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Why are there cars?
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Sep 15 Why are there cars? commented on Central Link's Success Reveals Seattle's Poor Crowd Skills.
I'm with Mudede on this one. There is one elevator from Benaroya down to the parking garage. It fits 28 people. Seattlites start complaining if you try to fit more than 8. They get verbally snarky. On the bright side, there is always room on those elevators, so you just walk to the front of the line and when the person at the front decides not to go in, you just walk right past and into the elevator, which always has tons of room.

Small towns like Seattle are so cute sometimes.
Aug 15 Why are there cars? commented on SPD Releases a List of the Military Surplus Gear They've Received in Recent Years.
What about the riot transports that they own? Just because it's not surplus military doesn't mean that it's not military. Not included on this list is the military stuff they paid for.
Jul 21 Why are there cars? commented on Jazz and Classical Musicians Gripe About Pitiful Trickles of Money from Streaming Services.
Streaming largely only pays out for publishing royalties when it does come. Those playing on the recording, if they did not have a hand in the composition are largely out of the loop or got paid cash for the production. If you are a cellist in a string quartet, you don't get anything for the mechanicals.

Sony has decided it doesn't want to pay ASCAP and BMI anyway for their streaming part of their distribution so they are going to hose the publishing side on this bit contract revamp coming up. It's looking pretty bleak.

The worst part with Spotify too is that they hide the composer information from the search terms because Nashville wants it that way and pop music wants to preserve the notion that the performers are the ones with the writing credit. This makes it really hard to look up a symphony by any classical composer because the name of the composer doesn't even rate.

One thing you can count on is that artists will get whipped unless the government suddenly gets a spine against Pandora and Sony.
Jul 18 Why are there cars? commented on KIRO Host Dave Ross Ties Himself in Knots Trying to Defend His Participation in The Mikado.
The whole point of this musical is that it's tone deaf to race and culture. The music is English with a few faux Chinese elements, it was designed as a vehicle for white people to dress up as Asians. To suddenly get mad at this production based upon recent expectations is to ignore that the joke is on the viewer in the first place. Just go and enjoy. It was supposed to be about making fun of white people's racism.
Jun 13 Why are there cars? commented on Mormon Church Stops Pretending It Gives Two Shits.
There was one real benefit to the Romney campaign and the concomitant "I'm a Mormon" advertising program: It pacified the LDS church's support of NOM and allowed for that wonderful tidal wave of gay marriage laws to pass. Washington is one of them. The church was betting that Romney would get elected and roll everything back but he didn't so......
Jun 2 Why are there cars? commented on Malcolm Gladwell Says Amazon Is Betraying Their "Partners".
Gladwell blames Amazon and not that people have caught onto and tired of his treacly message?
May 27 Why are there cars? commented on Former Volunteer Says Mars Hill Church "Is In Emergency Mode".
Hey, this describes my recent forays with the Mormons too. Protective crouch, check. Blaming others, check. Making oneself look like apostles of yore, double check. No talk of or at best cursory talk of Jesus, Check Mate!
May 19 Why are there cars? commented on Federal Judge Strikes Down Oregon's Ban On Same-Sex Marriage.
I went to Portland State in the early 90's and spent so much time hating Lon Mabon. Springfield is right next to Eugene and features a center of right wing thoughts. Nasty stuff. Hear hear for Oregon!
May 8 Why are there cars? commented on Mayor Murray Tells State Senator Jamie Pedersen That Seattle Can't Have a Metro-funding "Plan C" and Universal Pre-School.
This is just about giving the shiv to McGinn. We can go up to the limit on taxing authority and then just go get some more if we need it. Vote yes to both.

Don't play into the false choice Murray is trying to show.
May 7 Why are there cars? commented on Mayor Ed Murray Promises to Release a Plan to Save Metro Later This Week (Or Maybe Next Week).
Murray is going to screw it up. Reaching out to the rest of King County is like Obama and his stupid grand bargains with the Republicans.

Hey Ed, there is no Rodney Tom on the City Council. Pretend you are a liberal and make the city work.

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