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Nov 12, 2015 certaindoom commented on Attention, Capitol Hill Property Manager: It Took 45 Minutes to Get from Shoreline to Downtown on the Bus This Morning.
A question for the "build moar" crowd.

We have lets say the maximum built of 120 floors per building, and we covered SLU with towers.

Would rents come down?

I suspect strongly they would not. Those new towers would not be interested in $800 a month.

Neither would the remaining buildings near by.

Unless you can quote a target number of units to build downtown at which point rents do start to lower, please stop blithering your mindless econ 101 tropes and trickle-down supply-side nonsense.

The "build everything" love to throw names around like NIMBY, but when asked "ok, how many units do we need" the only answer seems to be "MOAR." It never actually seems to lead to an option of them being affordable again.
Oct 13, 2015 certaindoom commented on Protest Planned for Canadian Band Viet Cong’s Oct. 16 Show at Neumos.
I cannot imagine Dead Kennedys changing their name because of a handful of idiot social justice warriors.

The whole idea of being in a rock band is notoriety and publicity. These emo idiots should be embracing it, but instead they're wussing out.

Their bad. But sat no point in history does a real rock band cave in willingly to overly sensitive censorship. Far from it. It used to be bands sought this kind of stuff out.
Aug 4, 2014 certaindoom commented on Guest Editorial: We Need to Fight for Affordable Housing on Many Fronts.
Chopp's talking out both sides of his mouth, like every other mainstream Democrat on the team that we keep getting to vote for.

Unfortunately up til now the only other option has been to vote for a derpy Republican.

For the idiot @33, I have lived here 24 years, and I've watched quality of life for normal people decline under Democrats. The party that allegedly stands for working people really stands here for downtown developers.

Fuck all of you. We need genuine populist uprising here, and Frank Fucking Chopp is not part of it.
Nov 6, 2013 certaindoom commented on You Are a Rogue Device.
Ah, the nerdy logic of someone that knows the technology. Goes something like this:

1) This specific instance is not a concern *to me*

2) Therefore, any discussion of it is stupid, you all are stupid.

The fact remains NSA does track people. SPD might not be NSA, but if they have a turnkey solution to tracking, they wont have to go get the IMEI, they can just look on their own mesh.

So it makes sense rather than to wait for the abuses to happen, to think forwardly to what could be done with applications of existing capability.

Apr 24, 2013 certaindoom commented on The Broadway Grill Is Closing.
Will the last hipster on Broadway please turn off the lights.

RIP Broadway Grill, RIP the 1990s on Broadway, RIP everything that used to be great about living here.
Feb 14, 2013 certaindoom commented on I Hate the Airline Industry.
Some of us fly for business, and the way it works is. Unless you are on 40,000 to 75,000 miles a year, they really arent that interested in what happens to your seat. We frequent fliers have all been coerced into various loyalty programs, and as a result, we get the pick of seats. My seats are reserved through American Express travel booking, using my AmEx card. This gets me preferred seats on almost every airline, or at least, confirms I can find something. Then there's the fact I'm in a couple of airlines loyalty programs as well, which gets me more "king of the dipshits" treatment like sitting up front -- which assures my carry on has room, while yours won't be anywhere near your seat or you'll have to check luggage -- and assures me I can get to the head of the cattle call and get seated, make a few last minute calls or texts while you guys are still fumbling with your loosely packed badly organized pile of dirty laundry you call carry on.

And it makes total sense for the airlines to cater to me and tell you to go eff yourself: I'm repeat business. I fly from 30 to 50 times a year. I'm not even one of the truly elite -- those are the "Gold" or "Platinum" levels .. the ones who get full access to first class bumps and the like. I'm in the "executive putz" class. Which still puts me on and gets my luggage into carry on before the tourist / infrequent flier horde.

A word about tourists. Remember all those dipshit baby boomers clogging up every single social service for the past 60 years? Guess where they are now: Retiring in droves, and taking airlines. You see it so damn much. Flights break down into business travel, then retirees, then junior business travel (hi) and then losers and students and the marginal dregs of the airline world, e.g. you all.

Or you can pay premium and fly Virgin and be treated like royalty but pay for it, or you can fly Southwest and everyone's in the same cattle call and they'll sing texan to you, but you won't get the same runaround all the "traditional airlines" do. But you better not be fat, or they'll force you to buy 2 seats.

Now get the fk out of the airport if you can't handle it, because I have meetings to get to, and its absolutely certain one of you is going to fumble your luggage, clog up TSA, start bitching in general, and do everything you can to delay my arrival someplace I need to be for work. Take Amtrak. I guess they still are a thing, maybe.
Feb 14, 2013 certaindoom commented on Capitol Hill Half Price Books to Close June 2nd.
That building was lazer tag, then internet porn, back in the 1990s. Colorful history. I'm sure it'll make a wonderful branch bank location for someone.
Dec 12, 2012 certaindoom commented on Mayor Mike McGinn Calls for an Economic Impact Study on Coal Trains.
Its kind of hard to fathom long freight trains rolling through what is planned to be a tourist district. This already happens in Edmonds, and the trains aren't slow -- 30 mph or more. Risk to life as well as an inconvenience.

The freight tracks running along the waterfront is a 100 yrs ago decision, really in many ways outdated given the mixed use / tourist use now of most of the urban waterfront.
Aug 4, 2012 certaindoom commented on Will the Bike Lobby Abandon the Mayor?.
Maybe McGinn could fire his $95,000 a year bike czar and use the money for road improvements.
Jun 6, 2012 certaindoom commented on Repeat Till You're Blue in Your Big Gay Face: "Approve Referendum 74".
Civil rights should never be put to a vote.