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Sep 24 planned barrenhood commented on Will "Cisgender" Survive?.
All my fellow cissies who are whining and complaining that "cis" is a slur - a slur against a majority that, if @41 is correct, makes up 99.7% of the population:

Get over yourselves.

The way you are overinterpreting a word that simply means "same side" instead of "other side" is extremely silly. Noone cares if you think it's an ugly word or that you have a lot of feelings about being on the near or far side of the proverbial Alps.

Again: we are 99.7% of the population, and trans people make up one of the most misunderstood, least protected minorities in our country. I promise that noone can slur or oppress you in a meaningful way by calling you "cis". Please cut it out with your aggrieved majority schtick, you're making us all look ridiculous.
Aug 28 planned barrenhood commented on SL Letter of the Day: Innocent Virgins.
This isn't fake. This is the influence of the Internet. These two could easily have met in a niche community that is all about their specific kinks.

That said, even though many kinky people do have detailed fantasies and interests before we ever have sex, this young woman and her Internet boyfriend seem to think that fantasy maps 1:1 onto reality. That’s also an impression it's easy to get online, because of a lot of fiction and... um... semi-fiction or straight up lies about couples getting together for the first time and magically finding that their kinks and limits are perfectly compatible.

LW, you have to understand that's a fantasy. Try seeking out more experienced people who are committed to being realistic about kink, including risk awareness especially. You could try doing an anon ask to The Pervocracy's tumblr or posting this scenario at r/bdsmcommunity (not perfect as a group, but surprisingly good!) Good luck finding some mentoring and guidance. It may be weird to read me describing you as a beginner, since I bet you two have been thinking about kink for a long time. But, in practice, you are just barely about to get started. So take care and take Dan's advice.
Aug 24, 2013 planned barrenhood commented on SL Letter of the Day: Assorted Qs.
Adorable set of questions! Let me add a bit of input on some of them:

4. I think that you've done a good job of examining your preferences. Here's one thing to think about though - it's sometimes not that sexy for people to hear "I'm into you because you are my type." If you end up meeting the Asian boy or girl of your dreams, and tell them that you like them because of the physical characteristics you associate with their race, they would be perfectly within their rights to be creeped out and run away. You're allowed to have preferences for sure, but always approach people as individuals!

6. Don't change yourself in order to be able to date people. Yes, men in their early 20s may often expect that of you, but you don't have to do it. Being single is definitely better than playing coquette for some domineering jerk.

7. Identifying as a feminist can be great. People who are freaked out by that are probably misinformed.

8. Make sure to let the doctor know in advance that your hymen is intact. You may also have what's called a "tough hymen" that is too thick to easily go away on its own. For that, there's a very simple remedy - getting it snipped. Takes about 2 minutes, involves local or general anaesthesia and is not a very big deal at all. Take it from me, former owner of a tough hymen.
Aug 22, 2013 planned barrenhood commented on Morning News: Legitimate Rape Nostalgia, Syrian Scrutiny, and God Denounces Creationism.
@11 There are many ways to handle this and I don't think you picked the best. At least you provided an explanation.
Aug 22, 2013 planned barrenhood commented on Morning News: Legitimate Rape Nostalgia, Syrian Scrutiny, and God Denounces Creationism.
Cienna, please fix Chelsea Manning's pronoun in your summary! Thanks.
Aug 22, 2013 planned barrenhood commented on SL Letter of the Day: That Dick Has Sailed.
@86: ding ding ding! This sounds like a problem that could easily recur if she's hooking up with men who think sex should be a completely nonverbal activity and aren't used to asking for what they want. I've experienced this issue a few times myself. What she wants to do is try and get them talking dirty to her, and also lavish a little attention to them (according to their instructions) at the same time as they're trying to make her come.

I also have to question putting so much pressure on the first hookup in general. This is why I made a habit, when I was single, of making out with someone and getting his phone number but NOT going home with him the night we met. What you want to do is get together for Sunday afternoon "coffee" when you are alert, sober, and excited to see someone again!
Aug 5, 2013 planned barrenhood commented on Does Everybody Hate a Jet Ski?.
where is the option for, "I love it when I'm riding it for 45 minutes a year, and I hate it when I hear it for 4 months a year."
Jul 31, 2013 planned barrenhood commented on SLLOTD: Accidental Sex.
If you're fucking, then you're probably fucking. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vftIGU8-u…
Jul 30, 2013 planned barrenhood commented on SLLOTD: Better Off Than Michigan.
Nice work, Chris! But I would've called her behavior out as abusive. LW, imagine if a female friend of yours told you she was being socially isolated, berated, threatened and physically attacked by her boyfriend. Would that be OK? Well, what's happening to you isn't in the least OK, either. DTMFA and get back to living a full life of cold beers with your friends and coworkers, and fun times hanging out with your family. You don't need this mean, nasty, jealous hellbeast in your life. Once you've dumped her ass (also lose her phone # and her email address - she sounds like the potential creepy stalker type) you'll be amazed at the weight that lifts from your shoulders. Have a wonderful time being single and resolve to only date people who treat you well!
Jul 22, 2013 planned barrenhood commented on The Windsors' Mendelian Experiment (Update: It's a Boy, Goddammit).
@8, exactly! Pretty sure boys can be pretty too.

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