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Jul 14 Gerald Fnord commented on Mike Pence as Trump's VP: Good News for Indiana, Bad News for the Rest of us.
My random thought:this boosted Julian Castro's chances, because Pence would look especially uncharismatic next to him at their debate.
Jul 13 Gerald Fnord commented on Dumbest Letter Ever.
I gather that at least hypocritical acceptance of public accomodations law is one of the things that separates Libertarian Party members from libertarian-tilting Republicans, for American values of 'libertarian' (right-wing propertarian minarchists, 'right-wing' because their programme would reënforce power relations as they exist today...left-wing propertarian minarchists, rare admittedly, would like to see us start from equality and THEN try Libertopia) . Rand Paul grudgingly accepted the doctrine when he thought he might be President, no idea what Gary Johnson...oh, he said he would have signed it, and got plenty of hate for it...but nominated.
Jul 13 Gerald Fnord commented on Dumbest Letter Ever.
The really weird thing is that it means that these Christians are expecting the world to conform to their opinions when their scriptures tell them explicitly not to be in conformance with it.

Jul 13 Gerald Fnord commented on Watch Historians Hate On Trump.
What a bunch of losers! What do THEY know, I'll bet none of THEM own a solid-gold spittoon!
Jul 13 Gerald Fnord commented on What's Bernie-or-Buster Kshama Sawant Going to Do Now that Bernie Sanders Has Endorsed Hillary Clinton?.
This is at heart Marxist-Onanist with a lot of implicit worse-is-betterism, that tactic that worked so well for the K.P.D. back in '33.

If the people who' d be hurt by the Trump adminstration noticeably more than a HClinton administration all or mostly volunteered for it—boycotts of apartheid South Africa short-term hurt the black majority but they supported it—that would be one thing, but I don't think they would, or believe that S.A. are the vanguard party these people think they are, and on whose eventual success the morality of choosing the very bad short-term hit depends.
Jun 16 Gerald Fnord commented on British MP Shot and Stabbed to Death in the Street.

Yes, knives are exactly as good at getting people dead as rifles, which is why we don't bother giving rifles to people in the Army after we give them knives.
Jun 15 Gerald Fnord commented on Hilarious Pop-Science Writer Mary Roach Is Reading from Grunt at Town Hall Tonight.
I find her jokes a bit too frequent and forced in this one, but not so much so that I can't still enjoy it immensely. And a note to readers of "Bonk": imaging work done since that book's publication seems to vindicate the 'orgasm upsuck' theory.
Jun 4 Gerald Fnord commented on Muhammad Ali and the Death of the Age of Giants.

One of the things capitalism aeems to have going for it is the ability to learn to eat anything.
Apr 26 Gerald Fnord commented on Obama Tone Policing Black Lives Matter.
The underprivileged very definitely can call-out the privileged on their tone; yes, 'standards' can be used to oppress, but they can also be used to subvert the power structure, for example when African-American civil rights leaders showed greater eloquence, intelligence, and even-temperedness (by top-down standards) than racist pobuckers in office and otherwise. The existence of some standards of civility and reasonableness is precisely what allows we non-wealthy types to criticise Trump.
Apr 25 Gerald Fnord commented on Obama Tone Policing Black Lives Matter.
Claiming that all possible modes of discourse you may use are equally effective denies reality, unless your only need is to hear yourself speak—if the world were such that every way and style of communicating you wished to use were effective, you'd already be in the world you wanted.

If I were trying to persuade others of something and were doing it in such a way that I had very little chance of its working, I should consider anyone letting me know so to be my friend, as much my friend as France tried to be our friend post-2001 by dissing our ideas about Iraq, or anyone hiding my car-keys from me when I might be drunk were mine.

Then again, the dominant political ideology of some of the American Left were best described as 'Marxist-Onanist'.