Nov 20, 2014 K X One commented on The Morning News: Why Kshama Sawant Got Arrested Protesting Against Alaska Airlines.
" write the mayors of Bainbridge Island, Mercer Island, and Olympia. "And most of that coal power is generated by a single outdated, out-of-state coal plant in Colstrip, Mont. The Colstrip plant is one of our region’s largest greenhouse-gas polluters and its leaking toxic ash ponds (a byproduct of coal burning) threaten the health of our Montana neighbors."

Montana isn't our neighbor.
Oct 22, 2014 K X One commented on Eight Stranger Writers Race Across Town at Rush Hour.
It hardly needs to be a "lightweight road bike", travel time differences for different types of bikes are pretty minimal.
Aug 14, 2014 K X One commented on Seattle Mayor Ed Murray Issues Statement on Ferguson, and Some Questions for SPD.
The SPD has used their armored cars for all sorts of things for at least the last 15 years. If he says they aren't going to do that now, then The Stranger has a journalistic OBLIGATION to follow up on that. The two armored cars the SPD used to "control" peaceful excercises of citizens rights to assemble and air their grievances from 1999 forward, were vehicles designed and refined in South Africa for apartheid.

I'd be shocked if either the mayor or the new police chief actually excercised control over our police department to a degree to actually keep that corrupt group of thugs from deploying whatever armored cars they have this year against the next batch of sign wavers that "occupy" Westlake park for an evening.
Aug 13, 2014 K X One commented on Photo of the Week: Chicago Dogs.
Diggity Dog in Greenwood makes good dogs, including a nice Chicago. There used to be a place in the market (Danny's) that did an authentic Chicago (sport peppers, celery salt, the works), but sadly went out of business a few years ago. NIce malts too, my kind of place, just a counter though...
Jul 29, 2014 K X One commented on This Week in Twitter Trends: #UnfollowAMan.
Fuck the Dalai Lama
Jul 24, 2013 K X One commented on Why I'm Boycotting Russian Vodka.
I already don't drink Russian vodkas, because why would you trust them when there are plenty of other vodkas out there?

That said, given that I can be arrested in Russia just because some cop suspects I'm pro-gay means I won't ever be visiting there. Not that I really wanted to mind you, but it would have been cool to check out St. Petersburg at some point.
Jul 12, 2013 K X One commented on McGinn's Got Haters in West Seattle.
Bike licensing doesn't work. See San Diego's attempts to do so. The bureaucracy involved costed more than the income from it so they scrapped it.

Besides all the other logical arguments against it, like a bike could ride on a patch of road forever and cause no wear and tear to it, unlike cars, especially the asshats cruising around on their snow tires.
Jul 12, 2013 K X One commented on McGinn's Got Haters in West Seattle.
If the "bike lane" is actually just the door zone for parked cars, the commenter on the original thread is right - I'm just going to ride my bike in the lane anyway.

Too many of Seattle's "bike lanes" are just repainted door zones. They're a fucking joke. Frankly, I'd rather have two lanes of traffic, it gives the cars a lane pass me in and a safe place for me to ride, instead of in the debris filled gutter with a sharrow painted in it.
Jul 10, 2013 K X One commented on An Author Concludes That Twitter Is a Bad Idea.
Familiar with Samuel R. Delaney and Dhalgren? Check out twittering the autumnal city:

But, yeah generally I agree with Anastas.
Jul 10, 2013 K X One commented on How to Pronounce "Pagliacci".
Tough Pagliacci, welcome to America. I'm going to pronounce it in American English, not learn Italian to pronounce it "properly".

Wise of them not to be pushy about it.

T-shirt design is a fail though.

Love their pizza, probably the best in town.