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Oct 17 Gern Blanston commented on Fishing Without Nets: Yet Another Film About Africans Going Apeshit with Machine Guns.
What a crazy stereotype! Sort of like thinking that all black American men feel that going to prison is no big deal, or that all dogs are terrified of public transportation.
Oct 15 Gern Blanston commented on If Ebola Arrives in Seattle, Public Health Workers Will Let Us Know (So Stop Freaking the Fuck Out).
A lot of this fear is driven by 24/7 media coverage that tends to make the problem look bigger than it actually is. It's this year's Asian Bird Flu, or SARS, or this week's ISIS.
Oct 15 Gern Blanston commented on Mark Driscoll Resigns from Mars Hill Church.
This frees up Driscoll to open up a Bible-based Ford dealership in Lake City.
Oct 15 Gern Blanston commented on Breaking News: Not All Cops Are Lying Scumbags Who Can't Wait to Fatally Shoot Unarmed Civilians.
Until I saw #6's comment, I assumed this was in North Bend, WA. Still a great story and not all that uncommon. Many cops go above and beyond the call of duty to help people every day.
Oct 13 Gern Blanston commented on So There Were "Northwest Rock Trading Cards"?.
I can never remember the lyrics to the Bombshelter Videos theme song.
Oct 11 Gern Blanston commented on What Are You Doing Today? What Are You Doing Tonight?.
Every time I see a still of Antonio Banderas in this movie, I think it's Dr. Evil in Austin Powers.
Oct 10 Gern Blanston commented on Drunk of the Week: "Girly" Shots!.
God I'm glad I don't drink anymore...
Oct 8 Gern Blanston commented on All Six Branches of Bill the Butcher Are Suddenly Closed.
There was a Bill The Butcher in Magnolia. It had tinted windows, was painted red, and the parking lot was always empty. If I didn't know better, I would have thought it was an adult bookstore.
Oct 1 Gern Blanston commented on Song of the Day [Because You Don't Know Who Tom Morello Is!] is Audioslave's "Be Yourself".
It's a real kshama that the The Five Point wouldn't serve him.

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