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StuckInUtah is watching the smoke from Washington hide the Wasatch Range.
Aug 28 StuckInUtah commented on Private Investigator Gets $65,000 Contract from City to Hunt for Police Whistleblower.
Murray must be having tizzy fit.
And yes, ditto @20 - Murray is no progressive. He's a centrist at best, DINO when it suits his control-freak tendencies. This establishment candidate is worthless.
Aug 23 StuckInUtah commented on Mayor Ed Murray Names Seattle's New Top Homelessness Official.
$137K is more than enough for someone completely unqualified for the job. However, he'll be in a good spot for Murray to move into an unelected school board spot as he (Murray) tries to get mayoral control over SPS.
Aug 2 StuckInUtah commented on Drones Are Interfering with Range 12 Firefighting Efforts, Crews Say.
I'd have no issue with that, especially if it interfered with any rescue operation. Friend who is a summer wildland firefighter says they sometimes have 3 and 4 drones hanging around above them. What if one drops and hits a firefighter while they're in the middle of fire suppression activities? He said they half-heartedly joke about shooting them down, and he says if one crashes near him, he'll destroy it.
Aug 2 StuckInUtah commented on Drones Are Interfering with Range 12 Firefighting Efforts, Crews Say.
Fucking drones. One of the few decent things Utah has done recently is this:

Utah’s latest bill specifies that a drone pilot flying a drone over a fire would face charges of a class B misdemeanor and could be fined $2,500. If the drone causes a firefighting aircraft to be diverted from its course, the offense is bumped up to a class A misdemeanor, which comes with a $5,000 fine. If the drone hits an aircraft over a fire, the drone pilot would face charges of a third degree felony, and could be fined $10,000. If the drone causes an aircraft to crash, the drone pilot would face second degree felony charges and fines up to $15,000. The bill would also allow a judge to order a drone pilot pay restitution for any damage the drone might have caused.
Jun 5 StuckInUtah commented on Tim Eyman Gives Up on Anti-Light Rail Initiative.
How much of that $200K will make it into Eyman's pocket instead of his latest sham initiative?
May 28 StuckInUtah commented on It Was a Very Bad Week for Tim Eyman.
So is Timmy the flimmy-flammy man going to be asking for "donations" to fuel his recovery?
I supposed I should feel bad for him being hurt, but honestly, it couldn't have happened to a better candidate.
May 5 StuckInUtah commented on Donald Trump Is Campaigning in Washington State This Saturday.
Lynden sounds like a perfect Utah town.
May 2 StuckInUtah commented on In 5-4 Vote, City Council Kills Street Vacation for New Sodo Arena.
The misogyny evident on twitter was something to be proud of for sure. Even some of the media (yes King 5 - one of them was yours) made gender-related comments that were completely unnecessary. I expect that from Utah, where women are second-class citizens mostly good for breeding & caring for the house & the progeny, but for a city that prides itself on being progressive, many of those comments were anything but.
Mar 11 StuckInUtah commented on Washington Public Schools Are Criminally Underfunded, But Governor Inslee Won't Commit to Vetoing Charter School Law.
Utah legislators LOVE charter schools. It's their supplementary income! Sell the land where the charter school will go - profit! Hire the fam's construction company to build the school - profit! Another family member gets the charter approved, runs the school, hires the rest of the family to work at the school for outrageous wages and very little work. Then hire a bunch of uncertificated teachers who are desperate for a job, pay them crap wages, make them work 12 hour days under threat of losing their jobs if they don't. Oh - don't forget to site your charter school out in the suburbs, and since no transportation is offered, only the middle-upper class parents are able to drive them there. Also, adding in some required volunteer hours further ensures that you'll get the families where only one parent has to work. Finally, making sure that you don't serve lunch keeps that free and reduced riff-raff out of your school. But make sure your charter states that it is for low-income kids, under-served populations, and kids who need an alternate setting for education. Of course, it's not your fault they didn't enroll, it's in your charter, after all. Then sit back and profit away! Oh - and push for more funding for charter schools when you sit in your legislative job, that way you can increase your profit margin. Aren't charter schools wonderful? All that public money, ripe for the picking?
Yay, charters!
Jan 25 StuckInUtah commented on Ted Cruz: Form Doable Asshole to Unthinkable Liar.
He was definitely formed into an asshole at an early age, but I suspect you want from in your header.