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Aug 6 Lack Thereof commented on Small Businesses Face "Internet Dead Zone" in Sodo After Sprint Shutters Wireless Network.
@13, @16

There are definitely places in the city where Centurylink offers local phone service, but DSL speeds top out at 144k due to old wires / or mid-century digital multiplexing / or distance from central office. That's 144k, as in about the equivalent of 3 dial-up modems. The apartment I had in the U-district years ago was stuck on such a Centurylink (then Qwest) line.

Given that 144k isn't really considered a reasonable internet speed in 2016, I wouldn't be surprised if Centurylink has, in the meantime, dropped that service entirely.
Jul 14 Lack Thereof commented on The Mayor Is Blowing Up the City's Old Neighborhood Council System—and That's Good News for Renters.
Back when I lived in the CD, I tried and failed to get on the "neighborhood council"... or even find out where/when they met. Or really any information about it. The whole system was laughably secretive and opaque. The only info I could find from the city's website lead to a disconnected phone number and a boarded up retail space. Yet somehow the "neighborhood council" was still functioning and having an influence on City Government.

It's about time something was done.
Jun 16 Lack Thereof commented on ShotSpotter Sounds Great, but Does It Reduce Gun Violence?.
Would have loved to have some of these set up back when I was living in the CD. Gunshots never reported to police, never investigated when they were. Install them, so we can have some actual physical record of all the shit SPD chooses to ignore.
Jun 11 Lack Thereof commented on Get Ready for the Right-Wing Backlash Over Washington's New Transgender Bathroom Policy.
Anyone going into a restroom/locker room with lewd intentions is committing a crime, no matter their gender. That has always been the case and remains the case. This does not create a new "excuse" - illegal behavior is still illegal.

This is about making it so that trans people don't have to out themselves every time they use a public restroom. Force some of these convincingly passing trans-men to start using the Women's restrooms (or vice-versa), and you'll have a lot more complaints than you do today.
Jun 1 Lack Thereof commented on The Washington State Republican Party's 2016 Platform Has Drifted Farther Right (And Says Light Rail Is a Bad Idea).
I assume all (sic)? Because someone needs a proofreader, either Sydney or the WAGOP.
May 31 Lack Thereof commented on City Council Approves New Plan for Clearing the Jungle.
Why so long? Because it's complicated, that's why. Of the 10,000 or so homeless in the county, the 200 or so living in the jungle I-5 tend to be the most difficult cases. That's an area of last resort; the local criminal element is so heavy and police patrols so non-existent that if a homeless person has literally any other option, they will go elsewhere to avoid getting robbed in their sleep. Most of the folks living there are their because they've been thrown out of shelters. Many of them have severe mental illness, and when the city's teams come through, there's gonna be a bunch of schizophrenics gonna have some sort of paranoid delusion because the scary authorities are coming to get them. While simultaneously having the early stages of some sort of substance withdrawal.

With 2 weeks to clear 200 people, that's like a half-hour per person to figure out who they are, figure out what's wrong with them, and find temporary housing that will suit someone with their particular history and issues. Not happening. Some of these people, you'll spend a half hour and just barely have them convinced that you are not literally the devil.
May 12 Lack Thereof commented on Nate Silver on Why Donald Trump Probably Kinda Won't Maybe Win.
Embedded video is dead for me.

Link to it on the CC website is…
May 11 Lack Thereof commented on Why Aren't These West Seattle Workers Making the Right Minimum Wage?.
No big surprise here. They don't get sick leave either, I guarantee it.
May 6 Lack Thereof commented on The Morning News: Legislature Offers $550 Million in Corporate Welfare, Bertha Halfway Done With Viaduct Drilling.
"KUOW managed to turn up a Trump fan in Seattle"

Is this the same guy with the giant TRUMP billboard set up in his front yard on Roxbury?
May 3 Lack Thereof commented on It's Official: You'll Vote this August on Doubling the Housing Levy.
2000 units? Pointless. A drop in the bucket. Wasted effort.