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Feb 18, 2011 vavavarooooom reviewed Serious Pie.
My feeling on this place is that basically you are paying $18 for a piece of bread. The toppings are sparse and honestly - $18 for bread and potatoes? OK you put it in a wood oven, PROUD OF YOU, it is still not worth $18. I would pay $6-8 for what they are serving, and only if cool people were going. Agreed 100% with the person who reviewed the other location, SALT SALT SALT abounds. $18 for salty bread!! And you will want a sandwich afterward.

Also I had iffy service. Things were not late or mixed up, but the person was rude, and reminded us that we needed to tip. The hostess was also very short with us, since our whole party did not arrive all at the same time (and that is an ABOMINATION!).
Dec 10, 2010 vavavarooooom reviewed Din Tai Fung.
My experience at Din Tai Fung was pretty bad. They employ approximately 100 servers (seriously at least 4 for each table), and yet the service was TERRIBLE. Our drinks did not arrive until after we were done eating, and then about 5 minutes apart (each person received theirs separately). Then we had to wait about 25 minutes AFTER finishing our belated drinks to get the bill despite asking twice. We ordered 2 specialty mixed drinks, they were unbearably sweet and weak as hell (our resident Asian only turned the slightest shade of pink after finishing, not beet red). Then it took another 15 minutes to get our cards run. We were there over 2 hours after being seated, when we only intended an hour or so. The food was only OK, the dumplings were good, but not worth $1 each. The rest of the food was boring.