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Aug 27 Geocrackr commented on The Morning News: ISIS, Russia, Cherish.
Actually, that was Carl's line about "More job killing..." at HorsesAss, but yes, he is writing under Goldy's imprimatur.
Aug 18 Geocrackr commented on When Talking About Ferguson, Obama Says He Can't Be Perceived with "a Thumb on the Scale".
He's an idiot if he thinks that all of the usual suspects won't scream that he has a thumb on the scale no matter what he does! Why hasn't he learned that by now?
Jul 30 Geocrackr commented on Why I'm Done With the Democrats: The Blood Is Too Much.
Charles, I hope you have something to dilute the barrels of poison that are about to get dumped on you.
Jul 30 Geocrackr commented on Are New Advanced Electric Meters Gonna Fry Your Brain?.
Way to bury the lede: "Could your smart meter get hacked? Can the government now tell when you're home (or awake, or watching a movie) by how much power you're using? Um, yeah, probably. Those appear to be totally valid concerns..." But so what, you seem to be saying. Because Chinese hackers taking down the city's entire electrical grid because it's been put on the internet won't cause any problems at all...
Jul 18 Geocrackr commented on Obama Wants Private Business to Invest in Public Infrastructure.
Are we ever going to get out of this Ronald Reaganesque pit where everyone agrees that taxes are automatically evil and the free market is the solution to everything? (etc)

Not if we keep electing old-school moderate Republicans disguised as Democrats.
Jul 1 Geocrackr commented on Amazon Sues Former Employee for Going to Work at Google.
Agree w/ sperifera@8 - it doesn't matter if they're "legal" or "enforceable"; this is a SLAPP suit. Amazon doesn't actually care if they win, they're sending a message to their employees that they will bankrupt you w/ legal bills if you try to get a job anywhere else.
Jun 26 Geocrackr commented on American Voters and Their Latest War.
Yeah, well, Americans at large never bought the wingnuts' crusade to impeach Clinton for getting a blowjob, either, and look what that got us.
Jun 24 Geocrackr commented on The Seattle Times Drops Another Story Embarrassing the Highly Paid, Reputation-Polishing CEO of City Light.
Since we know w/ near-100% certainty that the Times both doesn't give a shit about PR management, and would rather chew off it's own (metaphorical) arm than side w/ Sawant on the issue of CEO pay, I have to wonder what their actual agenda is in running this smear campaign.
Jun 19 Geocrackr commented on If You Love to Watch Presidential Ambitions Go Down In Flames, Today's Your Lucky Day.
You say that like you got something against assholes...
Jun 11 Geocrackr commented on Nature Didn't Cause the Great Irish Famine.
Except, as we see, that kind of thinking didn't end after the Second World War; it just went into remission.

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