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Oct 2 J from Oregon commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Does a Lesbian Bridesmaid Have to Suck Dick?.
@7: I can beat that.

Strippers show up without any music or anything to play it on. Unfortunately, the bride was moving out of state after the wedding and so had packed almost everything including her stereo. Stripper's "manager"/girlfriend leaves to go get something and leaves the stripper there. He sits in the kitchen while the groom's mom makes awkward small talk with him while we play a game that involves references to the groom's penis size. Girlfriend comes back with a tiny boom box with the worst sound quality ever but no music, so the only way to play anything is to plug the guy's discman in with an aux cable. Stripper, who is wearing one of those rasta hats with fake dreds, removes said hat as part of his routine but leaves his socks and tightie whities on. He also kind of smelled. All the women kept giving him dollars hoping he would have what he wanted and go "dance" with someone else.

To add to the awkwardness, afterward, I went out with the groom's sister (I was his friend since first grade), and she unloaded about how his family thought the bride was a golddigger and how much they hated her. So because I'm not friends with the bride, I never got to hear her opinion of the world's worst stripper.
Sep 18 J from Oregon commented on Republicans Are Convinced They're Modern Martin Luther Kings.
Not only has the Columbine story never been confirmed, it's been flat-out refuted by people who were THERE. Like, hiding under the tables facing gunmen with that girl.
Sep 18 J from Oregon commented on Republicans Are Convinced They're Modern Martin Luther Kings.
Not only has the Columbine story never been confirmed, it's been flat-out refuted by people who were THERE. Like, hiding under the tables facing gunmen with that girl. (It's been suggested that the gunmen did ask a different girl if she was a Christian, but did not kill her, but to my knowledge, that's never been confirmed either).
Sep 18 J from Oregon commented on SL Letter of the Day: Spawn of Satan.
@DRF: You might have a point, but I think we all know that when this asshole talks about "purity," it has nothing to do with physical health. If what he cared about was whether she had STDs, she could clear up the concern with some blood tests.

Who wants to take bets on when this guy's name shows up on some kind of dating site for people with major kinks? I got two years, and I'm guessing he won't be looking for women.
Aug 26 J from Oregon commented on Rachel Lark Talks "Warm, Bloody, and Tender," Period Sex, and How I Wound Up Smeared With Blood In Her New Music Video.
@5: Seriously. I hate period sex because I like my nice, clean, unstained sheets and don't like doing laundry. And because when I'm on my period I'm in pain. And because period blood is an awful lubricant and even if I don't have cramps, everything is all dried out and it makes sex hurt like hell. (Orgasms make my cramps worse) And I think my period blood smells. It doesn't make me unfeminist or ashamed of myself to think that it smells. I also don't understand women who think that you need to be willing to just bleed all over the place and pretend periods aren't gross.
Jul 4 J from Oregon commented on Five Times Famous Musicians Messed Up the National Anthem.
No one should ever sing it again. Everyone in charge of picking a version should either play Whitney's or Jimi Hendrix's, depending on which is more appropriate for the time and place.
Jun 22 J from Oregon commented on Dear Seattle, Why Do You Hate EMP?.
I only went once. But I liked it. I was alone in Seattle waiting for my friend to get off work and considering I didn't know my way around to anything cooler, it was a more entertaining way to kill a rainy day than going up in the Space Needle and wishing I could see the mountains. I live in Washington now and would take tourists there. It's a little spendy for what it is, but whatever. Sure, the building is hideous, but if you're inside it, you can't see the outside anymore.
Jun 13 J from Oregon commented on I Have a Proposal for Rachel Dolezal.
@41: That point about not having a concept of your race if you were born blind is interesting. I've been trying to come up with a good way of explaining the difference between this and being transgender, and that actually makes sense. Not that people who ask what the difference is really want to believe there is a difference ... in any case, I think that makes sense.

@46: Some people have complained about Caitlyn Jenner having spent all of her life until this point with the privilege of someone perceived to be a wealthy, white male. Quite a few have made that point, actually. The only way that point would be remotely comparable is if Caitlyn Jenner had been presenting as Caitlyn for a decade, talking about sexism and how hard it is to be a woman, and then it turned out she was actually Bruce in lots of makeup and a good weave the whole time.
Feb 17 J from Oregon commented on Heads Up: Carousel Is a Super Weird Musical.
Ugh. I HATE Carousel. Granted, the only performance I ever saw was a small-town community production, but the singers and musicians did a nice job. I just hated everything about the plot, and most of the songs. I'm a big musical theater nerd and I just couldn't stand it.
Jan 4 J from Oregon commented on Your Christmas Wasn't as Good as This.
The only issue I have with her parents is the fact that they don't know vertical video sucks.

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