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in the past few hours venomlash commented on NPR Believes in Miracles.
@15: I don't tell people what to believe, and I ask the same courtesy of them towards me. The God to whom I occasionally pray isn't so small and petty as to require that everyone follow my faith, and I'm certainly not about to ask people to believe in something for which I do not and cannot have evidence. (And as the sages of old cynically noted, better for someone to be a good and upstanding Gentile than for them to be an impious and ignorant Jew.)

@31: I'm a religious man, and you're an asshole, Alleged. And apparently you are no more capable of correctly spelling "deity" than of correctly spelling "Gomorrah".
in the past few hours venomlash commented on My Philosophy.
@23: I know I'm not doing anything to help the situation, but to be fair, neither is Spekulation.
in the past few hours venomlash commented on Shut Up About Trigger Warnings....
@44: And I'm saying that if someone is so vulnerable, so precariously balanced, that they are endangered by the contents of (to give an example) the Metamorphoses, a college campus is not a place for them to be. Better for them to be in a therapeutic environment (whether that's inpatient or outpatient) until they've healed somewhat from the initial trauma. I'm saying that we shouldn't be choosing between throwing trauma victims into a metaphorical vipers' nest with or without advance warning. Bottom line is, the issues around PTSD are being approached from an inclusivity perspective instead of a health-focused one.

I can tolerate bright lights now, and large empty spaces, and looming deadlines, and even the simple knowledge that I'm fairly far away from my house. Imagine going to school (and a damned grueling one at that) without those abilities, and you'll see what I'm getting at.
in the past few hours venomlash commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Should've Checked My Email Earlier.
And THAT is why they call him SAVAGE.
12:33 AM venomlash commented on The Stranger Is Reporting Live From the Donald Trump Rally in Everett.
@17: nOW tHAT'S wHAT i cALL eDGY
8:20 PM yesterday venomlash commented on Shut Up About Trigger Warnings....
@21: When I was an undergraduate at the University of Chicago, it gradually became known to me that I had an anxiety disorder. And by "gradually became known" I mean I spent a quarter in a nightmarish haze of guilt and panic, took incompletes in all my classes, and was institutionalized for a week at the end, and that's how I learned it wasn't just normal stress and that I actually have a mental illness to manage.
For about a year afterwards, I was in pretty messy shape. (I'm talking full-on "What About Bob?" here.) I couldn't deal with sunlight at all if I missed a dose and it was extremely stressful to me even with medication, I struggled to even get to class, and every slightest difficulty with the material threatened to send me into a spiral of avoidance and self-doubt. I wasn't in any shape to go to school. I didn't demand that the school tailor the curriculum so as not to upset me; I took a quarter off, focused on therapy and developing coping skills, and then came back once I was in a fit state to learn.

Someone in a similar position, a trauma survivor whose wounds (physical or psychological) are still fresh, shouldn't be in school. I don't mean that as an attack; I'm looking out for their well-being! If you can't deal with a simple word or phrase, if you don't yet have the focus to manage the upwelling of fear, you shouldn't be putting on yourself the stress of a college (especially UChicago) education. You should be putting your health first until you're ready and able to come back. It's unfair to you to try and do both at once, and it's unfair to the school to make them compromise your education for the sake of therapeutic qualities.

Unfortunately, it's easy to become complacent in one's brokenness or victimhood, to say "I can't handle things on my own, I need this this and this". I fight against the easy route every single day; I MAKE myself push through the fear and pain and doubt and actually get up and go to class and my job. And that's how I know I'm managing my illness instead of giving in to it. That's how I know that I've made it, that I can get on with living my life instead of living in fear. Wear your scars proudly, but don't keep your wounds fresh, no matter how comfortable the bandages.
5:28 PM yesterday venomlash commented on White Rapper Spekulation Is Retiring to Make More Room for Black Artists in Seattle Hiphop.
@17: Yes, because GOD FORBID that people in a privileged position use the resources available to them to help the less fortunate. Charity is insulting to the recipient, you know; it reminds them that they were given the shit end of the stick through no fault of their own, so it's best to spare their feelings and just walk on by.

@20: "help a movement"
"gets out of the game to make room"
So, I'm still wondering how exactly Spekulation's retirement helps any black person. Care to shed a little light?
5:20 PM yesterday venomlash commented on The Stranger Is Rescinding Its Endorsement of Erin Jones and Will Back Chris Reykdal in the General Election.
@7: I've stopped calling them SJWs. They're SVWs at this point, honestly...
5:19 PM yesterday venomlash commented on Shut Up About Trigger Warnings....
You should see the shitstorm that's ensued among my fellow alumni and Maroons. The usual crop of special snowflakes are throwing a fit and claiming that the administration now supports harassment, and resorting to the usual tribalism ("your opinion doesn't count, you're white/male/straight/cis", to paraphrase) to dismiss any dissenting views or reasoned discussion. (Meanwhile some polling suggests that the student body as a whole is moderately supportive of the administration's position.)
These snowflakes include the genderqueer person who threw a hissy fit about Dan Savage talking about the word "tranny", who has since explicitly claimed that cyberbullying is okay if it's targeting someone it thinks is an asshole.
5:11 PM yesterday venomlash commented on The Stranger Is Reporting Live From the Donald Trump Rally in Everett.
OF COURSE there were neo-Confederate peckerwoods there.