Sep 1, 2013 epunch commented on PAX, Day Three: NEED HLZ PLZ.
just out of curiosity, what the queer geek groups and which is which? :)
Jan 21, 2013 epunch commented on White Vegans Making Life Hard for Poor Peruvians.
Of course it's not so simple, as many other activists and journalists have noted:……
Nov 29, 2012 epunch commented on AHHHH!!! Axiron Has the Most Disturbing Possible Side Effect in the History of Possible Side Effects.
Slate Pharma makes testosterone pellets (Testopel), which are implanted in the fat of the buttocks every 4-6 months depending on the individual. Pretty easy procedure, I do it in my office. There are safe oral preparations (Andriol) but not available in the US. There are also longer-acting injections (testosterone undecanoate) but also not available in the US. The point of Axiron is that by applying to the armpits instead of the chest/shoulder you're applying in a place kids are less likely to come into contact.
Nov 27, 2012 epunch commented on "Evita with Robots" Is a Hell of a Pitch.
I want to go hear Kress but can't find info on the Stranger's event pages or the UBS's events page - any info? Is it still happening? Thanks!
Sep 1, 2011 epunch commented on Attention Senator Murray: This Is a Great Idea for Veterans, and the Government Should Get Behind It in a Bigger Way.
This is how the Great Ocean Road along the southern coast of Australia was built.…
Jul 20, 2011 epunch commented on Why Is It....
I'm a naturopathic family doctor and my practice provides a secure web-based electronic health record, including messaging and lab results, plus online appointment scheduling through Google Appointments. And house calls! It's the future, might as well be convenient.
Jul 1, 2011 epunch commented on A Few Thoughts on Google+.
The video chat ('hangout') is a joy to use -- it's super fast, easy, you say who you want to invite (or which circle), and then it's there. The best part is that it's aware of who's talking, and if you even remotely take turns speaking, it makes the speaker's video bigger. The auto switching feels very much like the future. Or like a reality TV show.

Video conferencing is not difficult technology, but I haven't seen anyone else implement this well (or for free) (except Manhunt) (but if you, say, wanted to teach a class remotely, it would be a hard sell to get everyone to sign up for Manhunt, whereas here you could have a Students circle, not sacrifice your privacy, and have a slick, fast, video conference).

I also think Circles is a much more common problem than you're giving in credit. At the very least, pretty much everyone has parents they don't want to see all their posts, not to mention bosses, coworkers, students, reports, etc.

One issue right now is re-sharing -- unless you disable re-sharing (from the arrow dropdown on the right of a new post), anyone you shared with can re-share your item to everyone else. oops.
Jun 27, 2011 epunch commented on Miscarriage is a Crime.
The amicus brief filed with regard to the case --…

Nov 18, 2010 epunch commented on What Some People Will Do to Get "Rock Star" Parking.
Why was the camera even on?