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StuckInUtah is watching it snow.
Jul 1 StuckInUtah commented on The American War on Women Continues....
Do they make a female condom with razor blade attachments?
Jul 1 StuckInUtah commented on Layoffs at Mars Hill Church as a Former Associate of Mark Driscoll Apologizes for the "Wrong We Did".
Oh darn. Poor Pastor Mark won't be able to maintain his lifestyle. So sad. Must have been all that money he spent buying his reviews and books and spots on the book lists.
Jun 26 StuckInUtah commented on The Mormon Church Flexes Its Culty Muscles.
To echo @8, SLC is the only relatively normal spot in Utah. Don't watch the local news, don't read the paper (though the Trib has been mostly balanced in coverage, for as long as it lasts after the hideous agreement with the Deseret Mormon News that will probably sink it like the Seattle Times - PI mess). Stick to places like the Tower Theater, the breweries (serving beers with names like Polygamy Porter, Ezra Taft Draft), coffee shops like Jack Mormon Coffee Co and Bad Ass Coffee, and you can avoid seeing many hard core Mo's.
Temple Square gave me the urge to vandalize something for the first time in my life, probably because a good friend committed suicide after 4 years of familial and church (emotional) torture when he came to the realization he was gay. He probably would have been fine if his family didn't live in a small town in Utah, complete with even smaller minds, but I could not convince him to leave his family and move to SLC or elsewhere. The church is insidious in its hold - making members so dependent on being a part of it that it is hard for many of them to fathom life without it. Though some do come to their senses. A neighbor who was part of the church for all of her life lost her husband several years ago. She started dating again recently - a non-Mormon - and received numerous home visits from "concerned members" worried about the impropriety of her boyfriend's car being parked outside her house until she finally told them to fuck off and butt out, and removed herself from the church. She regales us regularly - over margaritas, no less - with ridiculous Mormon church stories.
Jun 23 StuckInUtah commented on Rich Democrats Talk About How Poor They Are.
Biden profits off his brother's charter school fiascos, but because of the tricky way charters cook their books, it can come across as a tax credit so that he doesn't have to pay as much in taxes rather than out and out profit.
Jun 19 StuckInUtah commented on In Culture News: Flannery O'Connor Vs. Ayn Rand, a Bunch of New Seattle Plays, and Colin Firth Can't Hack Paddington.
Ha - I love that slam by O'Connor! So will Rand Paul be rising to her defense posthumously?
Jun 15 StuckInUtah commented on The Sunday Morning News.
Lets see, no charter schools even open yet in WA and already getting more - could WA be getting the Gulen run charters? They're currently under investigation by the FBI and had 19 schools raided.

Or maybe it's the BASIS charter schools, run by a crooked former U of A professor and his wife who send money - and work - back to the Czech Republic. http://cloakinginequity.com/2013/04/19/w…

Or maybe its the White Hat charter schools out of Ohio, who routinely get in trouble for financial misdeeds and failing schools, but who play the system and reopen under another name, get more money... http://cashinginonkids.com/corporate-pro…

And then there's Charter Schools USA, where the CEO owns a yacht called "Fishin 4 Schools" and has figured out a way to sell bonds on his "non-profit" charter management corp so he can "proft" http://bobsidlethoughtsandmusings.wordpr…

Or perhaps WA will be really lucky to get one of Eva Moskowitz' Success Academy schools, where they "co-locate" into existing school buildings and slowly take over and push out the existing public school https://www.commondreams.org/headline/20…
AND have charter school "executives" making way more than existing public school superintendents who often oversee at least triple the number of schools

Yay for charter schools in WA - profiteering, privatization, and pilfering is on its way!
Jun 13 StuckInUtah commented on Mormon Church Stops Pretending It Gives Two Shits.
@24 - did they leave? Quickly? If so, I clearly need some of those. I dread the doorbell.....
Jun 13 StuckInUtah commented on Mormon Church Stops Pretending It Gives Two Shits.
Hey - the Mo's are on a roll! Now they're banning the July 24th parade participants from bringing gay guests.
This is after they already turned down the Mormons Building Bridges group from participating, and have made the life of the married and unmarried gays in Utah a living hell by preventing adoptions by gay couples, sending the Utah state gov't (including the 3rd corrupt A.G. in a row) on attack mode against those who were legally married, and generally showing their true (hateful) colors.
But don't forget, Mormons value children....they just don't want to pay to educate all of them.
Jun 12 StuckInUtah commented on Mormon Church Stops Pretending It Gives Two Shits.
Now the Mormon church is going after her parents.
Jun 12 StuckInUtah commented on Mormon Church Stops Pretending It Gives Two Shits.
Modesty, @17, modesty.

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