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in the past few hours venomlash commented on Science News: Jill Stein Down With Some Pseudoscience, Cougars Could Save Human Lives by Eating Deer but They Might Eat Some of Us Too.
@13: anon1256 is correct on this one.
Seasonal losses have always been a part of beekeeping, but colony collapse disorder manifests not only as higher losses, but as a highly strange death syndrome. A typical dead hive will be full of bees but nearly empty of honey, the colony having starved to death during the winter months. Hives that die from CCD, however, typically have paradoxically very few bees and often ample honey stores.
It is possible to offset higher losses by replenishing hives; you simply divide a colony and either requeen the queenless half or let the bees raise their own queen. Both halves of the colony will be unproductive for the year, spending their resources on getting up to full strength and typically not having any surplus honey. Long story short, it's not all that sustainable; higher losses can be survived, but at the cost of precious production. And it's hurting the beekeeping industry in America, on which much of our agriculture depends.
8:49 AM venomlash commented on Science News: Jill Stein Down With Some Pseudoscience, Cougars Could Save Human Lives by Eating Deer but They Might Eat Some of Us Too.
@12: I never claimed that you said that neonicotinoids were THE cause of CCD. You cast opprobrium on the Slate piece (which claimed that neonics weren't the cause), and I clarified that you're partly but not entirely correct. The truth is more complicated than you OR the Weissman article make it out to be.
And in accusing me of putting words in your mouth, you're actually putting words in MY mouth. Now that you've been caught in a series of lies, apparently your response is to accuse me of doing everything you get caught doing. 2quoque4me.

"I am personally for a moratorium on commercial applications for GMOs until we decide what they are useful for"
What a mind-numbingly stupid statement. You want a blanket ban on anyone using GMOs until we can find out what they can be used for? You're just spitballing right now, trying to justify a purely ideological ban not rooted in the science.
Here's a better idea. How about we look at genetically modified crops individually rather than lumping them all in together? How about we judge each cultivar according to its own safety and utility. The Arctic apple should not be held hostage to the approval of genetically modified salmon, but GMO-phobes like you apparently think there's no difference.

Also, the way we do agriculture is not the fault of genetic modification. Stop looking for convenient scapegoats and actually think with your head.

I'm invoking the precautionary principle on neonicotinoids because we don't understand their effects that well. Gas extraction, however, is PRETTY WELL KNOWN. We understand the risks of methane emissions, and we have ways to drastically reduce those emissions through fairly small improvements to infrastructure.
The precautionary principle is all about acting cautiously in the absence of definitive evidence, not a penny-wise-pound-foolish policy of cringing inaction.
11:53 AM yesterday venomlash commented on Science News: Jill Stein Down With Some Pseudoscience, Cougars Could Save Human Lives by Eating Deer but They Might Eat Some of Us Too.
anon1256, sure is brave of you to come in here acting like you're some champion of science after all the blatant lies you told about natural gas.
You're half right about neonicotinoids; there are legitimate concerns about them, and significant links to CCD. However, it is not accurate to claim that they are THE cause of CCD; it's complicated. I believe, based on the precautionary principle, that we should follow Europe's example and impose a moratorium on certain uses of neonicotinoid pesticides while further research is conducted.

However, on the vaccine issue you're spouting the same old vague slander about scary corporations that the anti-vaxxers espouse. (There are plenty of ways to advocate against regulatory capture without putting vaccines front and center.) Stein described FDA review as being full of "snake oil", and take a look at what she has to say on vaccines:
There were concerns among physicians about what the vaccination schedule meant, the toxic substances like mercury which used to be rampant in vaccines. There were real questions that needed to be addressed. I think some of them at least have been addressed. I don’t know if all of them have been addressed.
The same old nod to SCARY SCARY MERCURY that anti-vaxxers always bring up, and the deliberate injection of doubt as to whether vaccines are actually really safe. Classic FUD tactic, and this sort of pandering does actually kill people. And you're defending her, because you can't see past the end of your nose.

And as for GMOs, what are your "legitimate reasons" for a blanket ban on them? Let's hear it, you turkey.
11:31 AM yesterday venomlash commented on How Many Republicans did Obama Turn Into Democrats Last Night?.
@7: So good of you to come back and remind us that you're the sole arbiter of who is or isn't liberal. Whatever would we do without your valuable service of telling us we're not real liberals because we dare to disagree with your chosen political orthodoxy?
Jul 28 venomlash commented on How Green Is Her Bullshit: An Uncharacteristically Brief Response to the Green Party Spokesperson's Dishonest Response to My Podcast Rant.
@147: The platform moved left, and all you BoB types immediately threw a shit fit that you didn't get everything you ever demanded (because this is how political compromise works).
Demanding further concessions as a response to being thrown a bone is the tactic of House Republicans. Don't stoop to it.
Jul 28 venomlash commented on Seattle Times Apologizes to Readers Over Clinton Screwup.
@14: No, you nitwit, I just call it "sexism". "[R]everse sexism" is a sexist term in the same way that "reverse racism" is a racist term; both assume that there is an inherent and natural directionality to the discriminatory animus.
You want something to fight against? Fight against prejudice and hatred in all their vile forms, no matter who is being targeted. But like every other social vengeance warrior, you don't actually oppose racism or sexism; you're perfectly fine with them, so long as it's white people (or Jews, of course) and men who are victimized. Hypocrisy most foul.
Jul 28 venomlash commented on Seattle Times Apologizes to Readers Over Clinton Screwup.
@2: Beat me to it.

@3: You're talking about it as if her husband weren't a well-respected former President who had just given a rousing speech attesting to her character and to her drive to improve the lives of others. Context matters.
@7: Right here, you remind me of a charming young lady from my alma mater who directly asked me to define a term, and then accused me of "mansplaining" when I did. You're quite the sanctimonious twerp, you wannabe-Istari.
Jul 27 venomlash commented on Revolution Now Eating Its Own: Bernie Supporters Boo Bernie Sanders.
@90: All right, you've inspired me! I'm going to go out there and rally the American people, to demand the creation of a band called "The Capitalists' Infernal Orchestra"!
Jul 27 venomlash commented on The Democratic Convention Is Awash in Corporate Cash.
@1, 8, 10, 12: Yup.

Just another "quality" post by Ansel Herz, who can't see past the tip of his own nose.
Jul 26 venomlash commented on A Conversation With a #BernieOrBuster About Dinner.
@54: Basically, cyanide is a metabolic poison that screws up the electron transport chain, whereas strychnine is a neurotoxin that makes nerves hyperconductive. Given the choice of the two, I'd take strychnine; it's possible to treat strychnine poisoning, but there's not much to be done about cyanide poisoning.
This is unrelated, of course, to my political stances.