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Ballard Pimp is on his freaking computer. .
Jun 24 Ballard Pimp commented on Tesco Says "Every Retailer" of Thai Prawns Is "Likely" Implicated in the Slave Trade.
Besides, there's that Leviticus thing...
Jun 11 Ballard Pimp commented on Dave Brat Says "Free Markets Is Not a Right or Left Issue," Also Says His Win "Came Straight Out of Heaven".
25,000 kids under 5 died of starvation and disease Tuesday, because God was busy fixing the Republican primary for the 7th District in Virginia.

People who talk like Brat believe in a psychopathic God.
Jun 8 Ballard Pimp commented on About That Hate Crime I Committed at University of Chicago.
English is a narrow, pointless language. In German referring to some persons as "it" ("es") is perfectly acceptable. Teenaged girls (das Madchen) are "it". On the other hand, all transexuals (der Transsechtualer) are "he" ("er"). On yet another hand, all sailors (die Matrose) are "she".
Jun 3 Ballard Pimp commented on Sakuma Brothers Farms Drops Application For Guest Workers.
Progress too often comes slowly, but it comes when people work together.
May 30 Ballard Pimp commented on Is the US Attorney Defensive, Deluded, or Naive About Seattle's Police Reform Crisis?.
Ms Durkan wants to be an honorary member of SPOG, Just like Mayor Murray.
May 27 Ballard Pimp commented on Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Backs Off Gay Marriage.
In what home for the mentally handicapped is this asshole on anybody's presidential radar?
May 27 Ballard Pimp commented on More Foreclosures Means More Suicides, Study Finds.
There is a fine line between suicide and homicide. If perhaps a few of the defrauded homeowners visited Bank of America or Chase...
May 23 Ballard Pimp commented on I Love Television.
Has Hannibal been cancelled (I hope!)?
May 19 Ballard Pimp commented on I'm Jewish, I Was at the Macklemore Show, and Here's What I Saw.
There is nothing "random" about the costume. I'm not Jewish, and I'm not related to any Jews, and not only is Macklemore a bigot, he is also a liar.
May 17 Ballard Pimp commented on It's a Miracle That Nobody Got Killed in Othello Park Wednesday Night.
Remember when Candidate Murray was outraged because there was crime in Seattle? Remember when he said the mayor is responsible for public safety? Gosh, that was a whole six months ago...

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