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Nov 12, 2013 samanthaf63 commented on "Your Dick Looks Great In Those Heels".
um... No.
Oct 25, 2013 samanthaf63 commented on Christian Couple Stiffs Young Gay Waiter and Call Him a Faggot—Because, You Know, God Is Love and Shit.
@21 and @29 - what about the Middle East where they're bombing churches?
Oct 23, 2013 samanthaf63 commented on SLLOTD: In the Spirit of the Season.
My favorite is "I'd hang you from the nipples but it would shock the children."

Beautifully written and played. Much more interesting that the silly question.
Oct 17, 2013 samanthaf63 commented on Jake Shears & Jane Fonda.
If high fashion didn't repel me before, it would now. I wonder what Simon Doonan thinks?
Oct 17, 2013 samanthaf63 commented on The War On Prayer!.
Consider for a moment... she's with these people 40 hours a week. The rest of us don't see what goes on day in, day out the way she does. Maybe she knows something the rest of us don't?
Sep 18, 2013 samanthaf63 commented on SL Letter of the Day: OKStupid.
I used to do AFF a few years back, and I would have counted myself lucky to get a message like that. (Not that I would have assented to a hookup, either.) Most messages are truly nasty or disgusting or even physically impossible. The only thing I could read as offensive were if he was married/attached and asking for a hookup after she made it plain she only wanted an LTR with a single male.

Overreaction. If she thinks this message is bad, she hasn't seen anything yet!
Aug 23, 2013 samanthaf63 commented on SL Letter of the Day: Assorted Qs.
The only missing question was "what is the meaning of life"?

Dan has a lot more patience than I have. Sheesh!
Aug 20, 2013 samanthaf63 commented on Using Photoshop For Evil.
I don't like kids, not one little bit, and I thought the image was pretty creepy.

Sounds like someone really needs a new hobby.
Aug 17, 2013 samanthaf63 commented on SL Letter of the Day: POOP!.
At the end of the day, Mr. Letter Writer wanted to know what was "normal" (since he announced his own sexual predilections - or lack thereof). Hate the enemy but ask for his free advice? Sad...
Aug 14, 2013 samanthaf63 commented on Savage Love.
Chris' comments were very sensible and perceptive, but I tuned out when he mentioned "Michigan" in every other breath. I am not interested in Michigan politics, so he exasperated me. Stopped reading the column when I saw his name because of it. Felt like he forgot why he was doing what he was doing and was on his own personal agenda.