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Whoever I end up voting for in a mayoral election, never wins.

May 18 Kinison commented on Former Mayor Mike McGinn Endorses Kshama Sawant's Reelection Bid.
Remember when McGinn endorsed Gigabit Seattle, a company with no capital and no experience, to wire up (select neighborhoods) with fiber? Murray got Century Link to provide actual gigabit fiber service and all he had to do was relax a few easement regulations.
May 15 Kinison commented on The Morning News: Shell's Arctic Drilling Rig Arrives in Seattle, McGinn Says Murray Should Have Opposed It Sooner.
McGinn should have relaxed the easement rules, otherwise Seattle would have had gigabit internet (via Century Link) all over Seattle by the end of his term.

Hindsight 20/20 politics are neat.
May 6 Kinison commented on Apple Watch - The Definitive Review.
I like the part where it keeps a constant wireless connection to your phone, draining the weak-ass battery faster.
Apr 23 Kinison commented on Did a "Bomb" Train Full of Volatile Crude Oil Pass By Tuesday's Mariners Game?.
If it does blow up, its a good thing citizens demanded the SPD take down its mesh wireless system a few years ago. Who needs an emergency broadcast system for the cops during a time of absolute horror.
Mar 5 Kinison commented on Bertha's AMAZING Transition! What's Her Secret? #NoMakeup.
So paint can be scraped off the machine as it tunnels through rock? You guys are amazing, should have your own show on Discovery Hipster Channel.
Jan 29 Kinison commented on Watch Seattle Police Pepper Spray Teacher Jesse Hagopian on MLK Day.
Wheres the full clip? Watching a 15 second clip, with no context and making a snap decision that the SPD are assholes, is like watching a James O'Keef ACORN video and saying "OMG ACORN EMPLOYEES ARE SCUMBAGS!!".

Jan 6 Kinison commented on The Richest Man on Earth (Bill Gates) Tells the Most Famous Economist on Earth (Thomas Piketty) That He Doesn't Want to Pay More Taxes.
The thing about raising taxes to help the poor, is that it might not actually do that. Money will be misspent, lost to fraud and error. Didn't Seattle piss away millions of federal money on creating green jobs and all they did was have meetings? Seriously, raising taxes to help the poor doesn't guarantee they will get the help they need.

Mr Gates has his own plans on helping the poor in third world nations and thankfully it doesn't involve small political groups, because the only ideas they have is to tax the rich. Its like non-profit groups like PETA, or Susan Komen for the Cure, you donate millions just to keep offices open and only a trickle amount finds it way down.
Jan 6 Kinison commented on Knowing Where to Look.
Lets take the "67 Science Fiction And Fantasy Movies To Watch Out For In 2015!" that Gawker posted 3 hours earlier, tweak the list, add a political rant, then call it your own!…
Dec 18, 2014 Kinison commented on The Tunnel Project Is Not 70 Percent Done.
Whats was also bullshit are anti-tunnel fools suggesting the project could have been canceled and the money used to expand mass transit in Seattle. Yeah, the state is going to hand over billions to Seattle after the Monorail Project bust. Also bullshit was that there was no vote on the project.

These two things are parroted by anti-tunnel folks all the time.
Dec 17, 2014 Kinison commented on Guest Editorial: Seattle, Pull the Plug on the Tunnel Unless You Can Answer These Seven Questions.
Technically, if you presented half of these questions to Sound Transit, they wouldn't be able to answer them as they draw up plans to tunnel under Seattle neighborhoods.


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