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Jan 21 meanie commented on Guest Editorial: Seattle Port Commissioners Turn a Blind Eye to Climate Change.
The port of seattle is a tax subsidized fantasy land of global expansion. The politically appointed shitbag commissioners ( Gregiore!) just showed how flimsy of a scam they are running. They talked for hours about the poor poor environment, and then voted against it.

We need an initiative to pull the ports taxing authority. Maybe if they had to deal with actual reality they would stop with the endless train of stupid.
Jan 20 meanie commented on [VIDEO] Mike McGinn on How Seattle's Need for Agreement Slows Political Progress.
@4 Murray is the mayor that the citys limo/hipster liberals deserve. He has a very high approval rating despite the house of cards trembling around him, and very few if any accomplishments ( other than forming committees! )
Jan 19 meanie commented on MLK Day Marchers Switch Front Pages of the Seattle Times with the Seattle Crimes, a Newspaper Dedicated to Black Lives.
If times paper readers are your hopeful audience you already lost
Jan 16 meanie commented on RockCreek's Problematic "Hip-Hop Brunch" Menu.
You want to reference something from pop culture from almost 30 years ago? sorry you can't because reasons.

Why doesn't the stranger just repost tumblr? it would be easier than paying "writers" like this.
Jan 14 meanie commented on Port Commissioners Rail Against, Then Allow Shell Oil Vessels at Elliott Bay Terminal.
uh @1 THe port doesn't abstain from pulling taxes if they make more money. They take it regardless. If anything the public welfare they receive allows them to make stupider market risks ( like backing the tunnel with cash ) and makes them less receptive to the realities of the market.
Jan 8 meanie commented on Charlie Hebdo and Piss Christ: On Fear and Self-Censorship and the AP's Dangerous New Precedent.
This is an important time for everyone to back up and remember Molly Norris. She was a local cartoonist for the seattle weekly, who PROPOSED a draw mohammad day the last time this stupid shit happened as a subtile american style protest for free speech.

She received so many credible threats to her life that the FBI put her in protective custody.

Freedom isn't free.
Jan 6 meanie commented on Cost of Police Response to Recent Protests Tops $1.6 Million.
Well now you can't say they aren't spending enough money supporting this demographic.
Jan 6 meanie commented on Despite Fears of Cancellation, MLK Day Rally at Garfield High School Will, Indeed, Happen.
The organizer applied at midnight on the last day, got enraged and assumed a conspiracy when something went wrong, about a protest that will involve students ditching classes at a school where there are allegations that the same students are disproportionately disciplined.

Got it.
Jan 5 meanie commented on Northgate Mall Wet Seal Employees Slam Company With Sign in Store Window.
Slog is now just re-posting reddit top stories?

is this performance art?

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