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Raised by wolves.

Dec 17 Chester Copperpot commented on Sony Is Not Releasing The Interview on Christmas; US Officials Say North Korea Was "Centrally Involved" with the Hack.
they threatened violence didnt they? All it takes is one incident for this to get completely crazy.
Dec 17 Chester Copperpot commented on Queen Anne's Shanty Cafe Contains 100 Years of Fascinating Seattle History.
@3 We're not talking fancy dining here. its the best greasy spoon gut bomb in town.
Dec 15 Chester Copperpot commented on Lunchtime!.
Dec 12 Chester Copperpot commented on Guest Editorial: We Need to Stop Trying to Rescue This Tunnel Project and Consider Our Options.
How many "I told you so's" can there be?

so many people thought this was going to be such a colossal fuck up... but here we are.
Dec 4 Chester Copperpot commented on Are Protestors Really Ruining Seattle's Christmas?.
according to reddit you protesters are ruining childrens lives!
Nov 17 Chester Copperpot commented on The Walking Dead Chitty-Chat Club: Carol & Daryl (Awwww.).
it clearly did a full flip.
Nov 6 Chester Copperpot commented on Wu-Tang's Cappadonna Wants Racists to Speak Out.
@1 you're never going to have a successful rap career with that kind of attitude.
Sep 16 Chester Copperpot commented on Hey Internet, Urban Outfitters is Really "Sorry" About That Bloody Sweatshirt.
@9 I get the hate when they actually do something stupid and mass produce stuff like this... that means they were actively thinking about it.
This is different. Its a one off. its from a second hand shop. This has nothing to do with all those other products.

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