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  • Where's your hairiest square inch?: Back, crotch. or the back (or crotch) of my head.
  • Tom Skerritt or Dave Matthews
  • God is: an artifact of the primate brain, but useful as a way of not obeying any actual alpha.
  • Folklife or A kick in the face while drowning in fish guts
  • What do you like to read when you poop?: Headline: "Gerald Fnord Gets Big Money"

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Aug 22 Gerald Fnord commented on Dr. Lori Brotto Is Not Impressed with the New "Female Viagra".
Uh, in my experience sildenafil and tadalafil (named after the sound cue 'Ta-daa!", I believe) really do increase libido---desire can begin with a spontaneous erection, and the member is over-all healthier and more sensate for being erect more of the time....
Aug 2 Gerald Fnord commented on Tom Cruise Running in Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation.
> WTF[?]

It's simple, and on-topic: they're all Tom Cruise crazy.

(Just be glad it's them, not you.)
Aug 1 Gerald Fnord commented on What The Matrix Tells Us About the Crisis in Greece.
Just a couple of notes:
0.) Dead humans are generally a terrible food-source for live humans.
1.) Even if it were a great source, the system as described is doomed because of inefficiencies in metabolism and reclamation.
2.) Humans are terrible sources of electrical power; given how hard it would be to go from 0.) to 1.), energy inputs likely to swamp any gains would be needed.
2.a.) It would have been a lot better if the humans were needed for their brains' processing power; this would make the whole thing an even better metaphor, as the root of the problem always boils down to 'us' (well, 'us and physics', pretty often).
3.) In the U.S., "The Matrix" is a trope on the Right, I think for the false reality in which people are made to believe so that they don't recognise their domination by Mud People, the Space Masons, and Mystery Babylon.

Of course, Morpheus is an oppressed person the machines have tried to keep ignorant, so why shouldn't he accept the first reasonable-sounding explanation he ever heard? (Yet another reason .)
Jul 30 Gerald Fnord commented on Fact-Checking the Fight Against Campaign Finance Reform in Seattle.
'expenditure is' —>'expenditure is'

Duh. '
Jul 30 Gerald Fnord commented on Fact-Checking the Fight Against Campaign Finance Reform in Seattle.
I see challenges to the claim that any given, (notionally) independent, expenditure is against a candidate, and these groups by their natures both can craft messages well and have plenty of money for lawyers... If they can delay matching funds' reaching the complaining candidate during the election, that's enough---some candidates might be able to get loans in the expectation of funds' reaching them after litigation, but my guess is that not that many would be willing to play factor
Jul 28 Gerald Fnord commented on Not Gay Men Who Have Not Gay Sex with Other Not Gay Men.
White male heterosexuality is designed to be fragile because societies tend to have zero-sum game assumptions built-in, so if you've power from that identity you've incentive to expel as many other holders of that power from that group...fewer threats, maybe more power for you. (...maybe not in reality, but at least in the social/territorial brain educated to think so.)

I want to be tolerant of other people's meanings, but I want words to mean things by consensus, otherwise money and force alone will dominate all theses. I think the problem is the verb 'to be'. I can buy anyone self-identifying as anything as a statement of their opinion, but if 'is' is to have any meaning...well maybe it doesn't beyond simple logical statements. Descriptions of what people believe and what they do may be all wr have.

Or, as the frozen Captain said to the man trying to talk a bomb out of exploding, 'Talk phenomenology.'.
Jul 28 Gerald Fnord commented on Confidential to David Toledo: Your Posters Fucking Suck and We'd Never, Ever Endorse an Asshole Like You.
Logically, he can't look more like Louis C.K. than does Louis C.K., and as a matter of (minority) opinion I doubt he could be any more unfunny than is Louis C.K..

... so I won't vote for either of them, I'm leaning toward Screaming Lord Sutch, who'll at least keep quiet.
Jul 28 Gerald Fnord commented on Trump's Lawyer as Shitty a Lawyer as Trump Is a Person.
Matthias 19:11-12

Qui dixit eis: " Non omnes capiunt verbum istud, sed quibus datum est.

Sunt enim eunuchi, qui de matris utero sic nati sunt: et sunt eunuchi, qui facti sunt ab hominibus: et sunt eunuchi, qui seipsos castraverunt propter regnum cælorum. Qui potest capere capiat.
Jul 28 Gerald Fnord commented on Trump's Lawyer as Shitty a Lawyer as Trump Is a Person.
> Biblically, we do not believe marital rape is possible.
> Scripture clearly teaches in 1 Corinthians 7 that a wife’s
> body is her husbands and a husband’s body is his wife’s.

`If thine eye offend thee, even if it be thy good eye, pluck it out. '

Given that genitals ideally play no part in Christian marriage as originally construed, wedded celibacy being preferred, penes would be even less important than eyes, so if the "wife"'s penis should offend her....
Jul 17 Gerald Fnord commented on I’m Trying to Stay Excited About the Return of Bloom County.
Never impressed by it, I hope those of you who liked it will like the revived series.

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