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  • What movie can you recite verbatim?: "In Newton We Trust" by Noah Korman
  • Dan Savage started the Iraq war. Why?: For shits and giggles.
  • Folklife or A kick in the face while drowning in fish guts
  • What helps you sleep?: Reading. Or liquor. Or fatigue. Or reading while tipsy and tired.
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6:56 PM yesterday venomlash commented on Conservative Accuses President Obama of Racism on Ferguson.
I did a little reading on Klayman. He is the guy who:
-has been banned for life from the courtrooms of judges in both California and New York for alleging vast racist conspiracies
-created a watchdog group to harass the Clinton administration, then sued his own group and won a $171,000 judgment against it after a staffer there gave Orly Taitz bad information
-sued his mother for $50,000 over his late grandmother's medical bills
-held a mock trial with a citizen grand jury "convicting" Barack Obama of fraud
-called for "millions to occupy Washington D.C." in support of a political revolution and got fewer than 200

He's not worth the air he breathes or the paper his moronic words are written on. Stop talking about him.
6:44 PM yesterday venomlash commented on Robots Are Coming for Your Jobs.
Asimov wrote about it 61 years ago in The Caves of Steel. In his Robot Trilogy (not to be confused with all his other novels about robots) Earth is in the throes of economic turmoil. Humanity is packed into teeming mega-cities with robot-tended farmland filling the interstices, and robots are steadily encroaching on the city workload.
6:31 PM yesterday venomlash commented on SL Letter of the Day: Judgement Daze.
You don't want to have kids. I don't want to socialize. We're all mad here. Join the club.
11:27 AM yesterday venomlash commented on Rick Perry Indicted By Grand Jury.
@12: Um, where does Patterico claim to be a lawyer?
Here's the relevant stuff in the Texas Penal Code:
"§ 36.03. COERCION OF PUBLIC SERVANT OR VOTER. (a) A person commits an offense if by means of coercion he:
(1) influences or attempts to influence a public servant in a specific exercise of his official power or a specific performance of his official duty or influences or attempts to influence a public servant to violate the public servant’s known legal duty;
(c) It is an exception to the application of Subsection (a)(1) of this section that the person who influences or attempts to influence the public servant is a member of the governing body of a governmental entity, and that the action that influences or attempts to influence the public servant is an official action taken by the member of the governing body. For the purposes of this subsection, the term 'official action' includes deliberations by the governing body of a governmental entity."

The psedonymous Patterico claims that the threat of a veto constitutes such an "official action". He is incorrect. The office of Governor is afforded the authority to veto legislation, but threatening conditionally to veto legislation is not an official act of the office. Subsection (c) is clearly intended to protect official acts such as impeachment, termination of employment, and official censure. Perry cannot be held legally guilty for exercising his veto power, but the demand that a District Attorney step down is not so protected.
11:12 AM yesterday venomlash commented on The Sunday Morning News.
@68: Not sure what you're trying to say here, but the initial police report also claimed that shots were fired inside the car.
11:02 AM yesterday venomlash commented on White Musicians Who Make Loads of Money From Black Culture Have Nothing to Say About Ferguson?.
Agree with the general angle of the comments here. Do we need white musicians chiming in with their 2¢ about the plight of young black men? We don't ask chefs in this country to take a position on everything that goes on in France or Italy or whichever country's cuisine they've made their own.
Aug 17 venomlash commented on King County Sheriff Removes Barton Family from West Seattle House.
@27: Just a reminder that when I caught you lying through your keys your response was to complain that I don't focus the same scrutiny on people who don't lie on SLOG nearly as much as you do.

@34: Shh, sgt_doom is cuckoo for cocoa puffs, and also just plain cuckoo. He doesn't understand things.
Aug 17 venomlash commented on Rick Perry Indicted By Grand Jury.
@10: Whether or not she should have resigned or been removed from office, it's not the Governor's place to do that. He can call for her resignation, sure. He can ask colleagues in the state legislature to have her removed from office. But holding funding for her agency hostage to pressure her into resignation is clearly an abuse of power. What say you to that?
Aug 17 venomlash commented on The Sunday Morning News.
@1: Apart from the stuff delirian and Pridge and taxidermist have said, I'm going to take issue with your choice of source material. The Independent Journal Review? Really? It's basically a low-budget, clickbait-y, right-wing knockoff of the Huffington Post. It's about as reliable and reputable as the National Enquirer.
Aug 16 venomlash commented on King County Sheriff Removes Barton Family from West Seattle House.
@27: Exactly! I never had anything to say about the Bartons or the sheriff. It's all about YOU, Princess.

I've called out Stranger journalists plenty of times. I criticize Savage for being too hard on theists. I get on Mudede's ass for gawdawful science reporting. I don't post about it much, but I agree that Kelly O. was being dumb as hell and honestly offensive by dressing in a costume that included blackface. So I guess what I'm saying is that it's not all about YOU, Princess.

Except that this time it is all about YOU, Princess. You're the one with a track record of saying ridiculous bullshit, the sort of thing that's not just a differing opinion but is objectively untrue, and then running away from it without even admitting you were wrong. You're the one who has to be CAUGHT in a lie, who won't confess intellectual dishonesty unless someone else shoves it in your face (and usually not even then).


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