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Jun 28 Gerald Fnord commented on SL Letter of the Day: Two Simple Answers.
Pro-tip: when driving on a country road behind a car festooned with anti-abortion bumper-stickers, keep your distance in case the driver should stop quickky to avoid fatally crashing into an acorn, a pine-cone, or an highly-magnified picture of a new oak or pine seedling.
Jun 28 Gerald Fnord commented on SL Letter of the Day: Two Simple Answers.
> 1. Meet, have drinks, talk—tell them everything you've told us—
> and then do what you've always done: fuck 'em if it feels right.

She stated that she has never done one-night stands, and it is possible that she waits some noticeable period of time---days or weeks quite possibly---between meeting her new beau and having sex with him, so it is likely that this is _not_ what she's done before, at least if I was correct in reading your response correctly to mean '...after but one meeting.'. She really shouldn't settle for not knowing the couple approximately as well as she would know a lone man before having sex, which is fully consonant with your advice to not try to make it a one-time event.
Jun 22 Gerald Fnord commented on The Sunday Morning News.
The word 'socialist', especially as used as a noun, is for many people in America a 'snarl word', that is to say not so much a signifier of a thing or concept than an incantation to be used to create hate and fear in the listener,. This is less so in Seattle than most other places in the U.S., and it actually might induce the opposite in some here.. perhaps just as mindlessly (most of my views weren't formed rationally), in which case it were a 'purr word'.
Jun 22 Gerald Fnord commented on Catholic Archbishop Asks Holy Spirit to Cure Gay People.
I've thought, but never heard someone else come as close as D.S. just did to saying, that one reason the Church did so wrongly as it did because they weren't willing to acknowledge that their prayers didn't work---some of them mighteven have refused to understand this.

On a related note: celibacy was introduced as a vow in order to bind men to the Church, to make the Church their only family. What do you do when someone in your family is accused of doing something awful?---many of us would at first not believe the accusation, then look for mitigating factors, then some of us might admit that they were true but not be willing to hand over family to a legal system we believe will treat them harsher than they deserved. (You can believe that your brother deserves to do time or should be isolated from society, but not to be gang-raped and then beaten to death. ) This does not excuse the many of the Church who acted so, but I think it helps to better understand them...and we should always try to understand others better, if not for decency's sake then for the sake of defeating them faster.

That is to say:celibacy did what it was supposed to do, and they weren't willing to admit that prayer wouldn't.
Dec 18, 2013 Gerald Fnord commented on Life Without Economics: Part Two.
Scarcity is not completely invented: it's a function of what we want and our level of technical competence---the second is being ignored in this so far. Some things are very hard to do---this can change, the best example of which I can think were aluminium going from a precious metal (before the cryolite process) to something ubiquitous and disposable.

When I read some New Left and more coherent hippie writings from the nineteen-sixties, I was struck by how sure they were that all necessary work would be completely automatable real soon now---they were extrapolating upward from a 'easy-to-reach fruit' period.

Shorter: Just as the State is fundamentally about the authorisation of 'deserved violence', the culture is about the delineation of 'deserved suffering'.

I wouldn't say that capitalist societies invented 'the individual', they just needed a different set of conditions attached to the concept---in mediæval times and Christian places, no-one expected any individual to make their way without assistance to Success, since that was impossible and for the Church, undesirable...but each individual was expected to see to his salvation in the approved fashion and think it only right that they would suffer if they didn't do it right. Now, Capital doesn't give a damn about people's religion, but expect that an individual will think it only right that they suffer if they don't succeed.
Dec 18, 2013 Gerald Fnord commented on The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Rides Again.
Publishers have no dignity; they have quarterly targets...and they assume that we won't sufficiently reward being dignified (generally devalued) sufficiently to allow them to get away with it.
Dec 18, 2013 Gerald Fnord commented on What Do You Think of the Sandman Movie Adaptation?.
I'll bet Alan Moore demands that his name be taken off it, and the movie adaptation of "The Filth" as well.
Dec 5, 2013 Gerald Fnord commented on Good-Bye, Seattle.
Uhh, there's this scallion-infused fried tofu I've been unable to find anywhere but Seattle....
Nov 7, 2013 Gerald Fnord commented on Check Out Snoop Lion Dogg's New Vaporizer!.
'plan material' -->'plant material'

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