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Jan 13 Lack Thereof commented on Angle Lake Station Is Another Huge Link Success.
The Angle Lake Park & Ride has just over 1100 parking spaces.. That's only enough people to fill ALMOST 2 rush-hour Link trains (out of 128 daily trips). Even assuming every one of those people is carpooling, it still only makes up a trivial percentage of the 65,000/day who ride the train.

Park & rides just don't scale up well. You simply can't build a big enough park-and-ride to get everyone to the train that is going to ride it.

Park-and-rides make perfect sense in remote, underserved locations, Their sweet spot is parking enough people to fill a handful of peak-only express buses. The Link/RR-A spine is not this sort of situation.
Nov 2, 2016 Lack Thereof commented on Nearly Half of Seattle Renters Spend More Than 30 Percent of their Income on Housing.
Don't rent. Buy.

Don't enrich your landlord. Enrich yourself.
Oct 11, 2016 Lack Thereof commented on A Black Woman Gets A Warm Welcome from Racist Seattle.
Most banks will withhold a fraction of funds from large check deposits from new sources. VERY few withhold the entire check, and fewer still will withhold funds from identifiable payroll checks.
Oct 11, 2016 Lack Thereof commented on A Black Woman Gets A Warm Welcome from Racist Seattle.
My wife (then girlfriend) had the exact same thing happen to her at Wells Fargo when she moved to Seattle. But she walked into the branch looking very much like white trash. Branch implied that her payroll check was fake/stolen, implied the midwestern bank the check was drawn on was not even real, refused to cash it, wanted to hold 100% of the funds for two weeks if she tried to deposit it. It wasn't even a big check, just pay from a minimum-wage job!

She needed the cash immediately to clear up late bills and the overdrawn Wells Fargo account racking up fees. Walked out of the bank, got the check cashed immediately at Money Tree for a very low fee, took the cash back to Wells Fargo, deposited enough to clear the overdraft, and closed her account. Used the rest to open a new account at another bank who didn't blink at her payroll checks.
Sep 20, 2016 Lack Thereof commented on Beginning Next Year, Seattle's Fast Food and Big Box Employees Will Get More Control Over their Work Schedules.
@8 New laws without fully funded enforcement mechanisms are just feel-good tripe that allow people to continue ignoring the problems of the working class.

We seriously might as well have not passed the sick-leave ordinance, because it is simply ignored by employers, and there are no consequences for ignoring it. Why should I believe this one will be any different?
Sep 20, 2016 Lack Thereof commented on Inside Job: Asian Plaza Plans Upend Gentrification Narrative.
Tamarind tree has great food, but let's be honest, the building it is in is trash. The space is too small for the business the restaurant is doing, and while that patio is "charming" during the summer, the other 9 months out of the year it makes any table anywhere near the west side of the building uncomfortable.

Tear it down. Build something new that fits the current tenants and a bunch of new ones.
Sep 19, 2016 Lack Thereof commented on Beginning Next Year, Seattle's Fast Food and Big Box Employees Will Get More Control Over their Work Schedules.
Yeah right. There will be zero enforcement. This is going to be just like the paid sick leave ordinance... the city council pats themselves on the back for supporting workers, while employers ignore the law with impunity.
Sep 13, 2016 Lack Thereof commented on North Dakota Police Arrest Seattle Activist, 21 Others, at Dakota Access Pipeline Construction Site.
This is a weird one, because NPR was reporting on ATC today that there's already one pipeline (for natural gas) running the exact same route, laid during the 1980's.
Aug 6, 2016 Lack Thereof commented on Small Businesses Face "Internet Dead Zone" in Sodo After Sprint Shutters Wireless Network.
@13, @16

There are definitely places in the city where Centurylink offers local phone service, but DSL speeds top out at 144k due to old wires / or mid-century digital multiplexing / or distance from central office. That's 144k, as in about the equivalent of 3 dial-up modems. The apartment I had in the U-district years ago was stuck on such a Centurylink (then Qwest) line.

Given that 144k isn't really considered a reasonable internet speed in 2016, I wouldn't be surprised if Centurylink has, in the meantime, dropped that service entirely.
Jul 14, 2016 Lack Thereof commented on The Mayor Is Blowing Up the City's Old Neighborhood Council System—and That's Good News for Renters.
Back when I lived in the CD, I tried and failed to get on the "neighborhood council"... or even find out where/when they met. Or really any information about it. The whole system was laughably secretive and opaque. The only info I could find from the city's website lead to a disconnected phone number and a boarded up retail space. Yet somehow the "neighborhood council" was still functioning and having an influence on City Government.

It's about time something was done.