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Jul 4 Lack Thereof commented on How Mayor Murray's "Summer of Safety" Central District Walkabout Went Down.
If he wanted people who aren't already NIMBYS and invested Neighborhood Activists to join in, he should have started it across the street, by the Starbucks and the Autozone, where the neighborhood actually hangs out, instead of in that secluded nook by the "neighborhood service center" everyone avoids.
Jun 29 Lack Thereof commented on This Weekend's Nightmare Traffic: Why Won't Our Leaders Build Light Rail Faster?.
Seattle needs some more rail because our buses absolutely SUCK.

You never know if your bus trip from the CD to Ballard is going to take one hour or three. Neither of those timeframes is at all acceptable.
Jun 14 Lack Thereof commented on "The Dreadful Father's Day Talk With Local Dads".
Shouldn't it be the DoL's responsibilty, not the responsibility of adult children the elderly may or may not have?
Jun 12 Lack Thereof commented on The Onion Launches Clickhole: What Do You Think?.
Well, the print media that the original Onion site parodies is all but dead.

It makes sense that they'd need to launch a more modern version to parody a modern media model.
Jun 11 Lack Thereof commented on Complaint Shows SPD Union Leader Was Banking On Mayor Murray to Capitulate to Union's Conservative Agenda.
If I was an Arby's employee, and I had Facebooked that a fellow employee would "meet their destiny", I would lose my job.

But I guess the standards are a bit lower at SPD.
Jun 8 Lack Thereof commented on Is Amazon the Reason Rents Are Going Up?.
Maybe talk to actual Amazon employees, too? A lot of them aren't newcomers but older Seattle residents.

I had a roommate, last decade. We shared a shitty "cheap" CD triplex apartment. One day, he quit delivering pizza and started taking CS transfer classes at Seattle Central. He got accepted for transfer into UW-Tacoma, moved there, graduated, got a job at a tech firm near Microsoft. That company tanked and he scored a job at Amazon, *back* in the city, where he started.

They're just a large employer. Seattle has several of those. The reason rents are going up is because we're adding more jobs than apartments. As much as the city council likes to trumpet that they've added 20,000 units or whatever, it's not anywhere close to enough.
Jun 3 Lack Thereof commented on U.S. Ambassador Sworn In Over a Kindle.
I'm with #10

I like that she's got it open to the 19th Amendment
May 15 Lack Thereof commented on No Shame in Loving Me First and the Gimme Gimmes' Game.

May 12 Lack Thereof commented on Draft of Mayor Ed Murray's "Plan E" to Save Metro Obtained by The Stranger; Looks Remarkably Like Proposition 1.
I still don't understand why we would want to use the most regressive funding source available (sales tax & tab fees), rather than the most progressive funding source available.
May 12 Lack Thereof commented on The Suburbs of Seattle Appear to Like Light Rail but Not Buses. Why?.
Because our buses suck, our bus service sucks, and our bus schedules suck. They're unpleasant, unsafe (a metro driver is assaulted on-the-job every 48 hours), and unreliable.

Rail, even if it's just streetcars that aren't any faster, is much more pleasant. It's a proper extension of the sidewalk.

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