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Sep 7, 2012 Portlander commented on SL Letter of the Day: He Doesn't Like Condoms, She Doesn't Like the Pill.
I'm not sure why the diaphragm doesn't come up more often in these discussions -- I adore mine. Not only is it a fine method of birth control (when used with spermicide) but it also keeps menstrual blood neatly contained, making period sex easier and much less messy.
Aug 13, 2012 Portlander commented on How Do You Prepare Your Giant Zucchinis?.
Even when I was a kid, zucchini pancakes were one of my favorite foods! They are like potato pancakes but even tastier. Basic elements of the batter are grated zucchini, egg, flour, and onion, as far as I can recall. Probably salt, pepper, oregano or something too. Saute them in oil. Mmm!
Aug 6, 2012 Portlander commented on I Know That It Is Unfair to Comment on the Wardrobe Choices of Female Politicians....
Seems like you still don't quite "know" that it is unfair to comment on the wardrobe choices of female politicians.

Seriously, it is counterproductive to do this. Please.
Jun 7, 2012 Portlander commented on Not All Dudes Have Dicks.
Yo, I don't find respect and inclusivity all that tiresome. I don't find people's requests for respect and inclusivity all that tiresome either.

What I do find tiresome is these endless litanies of gripes about how tiresome respect and inclusivity are. What a boorish, boring thread.
May 12, 2012 Portlander commented on Warehouse Workers Rally Outside Amazon Headquarters, Demand Better Treatment.
@16: Right, great "solution." Who cares about the basic safety and comfort of human beings if they live on the other side of a border?

@8: Yes, the problem is widespread... All the more reason to start fixing it! Amazon seems like a good place to begin..

I'm really glad to read that these workers are speaking up and organizing against these brutal conditions. I hope they do form a union.
Apr 21, 2012 Portlander commented on I'm Not Leaving The House Today.
@51 TVDinner, beautifully said. Thank you.
Apr 5, 2012 Portlander commented on Your Right to Work and Stand Your Ground.
Alarming for sure. I am confused at the mention of "right to work" in the headline, though. What's the connection? Are you just alluding to another category of similarly Orwellian-titled conservative state laws?
Jan 25, 2012 Portlander commented on One of the Founders of Occupy Wall Street, David Graeber, Answers Your Questions on Slog.
I have two questions --

1) What's your take on how (or whether) the labor movement can reach out to work together with OWS? As both a radical and a union organizer, I understand why Occupy folks are wary that labor may try to co-opt the OWS movement into the Democratic political machine, but I think collaborating on action has the converse potential to radicalize labor (at least the rank and file). And labor, after all, even in decline, can still bring some real resources to the movement, not only in membership and funds but also in organizing/mobilizing know-how. Thoughts?

2) I want to become a radical public intellectual like you. Is grad school the best path?