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Apr 5 Madasshatter commented on Guest Editorial: City Hall Wants 2 Percent Affordable Housing from Developers. That's Not Nearly Enough..
$635 increase per month? That's closer to per decade, might want to fix that claim.
Apr 5 Madasshatter commented on The Morning News: Backlash to Seattle Soda Tax, Oregon Senator Speaks Against Neil Gorsuch for 15 Hours.
The soda tax is pure liberal feel good nanny-statism (that has little to no impact on said liberals -- which I am one of).

Not only are (non-luxury) sales taxes by definition regressive, these sorts of taxes have a disparate impact on the poor and working class (like Washington's old per-bottle tax on booze, divorced from cost).

When the damned Seattle Time's is calling you out for targeting minorities and the poor, you know you're doing something pretty serious.
Dec 7, 2016 Madasshatter commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: The Current BF and the Ex-Intern.
Not to mention Dan would call the guy a snooping asshole who got what he deserved.

But in this case, an even easier explanation: she invited him, he didn't know if he was going to go to the drinks, and didn't want to create drama if he didn't (for self-serving reasons, or so you'd be able to focus on her law school exams). Because obviously it would have created drama, the letter writer makes that much obvious.
Sep 7, 2016 Madasshatter commented on Two Artists Are Giving Out “Gentrification Citations” To Local Businesses, Including Uncle Ike's.
Because there's nothing like coming into someone else's community and changing it, amirite?

Someone needs to explain cause and effect to these artists.
Jul 5, 2016 Madasshatter commented on FBI: Clinton "Extremely Careless" With Classified Material, But No Charges.
< insert conspiracy theory response >
Jul 5, 2016 Madasshatter commented on FBI: Clinton "Extremely Careless" With Classified Material, But No Charges.
I'm increasingly of the mind Ansel is willfully stupid. This was basis for criminal prosecution, not administrative sanction. That's why the FBI was involved.

And Jesus Christ, did any of you calling for Clinton to be charged listen to the press conference/read the transcript? The FBI could find no cases to merit prosecution. The instances where such things involve criminal prosecution all had multiple aggravating factors that resulted in criminal charges being filed. If a bunch of career lawyers think there's zero basis for going forward and that no responsible prosecutor would do so, let the criminal aspects rest.

That being said, none of those facts speak to temperament, responsibility, or fit for office. Good thing she's running against a Republican who has all three of those in spades, eh?
May 16, 2016 Madasshatter commented on Hey YIMBYs, Show Up at This Anti-Upzone Meeting in the University District Tonight.
@11 Paltry amount of parks/green space? There's effectively a giant park that runs from 45th to 38th, and besides the few buildings throughout (most of which make it even prettier), it's five blocks wide. No, campus is not *technically* a park, but it's public land and very much green space accessible to all!

I'm all for this, but I question the premise that Link is going to transform the U District, given that the UD is already the most accessible neighborhood via transit in the city (excepting downtown), arguably the only one fairly easily accessible from most anywhere else in the city; Link doesn't really change that. Increase, sure. Yuuge? Doubtful.
Apr 27, 2016 Madasshatter commented on I, Anonymous.
Ah, the culinary delights of fish sticks. Thank you, Anonymous, from saving me from whatever circle of hell is not knowing their taste and texture.
Apr 20, 2016 Madasshatter commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day:.
Dan, maybe next time someone with highly imperfect English writes you for help, refrain from using your own idiosyncratic version of an idiom as the lynchpin around which you structure your advice? Idioms are hard as is, even without your own special I-was-stoned-omg-funny iterations.
Mar 26, 2016 Madasshatter commented on In Praise of Chaotic Caucuses (2016 Edition).
Eli, I know this is hard to grasp, despite you seemingly understanding it in other places in your article, but federal holidays are federal. You know, hence the "federal holiday" thing.

The federal government can't compel a state to recognize a federal holiday. And state primaries and caucuses are not all held on the same day throughout the country. So... you want the federal government to give federal employees (thus around the country) the day off on the Saturday that Washington holds it caucus?

Few federal employees in non-emergency jobs work Saturdays, in case you were not aware. And few other states give a flying fuck that Washington has a caucus (before its primary) on a certain Saturday.

I guess what I'm trying to say is: what's your fucking point on this again?