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Whoever I end up voting for in a mayoral election, never wins.

Jul 16 Kinison commented on Microsoft Layoffs Happening Soon?.
How many of these jobs are temp related? They usually lay off a shitload of temps before they release a new operating system and most temps know this well in advance.
Jul 14 Kinison commented on Transgender Pagliacci Employee Fired, Then Offered Job Back, After Complaining About Customer Harassment.
Gotta stress that working at a pizza place will never, ever earn you any respect unless your delivering the pizza. Dylan fucked up by assuming an apology would be forthcoming and accusing the company of not defending her and the managers fucked up by suggesting she could simply go to the back whenever mr asshole showed up for a slice. Possible that the termination was made easier by her tone of voice, as its difficult to not feel enraged when an asshole like that comes into your store.
Jul 11 Kinison commented on Amazon Asks FAA for Permission to Test Drone Delivery Program in Seattle.
I know you guys are joking, but buying a gun for the purpose of shooting these things is going to bring a swift arrest. Not only will the city be fitter with sound sensors to detect and pin point gun fire before a 911 call is made, but those drones will probably have cameras and wirelessly transmit your face holding the gun, which will be used against you in a trial.

Plus theres the whole "What if you miss in a densely populated neighborhood" aspect of shooting at a drone hoovering in the air.
Jul 8 Kinison commented on Why It's Worth Paying More for Legal Pot.
Then they should sell it in a plastic bag, cut $9 off the cost. While all the labeling and information might seem cool and interesting, it will pass quickly, nobody is going to care after a few months of this. Its not like friends are going to ask you "Is there peanuts in this? I cant smoke peanuts as im deathly allergic to it".
Jun 24 Kinison commented on Report of a Peeping Drone in Downtown Seattle.
So the crippling fear that the SPD would use drones to invade your personal privacy were overblown as private citizens appear to be doing exactly that! HIGH FIVE!!!
Jun 20 Kinison commented on Superintendent José Banda May Be Leaving Seattle Public Schools.
Dr. Susan Enfield seemed like a good choice, but for some reason she ran like hell for the Highline School District and a big drop in pay. Good looking, smart, well liked, how she didn't get the job is beyond me.

We'll never get another great one like John Stanford, he set the bar that nobody seems to be either capable or willing to do.
Jun 18 Kinison commented on Who to Blame for Bertha.
Blame yourself for not providing a better plan. Blame yourself for losing the initiative that would have blocked the project. Blame yourself for allowing the process to take years to complete, then come in at the last minute to offer alternatives. Blame yourself for not getting McGinn elected after out right lying to the public that he wouldn't block the tunnel project.

Jun 17 Kinison commented on Brazil Vs. Mexico In the World Cup: Live-Slogged!.
You know, after watching a few documentaries about some of the fucked up things that Brazil did to prepare for the world cup, in addition to how much their spending to appease FIFA. Fuck the world cup and fuck Americas participation in it.
Jun 17 Kinison commented on Welcome to the Future, Where Anyone Can Make a Video.
I guess the alternative is to ambush politicians like Rob McKenna, get him on tape saying "Get a job!" and harp on that for weeks and hope the local press catches on. You know, in the event the "reporter" lacks the elementary skills needed to make a stupid video.

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