May 23 DRF commented on Your Donald Trump Reader.
@18 Al Gore lost for several reasons, but the margin was so small, that if any one of them had been removed, the butterfly ballot or claiming to have served in Vietnam or inventing the Internet, he'd have won.
May 23 DRF commented on Your Donald Trump Reader.
What I like in this post is that Mr. Savage distinguishes between Donald Trump and normal Republicans (even what's been normal post-Bush). I have friends who are Rep and conservative and they deserved better than this.

What they should take away? "Trump will owe the party nothing." That's key. The conventional Republicans are rallying because they're hoping to buy some voice in any future administration, and they're not going to get one.
May 18 DRF commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: How Can I Be a Good Ally to My Abusive Trans Ex?.
I ordinarily use the most recent expressed pronoun even when referring to events that took place before the person's transition, but if LW is at, say, a support group and talking about her experiences, then the fact that M is trans is an afterthought. She should go ahead and say "she" and explain that M was a then-pre-transition trans man if it is ever relevant.
May 3 DRF commented on Savage Love.
Fichu and Philiphile both offered good advice, I think. Some middle ground would probably leave WWWM better off. Probably her dates too.
May 3 DRF commented on Savage Love.
Been thinking about WWWM. Maybe she'd do well in a situation in which she could get to know guys for long periods outside of a romantic relationship before suggesting they enter one (meet guys at a volunteer organization or join some kind of athletic group that's mostly guys), but that makes me wonder about a female version of Nice Guy syndrome. She'd basically be pretending to be just a friend (or actually being a friend and pretending not to be anything else) while surreptitiously evaluating guys for Mr. Right-ness.

Thoughts on whether it'd work? Thoughts on the ethics of it?
May 3 DRF commented on Savage Love.
@6 EricaP, yeah serial killers, but maybe trust that he's being sincere, that not going to run around and tell all her friends and coworkers what a big slut she was or maybe trust that he's not just pretending to be nice to her so he can sleep with her and planning to drop her like a hot potato right after. Maybe she had a friend in high school or college who had a guy pull one of those; plenty of women do.
May 3 DRF commented on Savage Love.
I don't think Mr. Savage's advice to the first LW is that great. She said flat-out that she's invested in holding off on sex until she finds someone she likes and--this may have been buried--knows she can trust. Trust might be the most important issue. Jumping into something that diametrically opposed to her current strategy and values, sex with strangers, isn't likely to be something that this particular virgin will be willing to try. What EricaP recommends is more likely to be this LW's speed, activity-wise, maybe not oral but something more than kissing, but the real problem is one of two things:

Either this LW has a social or psychological issue that makes it hard for her to connect with people emotionally, and that's why the guys are leaving, or she's only dating guys who expect to have sex shortly, who interpret "she hasn't had sex with me in two weeks" as "she doesn't like me" or just don't feel like waiting for sex.

Problem #1 isn't going to be solved here. Problem #2: Meet guys from outside the hookup culture. Are you picking them all up at clubs? Stop. Are you picking them all up at the same website? Stop.
Jan 13 DRF commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Same Old Question, Different Kind of Response.
@9 if it's worth wasting years in a sexless marriage, it's worth spending two hours reading the book

Jan 12 DRF commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Same Old Question, Different Kind of Response.
Thirty is too young to give up on sex for someone who clearly wants more of it. I wouldn't say jump into an open relationship, but definitely couples counseling and making sure nothing is medically wrong. Though I'll add that this person seems more into a non-copulatory life than most other such writers. He actively described a few upsides, and we don't usually see that in letters from sexless relationships.
Dec 23, 2015 DRF commented on SL Letter of the Day: End in Sight.
LONE never said whether he or she was male or female. But let me add this: Since the age of four or five, you have spent at least six hours a day around people in your own age bracket and (maybe it shouldn't matter but it does) social class, and you had the social infrastructure to learn things about them. Anyone who can get into your same school is probably your age and, regardless of background, almost certainly your equal. Once you leave school, unless you enter a highly age-stratified field, that's over. Depending on where you live and what job you land, even finding people your own age will take a lot more work then it did during your school days.

Focus on your goals. Graduating with decent grades is clearly one of them, but if finding a long-term relationship is another and your weekends leave you with time to spare, maybe ask a friend to fix you up. If nothing else, some casual dating will be good practice for later when the pressure's on.