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Mar 6 Some Old Nobodaddy Logged In commented on House Republicans Unveil Their Obamacare Replacement Plan.
People who voted for Trump like simple, simplistic answers and explanations. e.g. "If it wasn't for those damn , then we'd all be happy."

So if you find yourself saying things like "If it wasn't for those damn , then we'd all be happy," congratulations, you think just like Trumpsters and can rejoice in his victory.

There were plenty of clusterfucks during the 2016 election. A lot of crazy things had to happen to get us here, and here we are. Griping about one factor out of hundreds of events and decisions is just plain stupid.
Mar 3 Some Old Nobodaddy Logged In commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Reader Advice Round-up.
Pat Robertson just announced that those who don't support tRump are followers of Satan. So, let's review, shall we? Are you honest? then you follow Satan. Do you respect women? then you follow Satan. Do you understand that everyone doesn't need to pay attention to you all the time? then you follow Satan. Do you think that people with different ideas and attitudes should be allowed to live? then you follow Satan. You come across someone laying wounded in the street. Do you a) help them or b) look through their wallet for money, as they are obviously lazy and a moocher. If you chose a), you follow Satan.

Now, it is true that if you follow Jesus, you also get to lie, rip people off, molest and rape children, laugh at people living in poverty, ignore people who are sick, and consider yourself morally superior than everyone else. That sounds better than a cocaine party, amiright? So accept Jesus into your heart because it's easier than being a decent human being. Satan is so demanding.
Feb 27 Some Old Nobodaddy Logged In commented on The Morning News: Brace Yourself for the Washington State/White House Collision, Brown Man Shot by Alleged White Racist Not a National Story.
The video is quite clear. The cop needlessly escalated a mundane, normal situation that happens in America all the time. You'd have to be deliberately ignorant to deny it.
Feb 24 Some Old Nobodaddy Logged In commented on Matt Hickey Violated State Law by Running a Fake Porn Recruiter Scam, Court Rules.
@3 but is it trolling if the doofus is just stating the obvious and making no real point at all? just a kind of verbal farting?

E.g. People breathe air.
Lots of people cough in Seattle.
It's sad.
Feb 17 Some Old Nobodaddy Logged In commented on UPDATED: State Supreme Court Says Florist Who Refused to Serve Gay Couple Violated Anti-Discrimination Law.
I've said it before & I'll say it again: If your god tells you that to be holy, to be accepted into heaven/nirvana/whatever, you to be an asshole to other people, you worship a fucked-up god.

I mean, if you're going that route, why not worship someone like Tezcatlipoca? Dude got to wear jaguar skin, which is way cooler than a shapeless robe and sandals. Or if you prefer your god to *be* sacrificed, then how about Xipe Totec? Dude got _flayed_, which is way more brutal (and cool!) than being crucified, which is actually a really lame form of execution. You just stand there, watching them die. What's up with that? You want to see them really suffer, don't you? Horribly, brutally, sadistically suffer, right?
Feb 17 Some Old Nobodaddy Logged In commented on Savage Love Letters of the Day: Reader Advice Round-up.
Dan, Mr. Mudede was able to get beyond his Amanda Knox fixation. You can get beyond your Stein fixation as well. I bet she's a temporary substitute for your Nader fixation, so maybe it's a step up. Or it could be a step sideways. You can get help, you know.
Feb 17 Some Old Nobodaddy Logged In commented on UW's Glenn Hughes Theatre Vandalized with Neo-Nazi Recruitment Posters.
1, 'unbelievable'??? Where have you been living for the past year? You've been online, so you haven't been living under a rock. This is not only believable, but completely expected from those who don't live in deliberate ignorance.

And it's beyond "awful." Like the actors said, they have been living with this for months. I mean, nice of you to wake up, but have you really awoken, or are you back to sleep already? These people, the people who voted for our current president, at the very least see no problem in white supremacy. Even though the end result of such beliefs are one of the most horrific events in human history. So we know what happens when we don't suppress Nazis. Who cares about whatever damn culture they hide behind: destroying Nazism is a victory for humanity.
Feb 9 Some Old Nobodaddy Logged In commented on Jill Stein Is a Right-Wing Tool.
Wow, Jill Stein got 1% of the vote. Yeah, that was *so* damaging! Much worse than Comey, or even Gary Johnson, who got 5% of the vote. Yep, Dan, you really nailed the horrible threat to America. In fact, we can forget about the 24% of the population who voted for tRump, or the 46% who chose not to vote at all. Those are just distractions. It's really Jill Stein, the evil mastermind behind it all!

In upcoming articles by Dan: Why Brazil Started WWII, How the Use of Food Dye Causes Global Warming, and The Real Cause of the Great Depression: Sears & Roebuck.
Feb 7 Some Old Nobodaddy Logged In commented on Let's As a Nation Have a Frank Conversation About White Incompetence.
OK, y'all white people need some education. That's when you learn something you didn't already know, or look on an old idea in a new way. Let's say you draw a line around someone and tell them they can't go past it or you'll hit them. When that person says something like, "Hey, there's a line around me," or "This division isn't fair," or "I don't care if I get hit," YOU DON'T FUCKING GET TO SAY "Oh, this is all about *you* now!"

So take your statements about reverse-racism and shove 'em back down your ignorant pie-holes. We talk about "White People" because that's how the bigots in this country see themselves. They were the ones who drew the lines, who get mad when a black man becomes POTUS, and who want to ban Muslims, Mexicans, and anyone else who isn't 'white.' Is it meaningless to call them 'white'? Of course it is. Did you expect intelligence from a bigot? But that's what they've named themselves, and that's why we're using that phrase.

And if you're a white person & don't like it, then fucking do something about it, and stop acting like a WATB.