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6:08 PM venomlash commented on State Legislature Unanimously Passes Bill Restricting Police Use of Stingrays.
This change comes too late for one of our most inspirational human beings. RIP in peace, Steve Irwin.
6:13 PM yesterday venomlash commented on The Morning News: High-School Boys Take On Sexual Assault, Fake Plumber Terrorizes the Elderly.
@29: You wanna play, wise guy? We can do this.
Suppose someone is following you around threatening to beat you up (which is harassment, a gross misdemeanor). You try to run away from them, but this time they've got you cornered, so you push past your harasser in an attempt to get away. He falls on the sidewalk, fractures his skull, and dies. By your fruitsy-bananas interpretation of the law, you're now guilty of manslaughter in the second degree.
6:06 PM yesterday venomlash commented on I Sat In on My Son’s Sex-Ed Class, and I Was Shocked by What I Heard.
@16: I don't expect education to mirror my political views, nor anyone else's. I expect it to mirror the evidence. That means schools should teach students about evolution by natural selection, not creationism; the heliocentric solar system, not the geocentric universe; and comprehensive sex ed, not abstinence-only sex ed.

@17: As a diehard Evanstonian myself, I'll say that Evanston is pretty liberal and parts of it are very college-town-y. If you're ever here, make sure to stop by Edzo's for a burger and pay your respects at the Fountain Square war memorial.
1:31 PM yesterday venomlash commented on Hillary Is Just Like You—a Presidential Hopeful Who Loves Chipotle.
@20: What if it turned out that giving everyone a stipend sufficient to buy bread and a roof over their head ended up SAVING taxpayer money in the aggregate by reducing the prevalence of crimes of desperation? I'm not saying that's the case (and I don't know if it is), but what if that turns out to be how the situation works out? Would you be in favor of the stipend, or would you oppose it?
I bet you'd still be against it even if it resulted in a net savings for you. You've opposed welfare benefits and the universal coverage provision of the ACA, despite the fact that both save more money than they cost (through, respectively, welfare dollars being pumped back into the local economy and ER costs being kept down by giving poor people access to preventative care). You care less about your own profit or loss than about whether other people get stuff they didn't earn; now THAT is spiteful. Or maybe you're just so ignorant of economics that you don't possibly understand how spending money can save you money in the long run, because you'd rather live in a black-and-white world than confront complicated situations involving problematic ethical issues.

See, I care more about the well-being of the country than my own economic situation. I'd rather be homeless in a nation that takes care of all of its inhabitants than filthy rich in the land of fuck-you-I-got-mine. THAT, I think, constitutes patriotism: putting your country before your self.
1:17 PM yesterday venomlash commented on The Morning News: High-School Boys Take On Sexual Assault, Fake Plumber Terrorizes the Elderly.
@21: Um, the definition of "manslaughter" that you give is actually the definition of 2nd-degree manslaughter. If the assailant had died from the fall, it would most likely have been excusable homicide, which is a whole different animal from justifiable homicide. "Homicide is excusable when committed by accident or misfortune in doing any lawful act by lawful means, without criminal negligence, or without any unlawful intent." (
RCW 9A.16.030
Why? Because her action was not a use of force against someone but rather an attempt at escape.

Suppose an alternative scenario:
While out walking one winter's night, someone begins following you along threatening to beat you up. You, in an attempt to escape, run across an iced-over field nearby; your harasser follows, slips on the ice, and breaks his neck in the fall, thus dying. Under your definition and interpretation of the law, you (the person fleeing) would be guilty of 2nd-degree manslaughter. Why? Because you took an action (running onto the ice) that had the foreseeable consequence of your assailant slipping and falling on the ice (an injury evidently capable of killing him), and because the crime you were attempting to defend yourself against was only a misdemeanor (harassment), and homicide is only justifiable if defending against a felony.
Of course, this is a ludicrous interpretation of the law.
Apr 15 venomlash commented on The Morning News: Seattle Company Offers $34 Minimum Wage, Worker Falls Asleep in Plane's Cargo Hold, and Beef Day 2015!.
@28: So you're saying that because the owner decided to draw a drastically lower salary, the company he owns now has less money to reinvest in its business. Whereas before you were saying that because of his new lower salary, the owner has less incentive to grow his company. Dude what.
Look mac, you have a decent line of argument in saying that raising the wages of his workers might reduce the company's profit margin. That's the sort of reasoning where we can all look at it and nod and go "I can see where he's going with this". But instead of dropping the supremely stupid argument summarized in the previous paragraph, you've doubled down on it in the hopes that your belligerent attitude will distract people from the nonsensicality of the argument. Honestly, this sort of thing smacks of the old "raising taxes on the higher brackets will cause people to deliberately earn less money so they pay a lower effective percentage of their income in taxes, despite the fact that they'd be taking home less money as well" that I've had to hear from rigid-minded knuckleheads who know just enough about economics to be dangerous.
Apr 15 venomlash commented on The Reason Humans Have Chins.
@6: Babby's first epigenetic effect.
No Bailo, ya dingus, I'm not talking about the Neandertal genome; I'm talking about the Neandertal skeleton. Your buddy Vendramini is making shit up that is contradicted by the ACTUAL FACTUAL FOSSIL EVIDENCE.
Please take your pleb tier bodice-ripper pseudoscientific shitposting to a place where there is nobody else to care.
Apr 15 venomlash commented on The Morning News: Seattle Company Offers $34 Minimum Wage, Worker Falls Asleep in Plane's Cargo Hold, and Beef Day 2015!.
@23: "There are scores of thousands of company owners who make decisions -- other than maximum cash extraction -- from their businesses to provide for workers."
Yes, and yet you're claiming that such considerations spell doom for such a business, because when you better compensate your workers you (according to you) reduce your company's profitability and therefore in some hazily-explained hand-waving way cause everything to fall apart.
Maybe it doesn't matter, to an owner, whether a company makes a large profit or a more modest profit, so long as a profit is made. Maybe paying workers more than what the usual market rate would be results in better employees and lower turnover (and turnover is a huge cost to companies, let me tell you). Maybe things are a little more complex than the hand-waving if-A-then-B simplistic model you've loudly laid out for us. What did you do, take maybe one semester of high school econ? Because you're acting quite a lot like the people for whom the phrase "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing" is useful. I bet you think the Civil War wasn't about slavery either.

@24: "FYI --- Santo "Sandy" LaMantia is the CEO of Shure. He's a guy - not a she."
I KNOW who Sandy LaMantia is. But I never said that Shure has a female CEO, only that it has a female owner, Rose Shure.
That's twice in as many posts that I've made an accurate claim and you've accused me of error because you misread the claim entirely. Reading comprehension is useful; you should try it some time.

Also, Shure is primarily a design company, not a manufacturing company, and most of their workforce in engineering and other skilled and high-paying roles has remained right here at home. As far as Mr. LaMantia's political convictions go, I really couldn't care less whether he's a Dem or a Rep; him holding conservative positions (and I'd love to see your source on that) doesn't change the fact that you're advancing arguments that make no sense whatsoever.
Apr 15 venomlash commented on Seattle’s New Minimum Wage Highlights the Income Disparity Among Restaurant Staff.
@30: "I am not as hardworking as a CEO, so I make less."
^this is how Libertarians actually believe the job market works

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