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  • Dicks or Vaginas
  • What song do you never want to hear again?: "Single Ladies"
  • Dan Savage started the Iraq war. Why?: For shits and giggles.
  • If you found out you were going to have a pit-bull baby, would you have an abortion?: Yes

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8:39 PM yesterday venomlash commented on We Just Lived Through the Hottest June on Record.
@7: I know, I know. I'm just saying that hydrogen cars aren't truly emission-free (as far as greenhouse gases go) even if you ignore the cost of the electricity needed to produce the hydrogen.

Energy is not liberated in the breaking of molecular bonds! Breaking bonds is an ENDOTHERMIC process, meaning that it requires energy to be spent to make it go! Of course, this means that forming a new bond is an EXOTHERMIC process, meaning that it releases energy.
How do we make this work for us? We break weaker bonds to allow stronger bonds to form and harnessed the net energy released. (This gets into issues of things like enthalpy, entropy, and Gibbs free energy, which I understand better than you because I FUCKING TOOK SOME CHEMISTRY CLASSES IN HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE.)

As delirian pointed out, hydrogen bonds are a special type of dipole-dipole intermolecular force, but the bonds broken and formed in the chemical reactions involved in combustion are, in fact, covalent intramolecular bonds. You know nothing, John Schmo.

Even by your dubious logic, we're more on an oxygen economy than a hydrogen economy. What all combustion systems have in common (barring the ones used in solid-fuel rockets) is that dioxygen (O2) is the oxidant, while the reductant varies widely. It may interest you to know, by the way, that anthracite (good coal) is almost entirely free of hydrogen.
4:17 PM yesterday venomlash commented on We Just Lived Through the Hottest June on Record.
@2: Water vapor in large amounts acts as a pretty serious greenhouse gas too, remember. The more pressing issue is that hydrogen is not a fuel supply.
11:46 AM yesterday venomlash commented on Roughly 100 AIDS Researchers May Have Died in the Airplane Shot Out of the Sky Over Ukraine.
People were certainly executed on Lenin's orders, but I don't believe there's enough to justify calling him a mass murderer. Pretty much any revolutionary leader is going to have some amount of blood on their hands just from the initial struggle of taking and retaining power (viz. Ernesto "Che" Guevara). The vast and overwhelming majority of the deaths under the Soviet regime in Russia were the doing, directly or indirectly, of Josef Stalin.
11:39 AM yesterday venomlash commented on Alison Holcomb Vs. Kshama Sawant: Who's Got Your Hypothetical Vote?.
@56: Your employer not renewing a lease != you are getting laid off
Have you considered the outlandish possibility that your employer is perhaps relocating rather than closing up shop? And even if your boss has said explicitly that all of you are getting laid off, the correct phrasing is "this law will cost me my job", future tense.
@57: There were left-wing communists in America who supported the Khmer Rouge. There were right-wing nationalists in America who supported Hitler.

@58: "Hey @55
I am asking a question of Pol Pot, not you.
So kindly cease blathering."
Let's look at post #55: "54:..."
Okay, what was Jizzlobber replying to of post #54?
STFU and I'll say it again:"
Okay, who posted #47, which caution&daring replied to in #54? None other than Jizzlobber. So yes, I'd say that caution&daring DID directly ask a question of Jizzlobber. Q.E.D. motherfucker.
11:11 AM yesterday venomlash commented on The Sunday Morning News.
What the fuck? I could have sworn I only left three sets of open <i> tags. My bad.
PROTIP: when trying to close some idiot's open tags, it's best to overcorrect to the tune of: </i> </i> </i> </i> </i>
11:07 AM yesterday venomlash commented on The Monday Morning News.
11:03 AM yesterday venomlash commented on New Report Claims US Agents Are "Directly Involved" in Most High-Profile Terror Plots Since 9/11.
If a government agent encourages someone to perpetrate a crime, it's not entrapment unless the accused had to be CONVINCED. If an undercover cop says "hey man, can you go buy some smack from this dealer for me?" and you go "golly gee whiz, sure!", you weren't entrapped. That's one of many myths about entrapment out there...
Jul 20 venomlash commented on The Sunday Morning News.
Gonna do my sgt_doom impression now:

@29, raindrop, "That's right, I didn't think so."

Just so you know, dood, that information is out there for anyone to see. Of course I'm not going to tell a shill like you where to find it so you can tell your Rothschild puppet masters -- who just so happen to own Monk's Cafe where Jerry Seinfeld eats -- to have it taken down.

It's called corporate censorship, and it's exactly what every politician who's ever received an American vote since 1896 is doing. Get with the times!

As for sementickled @19:…

other great articles that you sheep need to read:………

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