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Apr 30, 2012 Maria G. commented on On "Bullshit" and "Pansy-Assed".
You have a legitimate complaint (e.g., bullying and harassment is wrong) but there is a almost feels like you were acting like a bully (using harsh language and demeaning people) in trying to counteract bad behavior. I don't necessarily see this as productive. I almost feel like you turned off the very people who need to hear you, because those who love you and agree with you are already listening.

Maybe starting with respect for different opinions is a better angle. Do they deserve respect? Doesn't everyone--no matter how different or odd--deserve respect? Or does your model of inclusion exclude people who disagree?

Besides, respect for those who are different than you models good behavior. It's the heart of anti-bullying. Seeing the Other as human. Having empathy. Refusing to dismiss or demean. You have a really great point, but for me, it would be hard to accept your message when your own actions don't match up.

Do you get a pass because of all the anti-gay bullying, the past wrongs of Christians, the injustices? I didn't know that anyone gets a "I get to bully you" card because they have a "I was bullied by you" pass. Seems wrong.

Just something to think about. Bullying does need to stop.

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Apr 30, 2012 Maria G. joined My Stranger Face
Dec 1, 2009 Maria G. commented on The Curse of Tacoma: A Timeline of Hurt, from Ted Bundy to the Beltway Sniper to Yesterday's Shooting.
I find your article remarkably insensitive. It's difficult to understand why you'd write such a thing in the face of painful human suffering in your near neighbors down south. Four people died and four families lost a loved one, suddenly, violently, senselessly. A community--not Tacoma, but unincorporated Pierce County and Lakewood--is staggering after one of the greatest tragedies they've faced.

Tacoma (or Lakewood) is not suffering from a curse any more than any metropolitan area suffers from a curse. Unless you want to call the brokenness and tragedy of the human condition a curse, and, in that case, Seattle and every major city are weighed down equally, and in many respects in a greater measure, by this same darkness...murder, theft, rape, violence, hatred, beatings, abuse, arson, exploitation.

A few people mentioned issues Tacoma does face more than Seattle (the disproportionate number of work release programs in Pierce County being the largest). It's still a vibrant, creative, shining, welcoming, beautiful place to live. I've lived in Seattle and many other places in the world, and chose the Tacoma area because I love the unpretentiousness, the cultural diversity, the less-hurried/harried style of life.

Let's not make the mistake of stereotyping and vilifying a race or ethnic group, a geographic locale or some other cheap shot at trying to make sense of what happened. A person with metal problems committed a tragic act of violence. Saying that Tacoma is cursed is ridiculous. I'm not one to rely on stereotypes, or I might say that it's sad that Seattle is cursed with people who lack compassion and sensitivity in the face of tragedy. This is not the case, but a little grace in a difficult time for your brothers and sisters down south would be nice.