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May 29 avast2006 commented on SL Letter of the Day: Cuck You.
@16: The wording from the letter - "Then two weeks later, she got drunk and told me she had seen the OKCupid guy again without asking." -- does not contain anything specific about him being a difficult person. As far at that goes, you don't suppose that just maybe negotiating the boundaries around non-monogamy might be just a little bit fraught? Especially when one party has been abused concerning that topic?

And maybe, just maybe she KNEW that she had broken their agreements -- which is in itself fraught, even if presented to the mildest, most accepting partner in the world. Why do you have to presume that he is the asshole in the relationship, when it is more than sufficient to notice that what she did was itself an obvious asshole maneuver, which itself should be obviously sufficient to make her nervous about spilling the news of her breaking faith?
May 13 avast2006 commented on SL Letter of the Day: Vengeful Ex.
Yes, I know, old news, but still.... Was this threat made in writing, by any chance? Or any other tangible medium? If so, all you need to do now is point her at a legal dictionary definition of blackmail, instruct her that what she just did fits that definition and is a felony, and that if she takes any more steps in this direction you will have no choice but to press charges.

You might also point out to her that she is threatening to go nuclear over your refusal to provide advice about her current relationship. Does she even realize how stupid she is going to look, going to all the friends with that story? How about once your side of the story comes out? She does realize that you do have a mouth and the contact information for all these people, right?

Chances are very good that her little gambit, should she be stupid enough to go through with it, is going to self-propel her out of the shared social group like a bottle rocket full of diarrhea.

May 11 avast2006 commented on Savage Love.
That refers to the automated scroll-to-the-bottom that happens after posting a comment. What happens when you type the End key is pretty reasonable. Ditch the cinematic javascript auto-scroll, and make it behave the way the End key does.
May 11 avast2006 commented on Savage Love.
By the way, whatever hot-shot UX designer thought it would be cool to make the scroll-to-the-bottom thing behave like an actual physical panel, complete with soft-start acceleration physics: Fuck you. When I want the bottom of the page, I want the bottom of the page NOW, not watching the screen frantically scroll and scroll and scroll and scroll and scroll some more, while it gets there the hard way. And this was only 191 comments. Imagine what an actual controversy would look like. It's a computer, you dipshit; you have the ability to teleport. Use it. Nobody wants to waste their time admiring how artsy-fartsy your pretentious presentation is.

Hardware designers must want to punch you.
May 11 avast2006 commented on Savage Love.
So, how many years of separation are necessary after the teacher-student period? How old does the former student have to be before it's no longer creepy for the former teacher to treat their former student as an actual adult?

Are you an adult now, Letter Writer?
May 5 avast2006 commented on Savage Love.
If KINK's girlfriend interrupted a still-hot fight in order to ask for a good spanking, I can't help wondering if maybe girlfriend might be egging him on, fight-wise, in order to get a more energetic spank. That -- being deliberately wound up on potentially spurious grounds in order to get something out of me -- is manipulative, and could get old fast.
Apr 30 avast2006 commented on SL Letter of the Day: Sail Away.
@45: "Diamond cutting level,CatBrother? My, My, how you boys do brag. "

I believe that was a compliment to the skills of his lady friend, in being able to bring him to a state of "wow!" level hardness -- it does feel different from the inside, and a raging boner feels better than merely "aroused enough to perform" -- more than a claim about his natural prowess.

Cat Brother, glad to see you back. I concur with what everyone else said about your writing. You are my favorite poster here.
Apr 30 avast2006 commented on SL Letter of the Day: Sail Away.
I see a couple folks already mentioned the "Fragile" thing. My bad for not finishing the thread before posting.

She seems to be vaguely outraged at the prospect that they are not instantly - nay, permanently -- erect and straining for her, as if that is some sort of insult to the womanly charms that she has so graciously put on display for his delectation. Never mind the enforced time-out she imposes at the beginning of the session, complete with play-by-play of how he doesn't quite have the hang of her. The idea that he is not instantly ready and raging hard for her, after ignoring himself for the duration, makes him "fragile."

Maybe she needs to have the tables turned on her: that it is her challenge to do whatever it takes to get him hard again, complete with a stream of commands on how she needs to do it differently this way, that way, and the other way. I'm sure ten or fifteen minutes of that will have her feeling like a freaking porn star.

Not only that, tell her she doesn't even get to think about coming until she has succeeded in servicing him at least once. (And I am pretty confident that this isn't particularly mutual, more like "No, I lie back and enjoy what you are doing until I'm done. THEN we will worry about you. Otherwise, how could she fail to notice he's limp until after she's had hers?) It's only polite, after all

Yeah, that sounds sexy as hell.
Apr 30 avast2006 commented on SL Letter of the Day: Sail Away.
I remember this one. The first time it came out, I wondered whether LW provided the sign-off, or did Dan? If it was Letter Writer who decided to style herself Fragile Male Egos, that says rather a lot about her attitudes and what "intimidating" is likely to look like.
Apr 30 avast2006 commented on SL Letter of the Day: Sail Away.
@14: "She's not saying she's getting dumped, folks,"

No, but there does seem to be a continuing series of new prospects, despite the problem resolving after the first few attempts. You do the math.

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