally use them for something, cause no cars ever run red lights.
Mar 6 meanie commented on What Happened to Bike Activism in Seattle?.
I am excited to hear the suggestions of where new tax revenue is coming from for more road lanes from all the bike haters. Triple the gas tax? income tax? Registration by weight?

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