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Nov 18 Lack Thereof commented on We Saw You Watch a Woman Fall, Spit on a Woman Outside a Rock Club, and Make Espresso in a Bikini.
Seriously, what is up with Seattle and spitting on/at people? Especially women?
Nov 17 Lack Thereof commented on Trees Are Toppling, Traffic's a Mess, and There Are 17 Concurrent Power Outages in Seattle Alone.
Lots of lights going out in Burien. Pretty much all of eastern burien has been out since 2 and isn't expected to be back until after 10 PM. Downtown burien was out for a while but just came back on in the past hour. And the fancypants waterfront neighborhoods around Three Tree Point have been out for a while, too.
Nov 14 Lack Thereof commented on Caryn Mathes, President and General Manager of KUOW, Talks About Her Plans for KPLU.
To be perfectly honest I have never cared for the locally produced shows on either station. But the syndicated stuff KUOW brings in from other west-coast public stations is usually pretty good - none of that on KPLU now.

I live in Burien, and I was happy to hear that the repeater frequencies will be reshuffled. Since moviing out here my KUOW reception has been unlistenably poor. But from my bedroom I can recieve KPLU nice and strong, as well as their repeater on 92.1 (their website says the repeater is on 88.1, but that's out of date - 88.1 is now a powerful crappy christian hip-hop station out of the south sound).

If 92.1 became a KUOW repeater instead of a KPLU repeater, that would at least give Burien some coverage. Especially if they improved the broadcast, although that might be tricky without stepping on 91.9 over on the Peninsula.

If KUOW on 92.1 doesn't pan out, I still get two different NWPR repeaters on 91.7 and 90.9, so I can at least get the big national news shows from them. Alternately I might have to finally break down and buy an HD radio, so I could just get multiple channels off of 88.5.
Oct 30 Lack Thereof commented on In Memoriam.
I will not miss the Cap Hill Value Village. They were the worst. Anything decent they had was was always picked over within 5 minutes of opening by resellers. Couldn't even find a pair of work pants there.

The locations in Redmond and Burien are actually tolerable. And ANY Goodwill store vastly outclasses them.
Oct 7 Lack Thereof commented on Accused "Slumlord" Carl Haglund Promises to Improve Building Where Tenants Are Living with Roaches and Rats.
When people buy into the "There's plenty of affordable housing in Seattle, poor people are just being too picky about where they live" line, they encourage this kind of garbage.

Keeping slums shitty is not a valid affordable housing policy.
Oct 5 Lack Thereof commented on I Wish People Would Stop Disparaging Condos.
Amen to more condos and co-ops, which are the exact same thing, just one sounds fancier than the other. All my condo's legal paperwork all refers to the building as a "co-op apartment."

When I got priced out of my last apartment in the CD I tried desperately to find another apartment. Failing that, I started looking at buying single family homes... the elusive "affordable bungalow" that everyone seems to think is so easy to find. Surprise! None exist. No, not even in the Rainier Valley, which is not the bastion of affordability that all the armchair urban planners seem to think it is. Any bungalows with an "affordable" price either have the roof caving in, or are in the process of being torn down to be replaced with a new $1.2 million 4000 sqft single family house.

Which lead me to my current 2 bedroom condo. The mortgage company was way more willing to work with me than any Seattle landlord I'd ever dealt with, and didn't laugh me out the door when I told them my income (unlike every landlord of an "affordable" Seattle apartment I'd inquired about). My payments are locked in for 30 years. I can change anything I want inside my unit - and if I end up having a ton of kids, I could even buy the unit next door and tear down the wall between.

And as for the HOA, the horror stories about embezzlement and long-deferred maintenance surprises have been largely ended, thanks to recent state laws requiring regular professional outside audits of HOA books and 20-year maintenance plans. Olympia actually did something that worked! They just did it a decade ago...

Which is better? To pay a mortgage for 30 years or rent for 60?
Sep 25 Lack Thereof commented on The Morning News: After Yesterday's Fatal Crash, Renewed Questions about Ride the Ducks and the Aurora Bridge.
No changes to the Aurora bridge are needed.

Just add some photo-enforcement of the 40 mph speed limit and most of the deaths will stop.
It probably wouldn't have prevented THESE 4 particular deaths, but it would prevent most of the deaths that happen on that stretch of Aurora.
Sep 24 Lack Thereof commented on Four Dead, 12 Critically Injured in Collision Beteween Bus and Ride the Ducks Vehicle on Aurora Bridge.
King 5 is reporting that an eyewitness saw a wheel come off of the Duck, right before it veered across the centerline.
Sep 15 Lack Thereof commented on The Seattle Police Department Fires Officer Cynthia Whitlatch.
Best quote from the decision:

Your inability to understand that the confrontational manner in which you handled a non-threatening situation undermines public confidence in the fairness of this Department, and leaves me convinced that a similar interaction with a member of the public will occur again should I permit you to continue working as a police officer.

So after 8+ complaints and 14 years, we've got this one bad officer terminated. Now can we move on to all the officers that lied and protected her? Maybe if we move fast enough, we can get them terminated before they reach retirement.
Aug 28 Lack Thereof commented on Landlords Are Giving Special Deals to Amazon and Microsoft Workers.
There is zero difference between this and income-tests for applicants. Landlords have been legally turning down lower-income applicants for years with no recourse. Landlords saying "I'll only rent to someone making $X per year" is what pushed me out of city limits and into Burien.

Now that it's got the "amazon" buzzword on it, though, everyone'll be up in arms all of a sudden.