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Jul 11 ejamadoodle commented on The Queen Protester of Baton Rouge: An Art Review.
"These are not the Black lives you are looking for."
Jun 6 ejamadoodle commented on Muhammad Ali and the Death of the Age of Giants.
The calm intensity of Ali in that clip is not something we see so much these days. So direct and uninhibited but under complete control. His eyes are not opening wide in fear or anger yet he is driving his point home like a fucking pile driver.
May 13 ejamadoodle commented on Two Years After Mudslide, Oso Faces Wildfire.
I agree, 'forest' is often a misnomer around here.

Though tree farms are not all bad (like you, I used to consider them a crime against nature). There are worse solutions (assuming we accept human culture has a place on Earth to begin with) than building our dwellings from solar-power generated materials made of Co2.. How they are manged needs to change.
May 13 ejamadoodle commented on Two Years After Mudslide, Oso Faces Wildfire.
The major problem with forests in the PNW is that there isn't MORE fire. Fire has been suppressed (as the Oso fire will be), and the result is forests overburdened with fuel that burn too hot.
Apr 22 ejamadoodle commented on Report: Tar Sands Shipping in the Salish Sea is a "Recipe for Disaster".
ATB is Articulated Tug/Barge. The tug fits into a notch in the back of the barge basically making a motorized barge.
Apr 7 ejamadoodle commented on Ted Cruz On the Cover of TIME.
In the inimitable words of Matt Taibbi: "(He) looks like someone sewed pieces of a waterlogged Reagan mask together at gunpoint"

Apr 6 ejamadoodle commented on Calvin Trillin's Nostalgia for a White Planet.
Horde. The Chinese horde.
Mar 30 ejamadoodle commented on Build It.
re: the supposed continued influx of people to downtown Seattle because it's the cool place to live; already reversing towards the suburbs according to this Crosscut piece:

Mar 30 ejamadoodle commented on Build It.
If voters got the feeling the Amazons and Googles were being hit up for a fair portion of the funding for projects that will benefit those businesses, they might be more willing to go for it.