Nov 6 beccoid commented on SL Letter of the Day: Lotion Up.
Oh baby, the smell of a freshly-showered and lubridermed young man.
Nov 6 beccoid commented on Mormon Church to Kids With Gay Parents: No Magic Underpants For You!.
It's odd, but every single Mormon or ex-mormon I've met has been a ridiculously nice person. Then the church comes out with stuff like this?!
Nov 3 beccoid commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: The Invisible Man.
I know it's crazy, but why not try a good haircut and some new clothes, combined with going to a lot of parties/happy hours/conferences for nerds in your field and being flirty with everybody?
Oct 30 beccoid commented on SL Letter of the Day: Mismatched.
I'm with @1. A lot changes for people at that age and with trying out sex a few times. It may be too early to declare sexual incompatibility.
Oct 22 beccoid commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Same Time Next Queer.
You're lesbians. Even if you break up you'll still be besties. Just do it.
Oct 15 beccoid commented on Savage Love.
I can't believe "cis" has actually become a term for self-identification. A) what % of people are teams, 0.1? is it really necessary to proclaim yourself as being in the overwhelming majority, unless the topic is specific to a given difference? B) being a gender (trans or not) is different than being gay, because in saying you're gay you're telling people that their assumptions of your life choices are probably not true, as opposed to saying "hey I am what I present myself as and these are my anatomical specifics" C) cis just sounds lame, non-sexy, too-many-gender-studies discussions, did you learn that prefix in a chemistry class kind of way. "Trans" sounds cool, on the other hand. Transfix, transsubstantiate, transatlantic, transcend, etc etc
Oct 13 beccoid commented on Giant GOP Asshole Assigns Blame to One of the Parents of the Oregon Shooter. Can You Guess Which?.
They make gay Doritos!!!?! WHERE CAN I GET SOME?
Sep 29 beccoid commented on Savage Love.
Ack, I hope the gf of letter writer 2 wises up and dumps his annoying butt soon. Bleah. The whole idea of a guy who gets "depressed by the monotony of it all" after, what, 4 months of long-distance "relationship"? So basically he's irritated that these ladies want him to text them occasionally? Bleah bleah bleah. So glad I'm an old.
Sep 22 beccoid commented on Savage Love.
Maybe they're not tit-clamps, but clothespins for airing out his lederhosen.
Sep 20 beccoid commented on SL Letter of the Day: Gender-Neutral in a Dress.
This just sounds like a rather insecure but still normal teenage girl who is not yet comfortable with the changes in her new body or the attention associated with it. She should be a lot happier with it now, no matter which way she's gone with her sexuality and identification.