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Aug 7 erly commented on I, Anonymous.
Has no one here seen Waiting? People who have worked in any restaurant knows at least one person working there that has done this. Don't act so surprised, especially when you know how terrible some customers can be. Thought this was common knowledge...
Jul 29 erly commented on Satanists Respond to Hobby Lobby Decision by Asserting Religious Exemption from "Informed Consent" Abortion Laws.
When I imagine Seattleblues enjoying a sunny day, I imagine a crotchety old toothless man in farmer johns with no shirt on sitting in a rocking chair on a porch, pointing a rifle at the neighborhood kids.

I'm sure that my mind is completely accurate.
Dec 18, 2013 erly commented on One Solution to Seattle's Rental Crisis.
@12 Well aren't you a condescending ray of sunshine? She's already moved, but I'm sure she really appreciates your spread of negative ass-hattery.
Dec 18, 2013 erly commented on If You Read One Story Before the End of 2013, Make This It.
@13 Did you read the article? People working there would frequently tear through folded piles of clothes and stuffs to find the microwave and just be trolls.

Unless you think that poor people should never be allowed to have *gasp* things!!!! How can they be suffering if they have things?!!!

The free pile in my building has more shit in it.
Dec 18, 2013 erly commented on I, Anonymous.
you don't need studs... unless you commute to Seattle from Snoqualmie Pass for work. 300 year-round residents may have some qualms.
Dec 16, 2013 erly commented on Fuck the State.
People bitching about "I don't use buses so don't come knocking at my door!" Should ask, how does public transit benefit you?

Less traffic and congestion! This 17% is, and I'm reaching into the air for a past Stranger article ON THIS SAME SHIT was that it equals, oh... an extra 28 lanes of traffic. Every day.

-> http://www.thestranger.com/seattle/seatt…

I drive to a P&R and bus, because I can't afford the cost to park in downtown Seattle or Bellevue, and no bus goes to Snoqualmie Pass on a daily basis. Also, 405 is a parking lot clusterfuck during rush hour, in either direction you need to go. It begs for rage on a daily basis. It's much nicer to bus on backroads to the P&R, and drive into the un-fucked darkness on eastbound I90.

Also, the TWO buses that get the closest in North Bend are both going to be cut because of lack of ridership.

Cutting metro service in Seattle slows down commerce from the ports to the rest of the state; does more damage to the roads due to increased wear from extra traffic, making them more expensive to maintain; and just costs everyone more money and precious time in the long run. So STFU already you pansies.
Dec 3, 2013 erly commented on Today's GOP: Not Afraid To Lose Every National Election Until At Least 2032.
I cannot take anything written in Comic Sans seriously.

Maybe the shirt is a message from their inner passive-aggressive liberal trying to outsmart them and escape.
Nov 27, 2013 erly commented on The Word "Hipster" Has Officially Lost All Meaning.
Hipsters are just the offspring of yuppy hippies, everyone knows that.

@28 Bellevue does have a very large population of Indians (we got a fancy Gandhi statue!) and a rainbow of Asians. Could be part of it...
Oct 30, 2013 erly commented on No on 522: Label GMOs, But Not This Way.
It's also misleading to say that GMOs are completely harmless, when that only really applies to human consumption and not the effects the production of GMOs has on the environment.

It doesn't give you cancer, but it makes it much more likely for crops to be wiped out (decreased biodiversity and pesticide resistant pests), contributes to poisoned and oxygen depleted oceans (with help from factory farms and CO2 emissions), has been loosely linked to birth defects in countries where growing them is unregulated... and really, I'm not down with any of that.

I already voted, and the fact that this whole issue has not addressed any of the reasons why I have not chosen to eat GMOs... makes me feel like they plan on ignoring them until it slaps us in the face. In my eyes it's a move for status quo, pure and simple.
Oct 22, 2013 erly commented on All the GMO News That Fits! The Elway Poll, the World Food Prize, and Who Gave to the GMA.
I'm gonna stick with yes. Not because I'm afraid of eating GMOs, but because I don't want to throw money at companies that helped create the new lack of crop biodiversity for some big staples, the development of super resistant pests, pesticide runoff that creates huge ocean dead zones and toxic algal blooms (which cause marine bird species to die off in mass in of hypothermia after their natural protective oils were stripped), honey bees, making it more difficult for organic farms to exist...

If there is a time when the developers of these crops actually give a flying fuck about it's impacts on the environment we depend on, then I'll reconsider. But that time is not now.

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