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Canadian Nurse is drinking and answering questions on the Stranger website.
Jun 25 Canadian Nurse commented on If You're Against Sex Work, You're a Bigot.
@17: You do know this was written by a male sex worker, right? That supporting or rejecting sex workers involves denying the agency of both men and women who choose sex work, not just women? Or, should we allow men to do sex work, but not women?
Jun 14 Canadian Nurse commented on The Morning News: Unions Join #ShellNo, Police Reformers Bypass Mayor, Spokane NAACP President May Have Lied About Race.
@44: She went to Howard on a full ride scholarship, claiming to be AA. While Howard accepts white students & gives them scholarships at times, we'll never know how her deception impacted her educational opportunities.
Apr 2 Canadian Nurse commented on Asian American Man Says Starbucks Employee Accused Him of Wanting to Steal Company Secrets to Take to China.
I think this is an interesting story, with quotes from both sides. WTF is up with the rest of the commenters?
Mar 15 Canadian Nurse commented on Disneyland Found My $4.99 Earrings Threatening, but They Let Unvaccinated Children Run Wild.
Brilliant article. Pity about all the dickholes in the comments.
Jan 30 Canadian Nurse commented on Boobs, Booze, and Black People Hair: A Very Thorough Review of Black or White.
This article is the best thing in the entire internet.
Nov 27, 2014 Canadian Nurse commented on Today, Vancouver Becomes the First North American City to Prescribe Heroin to Addicts Since the Drug War Began.
@7: What continent do you think Canada is part of, if not North America?
Nov 10, 2014 Canadian Nurse commented on Unraveling a Mystery in Storage at the Seattle Art Museum.
This is fascinating. Thanks Jen.
Oct 31, 2014 Canadian Nurse commented on Totally True Horror Story.
Awesome. Disturbing.
Oct 29, 2014 Canadian Nurse commented on Interviews With Two Women Who Dated Jian Ghomeshi.
@10: Jesse Brown is an excellent investigative reporter and has been working on this story for months before Ghomeshi's firing made the Star post the first article on Monday. Real journalism is happening in this case & it has already happened.