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Apr 3 J from Oregon commented on A Person with Contagious Measles Spent Time at a Lot of Well-Populated Places in Seattle and Pierce County Last Week.
It's possible this woman didn't have symptoms until after she was out and about in public. There's no reason to condemn her as some douche going around knowing she had the measles. That shit is contagious before you know you have it.

She might be immuno-compromised. She might be old enough that her vaccine was out of date. Or she's just really unlucky. She might have gotten it from some crazy anti-vaxxer's kid, but blaming her for getting a disease is kind of buillshit without knowing details.
Mar 25 J from Oregon commented on The Good Wife Was Completely Shocking Last Night.
@1: I don't watch the show and I'm reading this. Because so many of my friends posted about it, I was curious.

Your comment is the equivalent of the people who spend all day on Superbowl Sunday posting about how much they hate sportsball and in the process, give it way more attention than anyone actually talking about the game does.
Mar 18 J from Oregon commented on I'm Triggered By Your Triggers.
Thank you. I've been trying to figure out for a while how to explain exactly what bothers me about trigger warnings. This is pretty much it.
Mar 4 J from Oregon commented on Oscars 2014: Boring, Lazy, and Pretty Much The Best.
@1 Upon reading comments on other sites, that appears to not even be true. Tom Cruise is dyslexic and did claim Scientology cured him, but there's no evidence that John Travolta has, or ever did have, dyslexia. There's no mention of it on his Wikipedia page and a Google news search of "John Travolta" + dyslexia brings up very few results from big news sources (there's a Washington Post blog that references "reports" that suggest it). Certainly not as many as it should if it were true.

If you limit the same search to before February 28 (two days before the Oscars) of this year, you get zero results. So until this week, not a single news story Google can access mentions Travolta's "dyslexia." (For some reason, if you limit a regular Google search to the same time frame, you get a bunch of blogs and web comments written after the Oscars).
Feb 19 J from Oregon commented on It's Hard Out Here for a Penguin.
I absolutely LOVE penguins, but this is ridiculous. That's what seals eat. If the penguins didn't die, the seals would. Nature is vicious. But this is really interesting. The guy's a reporter. He's supposed to tell you how animals behave, not pass human moral judgement on something that is a centuries-old fact of nature.

FYI: I'm a vegetarian, tree-hugging, bleeding-heart liberal.
Jan 31 J from Oregon commented on The International Response to the Knox Verdict.
Rudy Guede's DNA and bloody fingerprints were all over the crime scene. Whether Amanda Knox was involved or not, Guede clearly WAS. He's not just some random black guy serving time -- he's a guy who at best, was present at a violent murder but more likely WAS the murderer. Inserting his race into it as though he's some innocent victim of the system is just dumb.
Jan 24 J from Oregon commented on "I Need Some Pretty Things".
It's obviously not in Seattle, but some day, go down to Oregon and visit Crater Lake. I grew up an hour away from it and I think it's the prettiest sight on earth.

A google image search will be good until you can be there in person.

Also go to the Oregon coast. Go to Cannon Beach and look at all the brightly colored starfish on Haystack Rock.
Jan 19 J from Oregon commented on Wedding Don'ts.
@3: You're not the only one to have sex on your wedding night. I did. We were exhausted, husband was drunk, but we had a giant hotel room with a hot tub and there was no way we weren't going to use it. Best sex ever.

For cake, We had cupcakes (salted caramel, plain vanilla or pb/chocolate), but the meal also included some dessert -- I think it was tiramisu. I didn't have any because salted caramel cupcakes. But I do like the idea of other desserts as an option.

Our parents didn't contribute much -- we got a little bit of financial help with some other bills from one set of parents, and my inlaws paid for the rehearsal dinner. I'm glad we did that. We're in our early 30s. We didn't want to ask for parental help. I don't think either set of parents would have tried to be too controlling if they were paying, and we didn't do anything particularly crazy, but it was nice to know that all our decisions really were OUR decisions.
Jan 18 J from Oregon commented on Let Them Eat... Maybe Something Other Than Cake?.
There will never be a day when I don't crave those salted caramel cupcakes I had at my wedding, but I think it's awesome to have something different and now I really wish I had thought of the creme brule idea. Yumm.
Dec 29, 2013 J from Oregon commented on Cavity Search: Holiday Candy is on Sale Right Now.
Hmm. I love the candy cane Kisses. So good.

I also like Ghiradelli peppermint bark (I'm not sure that's what it's called, but that's what it is), and Andes mints Christmas variety. I can't remember what they're called, but they're in a red bag and have white chocolate with candy cane pieces where the green mint part usually is.

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