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3:02 PM venomlash commented on 36 People Shot in 36 Hours in Chicago.
@27: HAH! You did it again!
It translates literally to "argument to the man" and refers to a line of argument focusing not on the point it intends to rebut but rather on the person delivering the point. Saying that an argument "will only convince morons" is NOT IN ANY WAY OR UNDER ANY INTERPRETATION an example of argumentum ad hominem. You are wrong. You have been wrong many times on the use of this term, and you obstinately continue to be wrong. Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong. "Wrong" meaning "not correct". W-R-O-N-G. That spells wrong!

Now that the word "wrong" as written has lost any meaning to the eye of the reader, and speaking of things that are wrong, I shall move on to your actual argument (as it were).

"there is not a single shred of evidence that tougher gun control laws result in less gun violence"
In fact, a study done in the wake of Boston's enactment of gun-control legislation in 1975 found that the law was followed by a significant decrease in some categories of violent crime and that the law was likely the cause of this decrease (source). Want more? You got more.
A 2010 study found that handgun control laws significantly reduced firearms suicides but not homicides, and that restricting sale rather than possession of handguns had a stronger effect. A 2007 study found that stricter gun control and disarmament campaigns significantly reduced injury and death by firearm in Brazil.

"The people don't want stronger gun control laws."
Actually, the picture is more complex than you claim it to be. According to a Gallup poll, a strong plurality of Americans are okay with gun laws as they are now, and of the remainder about twice as many want the laws tightened as want them loosened. A CBS poll finds support for tougher gun laws to be much higher, reaching 49%, as opposed to the only 12% who want weaker gun laws. Additionally, the CBS poll confirmed that an overwhelming majority of Americans still support universal background checks.

Finally, you're not going to convince anyone if you're incapable of correctly using "your" and "you're" in sentences. Fuck sake, that's even worse than your habitual offenses against the phrase "ad hominem".
11:32 AM venomlash commented on Florida Bill Prepares for Zombie Apocalypse by Lifting Gun Permit Requirements in Emergencies.
@22: He never said "gun nuts". At least, not anywhere NEAR where he said anything about police. By your logic:
Your post #17 contained the word "moron". Your post #22 contained the word "I". Are you saying that you are a moron? Because if so, you're 100% correct and deserve a gold star, to be shoved up your ass so you can have a clear look at it.
11:18 AM venomlash commented on This Week in Air Disasters.
The toy-plane-in-coochie story reminded me of this picture (NSFW obviously):…
11:12 AM venomlash commented on 36 People Shot in 36 Hours in Chicago.
@16: If you actually read what I wrote it would be trivially obvious that I was speaking of the comparison between Vermont and Chicago. JBITSMFOTP.

@24: Exactly. collectivism_sucks, I put this example to you.
Winter in Phoenix, AZ, is warmer than summer in Sitka, AK. Therefore, by your logic, winter causes warmer weather than summer.
I will explain your fatal error in large unfriendly letters so there can be no misunderstanding. THE MISTAKE YOU ARE MAKING IS ASSUMING THAT ALL VARIABLES BESIDES THE ONE YOU CARE ABOUT CAN BE SAFELY IGNORED. This is what passes for reasoning among many of the uneducated, sadly.
11:02 AM venomlash commented on Conservative Gun Nuts Proudly Defend Rights of Man to Use Federal Land Without Paying.
@48: Yo, that is pretty long for "in a nutshell". Her claim ACTUALLY "in a nutshell" would be along the lines of:
"My family has grazed cattle on this land for over a century, the BLM has enacted rules designed to crowd out ranchers, and now they're unfairly persecuting my dad even though he's acted in good faith."
It's not remotely true, but that's how it would be written "in a nutshell".

@50: She claims that the federal government has no claim to the cattle because her dad owns the cattle. However, what he does NOT own is the land that he is illegally allowing them to graze. It would be as if I billeted my dog in someone else's yard and then complained when they called Animal Control.
Also, you never refute points made by others. You merely slink away and pretend that you were never out-argued. Well guess what; THESE colors don't run.

@34: Previously I decried your opposition of division of labor (which is, as everybody knows, the foundation of all civilization), since you believe that "collectivism_sucks". You then claimed that you're not going by the DICTIONARY definition of "collectivism" but rather the (made-up?) definition of "political collectivism" as a form of governance in which the society is valued over the individual. Now you want to go back to the dictionary definition because you're caught in a tight rhetorical bind. Make up your mind, you flip-flopper! (inb4 "ad hominem", you use that phrase whenever someone says something you don't like but don't have a specific rebuttal of)
Also, squatters' rights are DEEPLY collectivist in the sense of "political collectivism". The need of society to house the needy trumps the right of the property owner to choose who is allowed on his property, under squatters' rights. If you don't get it, read it a few more times until you do, and then go piss up a flagpole.
10:44 AM venomlash commented on Obamacare Cheaper Than Expected.
I love freedom and America, therefore the government shouldn't do anything good or useful for anyone!
10:39 AM venomlash commented on Oklahoma Strips Cities of the Right to Pass Higher Wages, Sick Leave.
@2: Yeah. The federal government exerting its rightful power over matters under its purview is seen as tyrannical, but they have no compunction against state governments depriving municipal governments of their legislative authority.
4:02 PM yesterday venomlash commented on No More Lost Decades on Climate Change?.
@12: Exactly. Normal skepticism aside, not many scientists can resist the glorious scoop of stabbing someone in the back and revealing that they faked their data.
3:59 PM yesterday venomlash commented on The Monday Morning News: New Banksy!.
@23: The KKK's ideals go strongly against those of Christianity, just as Al Qaeda's ideals go strongly against those of Islam. However, the KKK and Al Qaeda claim to espouse Christianity and Islam respectively and cloak their hatred in religious wording. If you're going to call Al Qaeda "Islamic terrorists", it is only logical to call the KKK "Christian terrorists".
3:54 PM yesterday venomlash commented on Florida Bill Prepares for Zombie Apocalypse by Lifting Gun Permit Requirements in Emergencies.
@17: He never said "gun nuts". You said "gun nuts". Are you a "gun nut"? Commit sudoku.

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