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StuckInUtah is dreading life under Trump dicatorship.
Nov 11, 2016 StuckInUtah commented on We're Fucked.
@17, 19 - You have no idea how fucking racist Utah is. It is very subtle - not the overt Southern racism - but you are quietly frozen out/marginalized unless you are needed for something, then you do only what they allow you to do. There are wonderfully qualified, intelligent black & white & Native & Asian & Latina & Pacific Islander women in Utah with agency, both GOP & Dem, but because they DO think for themselves and will not allow themselves to be used by the establishment, most of them don't get very far in the old-white-man, LDS-controlled theocracy that is Utah. Mia Love is a fraud & a hypocrite who will do anything to make the GOP happy. She's the reason her parents got a green card - yet she would fuck over any and all immigrants to follow the GOP-Trump-Pence Party line. She's total hypocrite about student loans, and has huge ethical issues, among them using her congressional funds & staff to run her campaign. She and Chaffetz are part of the Planned Parenthood witch hunt. She does nothing without the explicit direction of the GOP. She may say something to make it sound good or give the semblence of independent thought (I object to Trump - so I'll write-in Pence), but in the end, she will do just what the Trump-GOP wants her to do, because if she doesn't, they'll get rid of her. Utah is a theocracy. It is NOT like the rest of the country. So seriously - fuck off.
Nov 11, 2016 StuckInUtah commented on We're Fucked.
@13 "Black Republican women" don't win in Utah unless 1) they are a convenient token tool needed to strengthen an argument & 2) the opponent is a Dem. The GOP/Party of Trump found the most controllable black woman sheeple they could possibly find to run & could possibly be elected due to an obedient electorate that picks its candidates at the wardhouse. She's as crooked and corrupt as they are, but dumb enough to think that she actually won her elections based on her "qualifications". Truth is, they needed her so they could point to her when they were accused of being racist/anti-woman. But Mia Love does/says nothing that her puppeteers don't want her to say.
Sep 5, 2016 StuckInUtah commented on To Us, Erin Jones Says She Made Mistakes. To Her Funders, She Says We Twisted Her Words..
@45 Funny, as it seems the lack of consistency in her responses is what is getting her into trouble. You can't pander to different audiences in this day and age and not expect repercussions. Ambiguous language opens the door to many interpretations.
Sep 2, 2016 StuckInUtah commented on To Us, Erin Jones Says She Made Mistakes. To Her Funders, She Says We Twisted Her Words..
@37 - that may be true in WA State, but it is definitely not true elsewhere. Look at CT Gov Malloy (D), who pushes legislation to benefit charter schools every chance he gets. Look at ex-Gov Howard Dean, whose son was both a Teach For America temp & runs his own charter school - he LOVES charter schools now. DFER ("Democrats" for Education Reform") in Massachusetts has teamed up with Swiftboaters & a bunch of GOP rich elite to push legislation to lift the cap on charter schools in MA, and Jerry Brown in CA is extremely supportive of charter schools. In fact, Bill Clinton is responsible for the early proliferation of charter schools way back in the 90's, a fact proudly listed on the Clinton Foundation's website:…

While traditionally the GOP has been much more in favor of privatization, there is a fairly hefty chunk of so-called Democrats - including some of WA State's Dem legislators - who fully support privatization of public education in the name of charter schools/profiteering. Look who is getting money from the League of Education Voters, from Stand on Children, Alliance 4 Ed, Gates Foundation, Waltons, Broad, Reed Hastings, Nick Hanauer, Steve Ballmer & his wife, Paul Allen/Vulcan, the WA Charters PAC "Act Now for WA (charter) Students", and many others - that's where your charter supporters are. While some of the WA Dems won't publicly state their support for charter schools, they accept the money & vote accordingly.…
So yes, both parties, sadly, unless the Democrats decide to clean house.
Sep 1, 2016 StuckInUtah commented on The Stranger Is Rescinding Its Endorsement of Erin Jones and Will Back Chris Reykdal in the General Election.
Love how the 3 or 4 comments totally supportive of Erin Jones are all from commentors who created accounts just for the response, and how similar they are.
You can expect blowback when your words are ambiguous. When you try to play both sides, it does eventually come back to haunt you. Regard it as a learning experience & actually LEARN from it, not double down with more ambiguity.
Aug 28, 2016 StuckInUtah commented on Private Investigator Gets $65,000 Contract from City to Hunt for Police Whistleblower.
Murray must be having tizzy fit.
And yes, ditto @20 - Murray is no progressive. He's a centrist at best, DINO when it suits his control-freak tendencies. This establishment candidate is worthless.
Aug 23, 2016 StuckInUtah commented on Mayor Ed Murray Names Seattle's New Top Homelessness Official.
$137K is more than enough for someone completely unqualified for the job. However, he'll be in a good spot for Murray to move into an unelected school board spot as he (Murray) tries to get mayoral control over SPS.
Aug 2, 2016 StuckInUtah commented on Drones Are Interfering with Range 12 Firefighting Efforts, Crews Say.
I'd have no issue with that, especially if it interfered with any rescue operation. Friend who is a summer wildland firefighter says they sometimes have 3 and 4 drones hanging around above them. What if one drops and hits a firefighter while they're in the middle of fire suppression activities? He said they half-heartedly joke about shooting them down, and he says if one crashes near him, he'll destroy it.
Aug 2, 2016 StuckInUtah commented on Drones Are Interfering with Range 12 Firefighting Efforts, Crews Say.
Fucking drones. One of the few decent things Utah has done recently is this:

Utah’s latest bill specifies that a drone pilot flying a drone over a fire would face charges of a class B misdemeanor and could be fined $2,500. If the drone causes a firefighting aircraft to be diverted from its course, the offense is bumped up to a class A misdemeanor, which comes with a $5,000 fine. If the drone hits an aircraft over a fire, the drone pilot would face charges of a third degree felony, and could be fined $10,000. If the drone causes an aircraft to crash, the drone pilot would face second degree felony charges and fines up to $15,000. The bill would also allow a judge to order a drone pilot pay restitution for any damage the drone might have caused.
Jun 5, 2016 StuckInUtah commented on Tim Eyman Gives Up on Anti-Light Rail Initiative.
How much of that $200K will make it into Eyman's pocket instead of his latest sham initiative?