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May 12 Lack Thereof commented on Nate Silver on Why Donald Trump Probably Kinda Won't Maybe Win.
Embedded video is dead for me.

Link to it on the CC website is…
May 11 Lack Thereof commented on Why Aren't These West Seattle Workers Making the Right Minimum Wage?.
No big surprise here. They don't get sick leave either, I guarantee it.
May 6 Lack Thereof commented on The Morning News: Legislature Offers $550 Million in Corporate Welfare, Bertha Halfway Done With Viaduct Drilling.
"KUOW managed to turn up a Trump fan in Seattle"

Is this the same guy with the giant TRUMP billboard set up in his front yard on Roxbury?
May 3 Lack Thereof commented on It's Official: You'll Vote this August on Doubling the Housing Levy.
2000 units? Pointless. A drop in the bucket. Wasted effort.
May 2 Lack Thereof commented on In 5-4 Vote, City Council Kills Street Vacation for New Sodo Arena.
I don't give a rats ass about sportsball, but arguing to keep Occidental on the grounds that it improves traffic flow? Occidental is a non-arterial that goes from nowhere to nowhere, and is used only for free parking.
Apr 16 Lack Thereof commented on The Viaduct Will Be Closed for Two Weeks Starting April 29.
"take transit or carpool"
"to relieve traffic, HOV lanes will be open-to-all"

This is a fantastic combination. WSDOT obviously thought this one through.
Apr 9 Lack Thereof commented on Judge Who Authorized Police Search of Seattle Privacy Activists Wasn't Told They Operate Tor Network.
The entire purpose was intimidation. If they had enough information to track the data to the exit node, then they had enough data to know it was, in fact, an exit node.
Mar 16 Lack Thereof commented on The New UW Light Rail Station May Be Beautiful, But Is It Practical For Students?.
OH NO! 15 minutes to the "center of campus" (wherever that is) from the station!

Have you ever had to walk to the "center of campus" from the current 70-series bus stops at Campus & Brooklyn? It's already 10-15 minutes. And unlike the 70-series, which takes a fucking half-hour to get there from downtown, and is always standing-room-only any time that classes are in session, the train makes the trip in 15 min.

So gaining 5 minutes of walking, losing 15 minutes of shoulder-to-shoulder busriding? Seems like a win to me.

Especially for people going to / from the science buildings that are clustered around the duck pond. People going to / from the liberal arts buildings around the quad will have the worst time of it, but if they don't want to make the walk, they can ride the buses on 15th 2 or 3 stops around to the station.

I have a hard time getting worked up about a 15 minute walk from the station to a classroom, when students have to make longer walks than that just going from one class to the next classes. Try strolling from a Chicano Studies lecture in the Communications building to a Chemistry section in Condon hall. The class schedule gives you 10 minutes to do it, good luck!
Feb 18 Lack Thereof commented on Thin Blue Line Meets Blinking Red Light.
They were being paid (roughly) $50/hour of taxpayer money to shoot the breeze, seems like for that price we deserve an accounting of all the breeze that was shot.
Feb 4 Lack Thereof commented on An Anonymous Website Is Asking for Amazon Employees' Horror Stories.
The only guy I know who works for Amazon is happy there. But he openly admits that his experience might not be typical, because his department may get special treatment, for being "one of the few that actually turns a profit." His words.

He's never caught any flack for strolling into work at 10 AM, or working from home when he's sick, or taking longer on a project than estimated. He usually gets his weekly work done in 40 hours - although there are tough weeks where he puts in 60, and light weeks where he barely scrapes 30, filling time with side projects. He is of the opinion that employees who need 60+ hours on a regular basis to get their work done "aren't very good coders," and that's a failure of the interview process. On call is only one week out of every 3 or 4. @2 is just flat out wrong on that point.

But then, this is an employee who spent years working in restaurant and retail before getting a CS degree. He knows what ACTUAL hard work, shitty conditions, and employee abuse are. He's not some whiny privileged elite.