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Just another happily married techno-nerd kinkster. MoCoMom is the heart of my heart.

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Jan 20, 2014 beautifulboy commented on Savage Love.
I'm going to add to my wife's (@118) comment by disagreeing with Dan's advice.

My submission is a part of my love, and I could not give it to anyone other than her. Going to a Pro-Domme, or any of our Domme friends, wouldn't address my own need for something so central. Not without affecting the core of our relationship.

I don't know what DND's husband would feel (don't know if he could know at this point), but I would caution them that submission is not simply role play. D/s is intimacy.

It's worth exploring within your marriage before outsourcing it.
Jan 20, 2014 beautifulboy should be working right now.
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Dec 11, 2012 beautifulboy commented on Savage Love.
So I'll just delete that buttsore comment I was composing...
May 15, 2010 beautifulboy commented on SL Letter of the Day: Boy Toys.
Our son was looking at straight internet porn at age 11. At 15 he came out. I don't think that gay porn = gay boy /straight porn = straight boy is a working correlation. I think that when puberty hits, all porn is interesting, First it's "whoa, what's this sex thing?" Then it's, "And what about me?"

And whatever your experience with porn, or lack of it, coming to understand where you and your partners fit in the junction of loving, lust, intimacy and pleasure is always awkward, difficult and risky. Everybody is screwed up, insensitive and clumsy at the start. The ones who never figure out how to be good partners never would have anyway - porn or no porn.
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Feb 28, 2010 beautifulboy commented on Savage Love.
To # 144, if you're doing it right, all of the human body is for sex - vagina, cock, ass, hands, mouth, inside of the arm, under the chin...whatever. Probably best not to have the liver or lungs directly involved (though the way she draws in her breath when I touch

Anything one or the both of the partners don't want to do, that's fine. Love is a feast anyway. But the more ways that you can touch each other and please each other the better, and we've found over time that we always want more.

More general comment -

For my wife and I it took us about five years of easing into anal sex before she was fully comfortable. The key was patience in the long run, patience in the short run, attention and gentleness (and lube). The hemorrhoids from childbirth are a factor, but just require a little more care. As for mess - after three kids we were able to deal with a little bit of shit (and what marriage doesn't have some shit from time to time?)
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