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StuckInUtah is watching it snow.
5:58 PM yesterday StuckInUtah commented on Rodney Tom's Legacy Is Megalomania, Not Successful Bipartisanship.
He won't be missed. I do think he knew he was going to get wiped out in the next election- and by a woman, no less - thus he opted to drop out instead.
Apr 7 StuckInUtah commented on Jeff Bezos Does Good Thing.
I'd much rather he donate to cancer research than muck about in education. Bill Gates too. I bet he doesn't dictate to Fred Hutch exactly how the money has to be spent and what kind of "accountability" measures he expects, like certain outcomes achieved by a certain date, etc...
Mar 31 StuckInUtah commented on Governor Inslee Asks Obama to Declare Mudslide a Major Disaster.
Jesus. Anyone who hates govt needs to look at that list in the letter. It's way more than I'd envisioned - so many things I never would have even thought of. I've learned more from reading that letter than the myriad of news reports out there. And the worst part - identification hindered by finding parts of bodies, rather than intact ones. I can't even fathom what the rescuers are experiencing. I'd need one of those visiting therapy dogs 24/7.
Mar 28 StuckInUtah commented on My Experience With Purchasing Health Insurance on the Exchange, and Why You Should Go Sign Up Now Before it's Too Late.
And you're a fucking prick. You'd deny someone life if you had to pay for it.
Mar 28 StuckInUtah commented on My Experience With Purchasing Health Insurance on the Exchange, and Why You Should Go Sign Up Now Before it's Too Late.
Fuck off, @14, and not kindly.
ACA means a friend of mine WHO WAS WILLING TO PAY FOR HEALTH INSURANCE can now have health insurance. As a breast cancer survivor - she was diagnosed at Stage IV with both inflammatory and the more common form of BC - she was turned down by every fucking insurance company out there. She could not work full time while she was going through her treatment - go figure! - and was eventually let go by her employer. When she started working again, she started her own business so she could work the hours she needed to maintain her health (she's a maker, you fucking asswipe) but she could not get health insurance; they all denied her coverage because of her "pre-existing condition" - surviving cancer. She did eventually find one catastrophic insurance policy that was pretty worthless and still outrageously priced, but she paid for that anyway, just in case, and because she felt it was the responsible thing to do. Now, with ACA, she is able to get regular health insurance. No one could deny her coverage just because she was a breast cancer survivor. She is HAPPY to pay her health insurance premium each month, because to her it represents proof of life and health. And, while her business is too small for her to have to provide her employees with coverage, she does what she can to help them, including paying a set fee each month to one of those medical services company that guarantees her employees access to a doctor, inexpensive labs & X-rays, etc.
So once again @14, fuck off. ACA allows my friend to live. My friend can now live without the fear of going bankrupt should her cancer ever return, she can live like a normal person paying for health insurance, and she can live out her dream of her owning own business without forcing her to return to the corporate world just so she could get health coverage.
Mar 25 StuckInUtah commented on Meanwhile, In Georgia, Guns are Coming to Bars.
@26 - have you been in the airport in Lagos, Nigeria? I sat for 5 hours in the terminal at gunpoint after they made us all leave the plane while they "checked it" for evidence of terrorists. In reality, the soldiers stole anything of value left in the carry ons, but with machine guns pointed at our heads, we weren't going to say a word. Everywhere you looked there were armed guards. Any fool stupid enough to bring a weapon into the Lagos airport deserves the consequences.
Mar 25 StuckInUtah commented on Meanwhile, In Georgia, Guns are Coming to Bars.
Yet another reason to avoid flying Delta and passing through the Atlanta airport. Been stuck there more times than I care to remember, have typically gotten a room nearby to wait out the delay, especially since the Atlanta airport doesn't even have free wi-fi. No more. AZ allows guns in bars, and I've witnessed a couple of scary showdowns between armed drunk fools. That's enough for me.
Mar 18 StuckInUtah commented on Wonkette Drops the Snark to Beg Bernie Sanders to Run for President.
Hillary will only continue the Bush/Obama-Duncan attack on public education, privatizing as much as they can to give those DFER fools more money in their hedge funds. I'd much prefer Sanders to Clinton at this point.
Mar 17 StuckInUtah commented on That Escalated Quickly: Russia TV Anchor Reminds Viewers That Russia Can Destroy the USA.
Seriously? We're back to this bullshit again?
Cue the Faux snews racists starting in with the Obama is weak meme and how this never woud have happened under Bush/Romney......

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