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May 5 Aurophobia commented on Suddenly Pharrell's Obnoxious "Happy" Isn't So Bad.
It's simplicity gives it flexibility. It can be shaped to any happy situation. That's the beauty of Happy; it's for everyone, including happy dogs.
Mar 28 Aurophobia commented on Jim Pugel's Gracious Farewell to the SPD.
This is crazy making! I'm not one for attending protest but this makes me want to organize one outside Murray's office. Just so much WTF!
Mar 10 Aurophobia commented on Out of Steam.
The Steampunk Exhibition Ball will still happen in Jan. 2015.
Jan 3 Aurophobia commented on Don't Worry, They Hired a Black Lady.
Welcome to Seattle!
Nov 21, 2013 Aurophobia commented on "Male is associated with the norm, while female is associated with a deviation from the norm.".
@21, because nothing says I'm hearing what you have to say better than a dissection of your outfit & makeup choices.
Nov 16, 2013 Aurophobia commented on How Was Your HUMP!?.
To the star of Anal Alley, I just want to say, "Well done! Seriously, damn!"

The fire play film was amazing. It was not just aesthetically beautiful but humanly intimately beautiful. Loved it.

Lots of hot/interesting/beautiful queer films. So much awesome.

And happily, no Listerine poured into assholes this year.
Nov 5, 2013 Aurophobia commented on Lunchtime Quickie: Wait, Anti-RAPE Underwear?.
Does is prevent guns from being put to women's heads or knives to their throats?

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