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  • Folklife or A kick in the face while drowning in fish guts
  • Too many teeth or No teeth at all
  • What's worse: Gay marriage or black people being allowed to listen to R&B?: Blacks
  • Dicks or Vaginas
  • Where's your hairiest square inch?: Back, crotch. or the back (or crotch) of my head.

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10:43 PM yesterday Gerald Fnord commented on Marriage Equality Comes to Kansas, South Carolina, Montana.
@12: Yup; I'm glad that reason and reasonableness are winning in this wise, but it's been allowed to happen because it doesn't threaten the power of those who have power...it even helps to rile-up people who ought to be riled-up at them instead.
Nov 18 Gerald Fnord commented on Death to Self-Checkout Machines.
Uh, I view the road to Pseudotopia to be made nearly entirely of freeing humans from doing rote work for hours every day or nearly. Much better to have five hundred humans check themselves out than to make one human do that for eight hours at a time---what does that do to a brain, I'm sure there's an 'Idiotismus of retail life'.

Supporting the people put out of work is an orthogonal issue...let's have as much unemployment as we can manage and put everyone so on Relief.
Nov 18 Gerald Fnord commented on Why Am I So Intolerant of the Duggars?.
Yeah, with luck the duck-dynasticism will all be a cultural sop to a group that's losing actual power...but on the other hand, Joe Biden was (as usually so) exactly right to credit "Will and Grace" for some progress in gay rights.....
Nov 17 Gerald Fnord commented on Ordained Minister Who Works as Professional Wedding Planner in Phoenix, AZ, Turns Away Lesbian Couple.


(Translation: 'Damn your eyes for getting there first!')
Nov 17 Gerald Fnord commented on What Do You Think of Jonathan Franzen?.
Let Franzen be Franzen, and find someones else who write about that for which you care....

Writers should write that about which they feel they'd like to write, or must write. Don't hold it against Franzen; hold it against his work, which you can like or dislike or ignore as you will, and hold it against other people who aren't as incensed at his choice of subject-matter as are you.

Beside, likely you wouldn't, but one just knows that if he wrote about other sorts of people different to him other critics would denounce him for everything from getting it wrong to imperialist cultural appropriation.

(I don't like his style or subject-matter, so I don't bother with him, but I bristle at Zhdanov-style insistence that an artist address one thing or another...easier for me to see and to take when it comes from the Right, but it's noxious.)
Nov 16 Gerald Fnord commented on Talking About H.P. Lovecraft's Racism with Professional Annotator Leslie Klinger.
I will add: H.P.L. was a bad writer...a great bad writer. There is a story of Enrico Fermi's reading a paper by a young physicist, and telling them [sic] 'This isn't right...this is not even wrong.'.
Nov 16 Gerald Fnord commented on Talking About H.P. Lovecraft's Racism with Professional Annotator Leslie Klinger.
@7: Just marrying (as he would have put it, I believe) a Jewess does not necessarily prove him free of anti-Semitism. A few points, not all irrelevant to each other:

0.) Racism, or in this case ethnism, can easily cohabit with sexual fascination with the deprecated group...Nazi and Southron propaganda about supposèd Jewish and Negro lust, both respectedly and jointly (that is, both targetted [sic] both groups, but with differing emphases), could get pretty hot and heavy.
1.) An inadequate-feeling racist man might believe that he could not rate any better than a member of a group he thought inferior; a racist man taught to be ashamed of sexual desire might think its expression appropriate only with an inferior.
2.) Most irrational bigots don't wish to believe that they are so, and making an exception or two helps to reässure that one is not unreasonable...or one of 'those lumpen racists'---Cash' s "The Soul of the South" discusses how the white Southern upper classes felt reäffirmed in their right to rule by the crudity of poorer whites' bigotry (say, even against a Negro seven-eighths' white!) and the savagery of its expression.
3.) A wag might say that some bigots can inflict maximal damage by marriage... this does not seem to be the case for Sonia Greene, though life took an hard turn for her after Howard moved in.
4.) Some bigots are grandly theoretical bigots but seem always to be willing to make an exception for actual people they know; H.L. Mencken appears to have been of this sort with regard to African-Americans and Jews---I'm that way about humans....
Nov 12 Gerald Fnord commented on Batman: The Complete Series Out on DVD/Blu-ray!.
Yeah, there was always such great dignity inherent in what Grant Morrison once characterised as (paraphrased) 'We have complicated moral problems we can't solve so we dress up men in funny costumes and have them punch each other to decide them.'
Nov 12 Gerald Fnord commented on Savage Love.
This is how one ought to promote polyamory and usually-but-not-always monogamous relationships: report that they can work and that decent people make them work.

The other mode---calling true monogamy 'impossible' or 'unnatural', with the aid of non-reviewed evolutionary psychological just-so-stories or not, is both silly and sounds more like a bluff protest against childhood religious indoctrination than a credible argument.
Nov 10 Gerald Fnord commented on Here's What I Think of Interstellar's Spoilers.
>[...] sudden but inevitable betrayal[....]

When I read that, mine was an evil laugh....

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