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Jun 21 CATSPAW666 commented on Tonight in Music: Wussy, King Buzzo and Beachdick and the Fremont Fair!.
Chuck Cleaver deserves more respect. The man has written some truly great songs.
Jun 19 CATSPAW666 commented on The Architecture of Waiting: The Human Perch.
Hardly a mystery- there have been extensive studies about how human beings relate to built spaces- most notably, A Pattern Language, Christopher Alexander's massive 1977 book about architecture, urban planning, and people.
Unfortunately for Charles, it also explains why most people feel differently than he does about Modernist Architecture.
Most modernist architects believe in the singular genius school of design, rather than studying what works and pleases.
Anyway, spaces like this are design details that relate to the scale of the human body, and our inherent love of vistas and secret places.
Jun 14 CATSPAW666 commented on Tariqa Waters and the Unpretty Things: When the Art in a Park Is Violently Vandalized But the Lives in the Park Are in Worse Shape.
I feel for her.
But one of the first things most "public artists" learn is that its cruel world out there for art, and it has to be tough to survive.

Anything left on the street will have a swing taken at it, an attempt to destroy it made.
This is not because people "dont want to look at it" or even because street scumbags live there- usually its mostly middle class teenagers that do the most damage.
Its not directed destruction, dont flatter yourself- its random destruction, and its pretty common all over america.

I would also disagree that most "public artists" dont shit where they eat- of course they do- there is a long history, particularly in the Northwest, of artists doing pieces in their neighborhoods, going back for decades.
Buster Simpson in Belltown is one of the most well known examples, but in virtually every neighborhood in Seattle, there are works by artists who have lived there for many years, ranging from Georgetown to White Center to Fremont to Capitol Hill.
Which is a good thing.
Just as Ms.Waters making art for her neighborhood is a good thing.
She just has to make it tougher.
Jun 3 CATSPAW666 commented on The Suburbs: Blight Without Beauty.
Artists have been moving to the suburbs in Seattle for a good five years now-- I know artists who have moved to Renton, Shoreline, Burien, White Center, Bothell, and so on, years ago.

It is true that there are architecturally significant single family homes in Seattle suburbs.

Commercial buildings- less so, but still a few.
And, since in our area, many suburbs were originally small towns that got engulfed, rather than purpose built sprawl, there are cute urban centers in some of them, with interesting former downtowns.
May 13 CATSPAW666 commented on The Day Solange Made the Headlines.
This is only the Big Story in supermarket checkout lines.
May 7 CATSPAW666 commented on Currently Hanging: Yukiyo Kawano's Beautiful Bombs.
"We don't like Art."

The Seattle Times has a perfectly good sports page- maybe you should be reading that, instead.
You will probably find their political opinions more to your liking, as well...
Apr 23 CATSPAW666 commented on Johnny Clegg and the Story of My Great Shame.
I think the things Charles actually writes today, with his twisted syntax, imperative phrasings of a sadistic gym teacher, and non-sequitars, are a much bigger sin against humanity than pretending to have written something that a human being can actually understand.

If only all the things he DOES write were this clear, to the point, and free of watered down third hand philosophy...
Apr 22 CATSPAW666 commented on Seattle "Record Stores Of Days Gone By".
damn kids.
before cellophane square opened on 42nd, I used to buy used at puss n books, and, also, at a record store on Broadway, just north of the corner of Harrison, where the Pho place is now- cant remember the name, but it was there around 1970, and it was a pretty good store.
Before that, I bought records at the old Markettime Store across the street where Urban Outfitters is- this was before Fred Meyer bought it. Got my copy of "Got Live If You Want It" there in 1965.
Apr 2 CATSPAW666 commented on Charles Cross Talks About His New Cobain Book, Courtney Love, and Chad Channing.
The Fugs?
What are they smoking in Kent these days?

The Fugs are a great beatnik band, who, to the best of my knowledge, never lowered themselves to mocking the southern suburbs of Seattle, unless, in a purely generic way, with songs like Saran Wrap, or Coca Cola Douche- but that was more Zappa-esque social commentary on reality...

But either way, there is basically less common ground between Nirvana and the Fugs than there is between Nirvana and Paul Revere and the Raiders, who were, of course, another band of mocking pranksters, who made fun of our founding fathers.

I can only hope that Lahar from Mt. Rainier comes in my lifetime, so I can witness the pristine rebirth of the Green River Valley.
Apr 1 CATSPAW666 commented on Happy Birfday: D. Boon of the Minutemen.
Many of the best bands are never copied, because its simply impossible.
There are no cover bands of Miles Davis' On the Corner, for example.
No Beefheart impersonators.

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