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Aug 27 Gerald Fnord commented on Money Buys Happiness in the Brilliant Equity.
I think it better to say:

Money can buy you happiness.

It's very wrong to say that it never does but wrong to say that it does. Money buys lots of things: medical care, heroin to get high and enjoy it greatly, heroin to get-addicted-to, mutton, beef, trout, oral sex, a good education for a good job that makes you miserable…. My guess is that it greatly increases the chances to he happy, but apart from physical or mathematical truths, we absolutely must never, ever, make overarching unqualified statements.
Aug 27 Gerald Fnord commented on Watch Hillary Clinton Describe "the Steady Stream of Bigotry" that Is Donald Trump's Career.
No, except for that small bit, the speech was not at all about Trump's 'being mean to [her]' but instead about what a bigoted jerk he is toward some other people in the U.S. and most of the people in the world and his advancement of other such bigoted and anti-Enlightenment trogs.
Aug 14 Gerald Fnord commented on EOD: Why Millennials Love Hillary Clinton*.
Without tripping the Godwin Alarms:
Reagan was inspiring, Trump is inspiring to several millions, many actually felt inspired by Joseph McCarthy and Huey Long and George Wallace.

F.D.R. and Obama inspired as well, but they were worth voting-for because they could get some if the right things done, or refrain from doing wrong things (defending D.o.M.A., prosecuting the War on Drugs as much as he might have done).

Inspiration can spur to action, but it can turn-off rational and moral thought, and skew perception strongly. We need rational and moral thought, and as close to an objective and complete view of reality, as Serengeti-grade anthropoids can get.

To paraphrase Capt. Willard, 'I wanted a saviour, and for my sins, I got one.'.
Aug 14 Gerald Fnord commented on The Morning News: University of Washington Station Is The Epicenter of Seattle's Transportation Future, Turbulence on a Motherfucking Plane.
I often like Mr Mudede's writing at least a little, but the piece about the motorcyclist sounded, in its sententiousness, like pure Ed Wood Jr.

Pull the string!
Aug 14 Gerald Fnord commented on Science News: What Might Be Worse Than Climate Change? What Kind of Scientist Hates Social Media?.
An academic's job is not to deal with the public beyond teaching any classes as well as possible. Their research will usually make no sense except in context, understanding it and that context requires specialised vocabulary, and the briefness of social media doesn't lend itself to correct explanation[, whereas 140 chars appears to be ideal for Trump-like con-jobs].

I have nothing against tjose academics who can engage with the public and do it well, but it seems very much the same as a pilot's or a surgeon's being and doing similar: great but not essential.
Aug 14 Gerald Fnord commented on I, Anonymous.
This person seems to be attempting to deal with penocentric anxiety by being a huge schmuck.
Aug 6 Gerald Fnord commented on Oh, Good, Now Donald Trump is Getting Intelligence Briefings.
I support Ms Clinton, but please let's leave inaccuracy to the Reublicans: she wasn't cleared of all wrong-doing, she was confirmed by the F.B.I. as being negligent, which is wrong in someone given responsibility, but of having done nothing rising to the level of a crime or apt target for civil action.

Especially as it involved technoligy with which she did not grow-up and likely does not yet understand, and that Mr Trump has shown himself repeatedly irresponsible, this doesn't alter my choice in the least.
Aug 6 Gerald Fnord commented on Report Shows USA Gymnastics Regularly Dismissed Abuse Complaints.
A little ray of sunshine: this is the way things used to work all the time without note, for young men and women both, not out in the open when there were supposèdly tabous against it (usually having nothing to do with consent), but there.
Aug 6 Gerald Fnord commented on Donald Trump Is Coming Back to Washington State In Late August.
The Republicans don't send us their best people: they're bigots, they're fascist, they're peri-senile—and some, I assume, are good people.

(I don't know if that's true, but lots of people are saying it, it's what I hear, I don't know….)