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Dec 15 ejamadoodle commented on Navy Wants Permission for Electromagnetic War Games Over Olympic National Park.
Wouldn't life expectancy be going down not up in electro-radiation rich countries if there was anything to that theory?
Oct 30 ejamadoodle commented on Now Is the Time for Three All-Time Seattle Greats.
Le Pichet. My favorite Seattle restaurant for more than 2 decades. Here's to it remaining so for twenty more years. Their simple house salad with the hazelnut-orange vinaigrette is the best green salad around.
Oct 27 ejamadoodle commented on Spotted in Ballard.
Just remember that the NRA was for a lot of gun control measures until they realized that riling up the members was an effective way to get conservatives to the voting booths.
Sep 23 ejamadoodle commented on Two Nights Ago, My Dead Mother Came to Me in a Dream.
It is shocking how much of an effort the interpreter makes to organize nonsense into sense. In an earthquake, the viaduct has pancaked around you, but for a while, your inner voice can't accept it, insists that nothing has changed. Also, religion.
Aug 28 ejamadoodle commented on Hey! Is That a Huge Richard Serra Sculpture at Paul Allen's Private Peninsula Lair?.
I'm an Orkila kid too (Ragger!). But I can tell you Nor'Wester's current location on Johns Island is just stunning. Much nicer than Sperry if you ask me.
Aug 1 ejamadoodle commented on Much-Sampled Jazz-Fusion Drummer Idris Muhammad Has Died.
Cherry, Haden, they're all going. Coleman, man I don't know what when he goes.
Jun 11 ejamadoodle commented on President Obama on the Recent Shootings.
That argument that a proposed regulation won't prevent every gun death, so must not be implemented, is tired, tired tired.

There are more regulations than ever having to do with driving safety. Yet you can now buy more powerful vehicles than at any time. Regulation does not equal abandonment of the 2nd amendment.
May 30 ejamadoodle commented on Seafood in Seattle.
Tanked or un-tanked oysters. That is the question no one is asking about.
May 10 ejamadoodle commented on Tonight in Music: Danny Brown, Branford Marsalis, Tyvek and More!.
Ornette disagrees with you about jazz music.
Apr 23 ejamadoodle commented on Thomas Piketty has Conquered America.
I've been curious to see what the conservative talking points will turn out to be, besides the foregone "he's French".

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