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Feb 14 venomlash commented on Jill Stein Is a Right-Wing Tool.
@78: Stein claimed that the jury was still out on the safety of vaccines, despite the overwhelming body of evidence showing that serious complications are rare as hens' teeth. When you throw out all that is known because of MUH REGULATORY CAPTURR, you're not a free thinker but rather a denier.
It's no different from the nutbars who insist that we can't be sure that human activity is causing the Earth to warm, because after all NOAA and the EPA and the UN are super biased and part of the conspiracy.
Feb 12 venomlash commented on Jurors Find Seattle Police Feared for Their Lives in Che Taylor Shooting, But That Taylor Was Obeying Commands.
I don't understand how anyone watches the dashcam video and doesn't see reasonable cause for lethal force. He was obeying the commands given to him...and then he suddenly reached back into the car, and THEN they shot him. (Bear in mind they had been informed he had a gun on him.) The counterargument seems to hinge entirely on a baseless conspiracy theory alleging that the shooting was planned from the start, that there never was any gun, and that the report made earlier in the day (having seen Taylor wearing a gun) was faked as well to give cover to the police officers.

@7: Pretty much.
Feb 7 venomlash commented on Is Your Band Sexist, or Are Womxn Just Annoying?.
@14: I Googled it and guess what, nothing came up clarifying why "womxn" is any gooder than "womyn". If you know of any explanation, feel free to share, but absent that it just smacks of arbitrary edginess.

@18: Depends on whether you consider Parsees to be "white". And GermanSausage never said they were all straight, just that they were all cis.

@19, 20: This. Social justice movements have for the most part devolved into virtue signalling by ideologues.

@22: You have trouble finding lady artists at the music store because some guy artists use female-sounding names for their albums? Wew lad, that's a Zeroth World Problem right there.
Feb 7 venomlash commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Well-Adjusted & Ready for a Caning.
Dan, have you considered the possibility that some kinks actually are pathological in nature? Suppose someone has a fetish that drives them to engage in risky behavior, which they recognize as detrimental and wish to rid themself of.
Unlike homosexuality, some kinks are maladaptive. And just because people who indulge their kinks are ON AVERAGE better adjusted than the general population doesn't mean that they're ALL in a good place psychologically.

(Speaking as a guy with a mental illness who also happens to be a masochist.)
Feb 6 venomlash commented on Super Bowl LI: Patriots Win, So Evil Won.
Three things:
1. That stupid stupid strip-sack. If the RB hadn't bailed on the block and let Ryan get blindsided, the Falcons would have won.
2. The Patriots had way more time of possession, and it showed later on; the Falcons' defense was tired out and couldn't contain Brady the way they did early on.
3. The Falcons' offense got lazy in the 3rd and tried to just turtle and run the clock out, instead of playing aggressively to sustain drives.
Feb 6 venomlash commented on Let's As a Nation Have a Frank Conversation About White Incompetence.
Y'all bakers toasting in a roll bread.
Feb 5 venomlash commented on SPD Officer Gives First Public Account of Shooting Che Taylor, Never Personally Saw A Gun on Taylor.
@3, 7, 10: I concur.

@2: The gun had been purchased by a sheriff's deputy nearly three years previously. He had shortly thereafter sold it to another guy. There's not a very good paper trail because the gun lobby makes it so most gun sales aren't reported, and those that are cannot legally be digitized because of MUH FREEDUMBS. (source)
Think about it though. If the cops were gonna murder a guy on the street and later plant a gun at the scene to cover it up, why would they use a gun that had been registered to a police officer? They have access to plenty of guns recovered from crime scenes and felons, including some that have been modified so as to be practically untraceable. Why not use one of THOSE? You're assuming that the police are not only evil, but cartoonishly so.

@8: "Follow their instructions as Taylor did: get shot dead."
If you actually watch the footage, Taylor can clearly be seen to dive back into the car, at which point he is shot. He wasn't following their instructions; he was reaching around inside the vehicle, and they already knew he had a firearm with him, and they made the very reasonable interpretation that he was reaching for a gun.
Feb 2 venomlash commented on Is Your Band Sexist, or Are Womxn Just Annoying?.
@5: Listen to "War On Drugs", fucko.