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May 21 CATSPAW666 commented on Guest Editorial: Can the Central District Become a Model for More Inclusive Development in Seattle?.
The problem here is that the architect is the employee of the developer.
The White Man with the MONEY speaks, the architect obeys, or quits.
So this is great, and its great to teach architecture students this- but unless architects put their money where their mouth is (and that is assuming they HAVE money) and develop their own projects, none of this makes any difference.
I have been working with architects and developers since 1978 or so.
And every time, money and profit determines what is built, and how its built.
May 14 CATSPAW666 commented on Psychocandy at 30: Insolent Masterpiece or Boring Dirge?.
I bought it new when it came out, and I think you are both wrong.
To me, at the time, it wasnt revolutionary at all- it fit right into the current trend in english bands, not radically different from contemporary albums by The Cure, The Fall, Psychedelic Furs, The Cult, New Order, Sisters of Mercy, and another dozen or so big guitar bands from the UK.
Its pretty good, and I think it holds up- but its not some kind of sprung from nowhere earthshakingly new moment in pop music- it was totally of its time.
Big Hair and Black Leather were everywhere then.
May 8 CATSPAW666 commented on I’m Glad I Escaped New York in Time to See Sleater-Kinney Play the Showbox.
I think now you are ready to start on Quasi.
And, Your Heart Breaks, The Blow, The Ghost Ease, Midday Veil, Lois, and a bunch of other locals.
Feb 18 CATSPAW666 commented on What an '80s TV Show Tells Us About Self-Checkout Machines.
I used a self checkout machine twice this week. I loved it. Both times it was faster, easier, and more fun than waiting in line behind people who cant remember where their wallet is.
And, amazingly enough, the Home Depot STILL pays an employee to stand there by the self checkout machine. They work less than the checkers, but get paid the same amount. They only have to do anything when ditzes like Charles cant run the damn thing- most of the time, they just stand there and smile at you.
Feb 14 CATSPAW666 commented on L7 Reunion? Meh. Gimme Babes in Toyland!!.
Pappy and Harriets is in Pioneertown. That is no more "Palm Springs" than Seattle is Vancouver.
Feb 2 CATSPAW666 commented on First Impressions of Seattle by Someone from Vienna.
Why is that every Charles Mudede column reads exactly the same, even when he is pretending to be Austrian?
Jan 24 CATSPAW666 commented on OMG One-Thousand-Foot Water Slide Coming to Seattle in July! I Hope!.
OH, and tell Dori- fuck taxpayers. Especially ones who dont live in the city, and complain about things that happened in "totem lake"- which is a swamp somewhere in Kirkland, I think.
Pestilence upon all you suburban twats.
Jan 24 CATSPAW666 commented on OMG One-Thousand-Foot Water Slide Coming to Seattle in July! I Hope!.
I was excited, until I got to the part where tickets are $15 to $60.
You have to PAY?
the city should pay for this, or Paul Allen, or Bezos or some other damn billionaire.

Jan 21 CATSPAW666 commented on It's on TV Tonight: FX's Justified.
The Return of Dewey Crowe- Fashion trendsetter for all of Marysville.