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I'm a straight guy who supports LGBTQ rights, especially considering as I have family and… more »

Jan 14 venomlash commented on What Does Mayor Murray Think About...the Theater?.
Jan 10 venomlash commented on Dylann Roof Receives the Death Penalty in Charleston Massacre.
Like originalcinner, I'm against the death penalty in most cases but see nothing wrong with this particular application. No shadow of any doubt about the guilt of the condemned? Check. Particularly abhorrent crime? Check. No remorse or attempts at redemption by the murderer? Check.
This earth would be better with him under it than upon it.

@11: Practically any and all ideas have been used for evil purposes.
Jan 9 venomlash commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Stamping Out "Just My Preference" Gays.
I'm a straight guy who's never used a dating site, but I'm also extremely opinionated so I'm going to tell you what I think.

Have your preferences, sure. If you want to, you can filter the teeming hordes of other people's profiles by race/height/appearance when searching. But I don't think you should put racial preferences in your profile. YOU pick who you meet up with, right? No need to go broadcasting that sort of thing to everyone, right? (I mean, all it's going to do is maybe hurt someone's feelings; it's not going to magically make more people who fit your preference come your way.)
But here's the other thing you gotta do: don't let your preferences be absolute rules. If someone who doesn't fit them, but seems like a cool person, chats you up, give them a chance (and maybe a date). You can never tell who you're going to click with, and if you let superficial appearance alone dictate who you date, you're a shallow person.
Jan 6 venomlash commented on Hillary Clinton To Run For President of New York City?.
@2: As an Illinoisan, I'd say no. Being Governor of Illinois means dealing with a whole bunch of political machine stuff, which isn't really the President's strength. It'd tarnish Obama's image, he wouldn't be much better than a generic Democrat, and he'd get bogged down in minutiae. Better to have him organizing for the Democratic Party at state and national levels and working on redistricting/recruitment initiatives.
Jan 6 venomlash commented on It's Official: Trump Voters Were Duped by Putin.
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Jan 6 venomlash commented on Paul Ryan Says Obamacare Repeal Will Also Defund Planned Parenthood.
@6: Sometimes that's not feasible. Sometimes there's a medical issue that puts the mother's life at risk.
Consider the following situation: a pregnant woman goes to the doctor and learns that her fetus has a lethal birth defect. Additionally, the presence of the non-viable fetus means that the woman's health is endangered; doctors give her a 20% chance of death if she doesn't have the pregnancy promptly terminated. Should she be allowed to get an abortion?
Remember, the Republican Party doesn't think so.