Aug 21, 2014 Lynx commented on Stanford Student Compares Rape to Bicycle Theft.
Word to the wise: don't look at the comments section at Bloomberg. They seem to think that fake rape reports are far more important than actual, you know, rape. Also they want to blame "liberal values" and, somehow, the Democrats. I've always said, if you don't think this country has a sexism problem don't look at the articles on the subject, look at the comments on those articles, and then try to tell me there isn't a problem.
Aug 14, 2014 Lynx commented on Republican Candidate Reveals Affair, Suspends Campaign, Leaves Name on Ballot Just In Case Voters Elect Her Anyway.
If she's not a hypocrite, then her personal life is none of anyone's business. She shouldn't have to suspend her campaign over it.
Aug 4, 2014 Lynx commented on SL Letter of the Day: This Cheater Will Never Stop Cheating.
Honestly, no matter what you do, go to a shrink. Your children already don't have a father they can count on, at least give them a mother with her head screwed on.

Oh and seriously, a man who won't be a supportive father to his kids and you're even CONSIDERING taking him back yet again? Is that what you want for your children, honestly? Please, get help to gain perspective.
Jun 12, 2014 Lynx commented on To Shut Off the Bad Parts of the Internet.
My eyes kept wandering as I read the post, itching to skip to the bold text to get the bare basics of the post and move on. I actually needed to use discipline to get all the way through. My attention span has been shot for years. YouTube, with its clips of 5-10 min, has molded me into a person who can only watch a movie all the way through if I'm actually in a theater, and so have denied myself the option to get distracted. This is a problem, but I don't know how to solve it.

For PC users, there's the program Cold Turkey. I use it when I absolutely have to work on the computer and need to block certain sites to make this viable. Works wonderfully, highly recommended.
May 21, 2014 Lynx commented on Nicholas P. Money and the Art of Writing Science.
As a biologist, I would say that you leave out a big part of why popular biological writing is seen as so much richer: biology is a damn sight easier to understand than physics.

I can take almost anyone and given a shortish conversation explain to them the very basics of what I study. Researchers in physics simply cannot do the same, most of the time. Physics is explained in the language of mathematics, and most of us, even the generally scientifically literate, simply don't know enough of this language for physics to make very much sense. Astrophysics is the only area of physics that has partially escaped this curse, because they can sometimes talk about concrete stars, galaxies, planets etc. Even an average biologist can explain basic biology, and a decent one can make it interesting, but it takes a Neil DeGrasse Tyson to explain physics in a way that is comprehensible and interesting.
Mar 26, 2014 Lynx commented on Uganda Assumes the Missionary Position.
Good article Charles. I find the enthusiastic oppression practiced by often oppressed groups fascinating and deppressing.

I would like to ask you (or anyone who understands something about non or pre-Christian/Muslim African cultures) if there was actually widespread acceptance of homosexuality prior to mass conversions? I accept this as a possibility of course, but it's not a given. Homophobia was not invented by Abraham, though those faiths have spread it all over the world.
Feb 21, 2014 Lynx commented on Another Dispatch from Kiev.
Thanks Chris. I really feel like I'm doing a crash course in Ukraine politics, so the summary is really useful.
Feb 5, 2014 Lynx commented on SL Letter of the Day: Confused And Depressed.
Hey Confused, I just wanted to chime in and say to remember than sometimes thoughts represent who we really are and what we really desire, and sometimes they have absolutely fuck all to do with either. This can be especially true when you're in a very dark place, as you must have been to try to take your life. Basically everyone has very fucked up thoughts now and again, and you are not completely messed up or broken because you have them.
As for your sexual fantasies, they sound perfectly normal. Lots of men fantasize (and practice) dressing up in pretty clothes and a wig and being on the recieving end of anal from a woman. This does not make them female. You may be a trans guy, or just a cisgendered girl with a rich fantasy life. Whichever it is, it's fine by many more people than you imagine.
Jan 23, 2014 Lynx commented on Re: "I Need Some Pretty Things".
This is seriously amazing. I think she can actually give us at least as much insight (so to speak) into the world of vision as we can give her, if not far more. If she hadn't mentioned it it would have never occurred to me that poverty is almost always LITERALLY invisible if you can't see.

Please do follow up with her Brendan, and can you pass along the sentiment that many of us would love to hear about her experience at length, whether that be in essay form, interview or whatever is most comfortable. Thanks!
Jan 22, 2014 Lynx commented on Senator Kohl-Welles Tries to Make the World a Little Less Terrible for Women.
If Washington were a "the female body has ways to shut that whole thing down" kind of state, I would wonder if it was just another way to imply rape victims are always suspect and likely lying. Being the deep blue state it is though, my guess is that this protection doesn't exist because many legislators didn't even know it was a problem. I'm guessing if you polled people right now about whether rapists can lay claim to the children their victims give birth to, the overwhelming majority would say no, no matter what the law actually say. Many of us simply assume that absurdly obvious things have to be enshrined in law already, and I expect many legislators are no different.