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Sep 5, 2012 teamcanada commented on My Small Harvest of Big Squashes.
Acorn or butternut squash risotto, with some sauteed diced pancetta in there and a splash of extra dry white vermouth when you deglaze the pan. Oh you will love winter squash then, yes you will. And please don't stop the gardening posts.
Aug 28, 2012 teamcanada commented on I Just Ate My First Garden Beefsteak Tomato of the Season.
Yay! My beefsteak had one very small ripe one that I picked today, and a bunch more that are still green. Alas, I have had a bad bout of blossom end rot going on this year, so we will see how many I actually get to eat. Sigh. Has anyone tried a variety called Early Cascade? It's apparently 2 weeks faster than Early Girl, and I want to try it next year if it's a tasty one.
Jul 22, 2012 teamcanada commented on Winter Squash Virgin.
@16- get your tomatoes up against a south-facing wall in very big containers and you will have more luck. Mine are against my house and they love both the extra heat and the cover from the rain. Cut off any leaves that touch the soil.
@19- I do think that is a great book, but it's also true that Solomon doesn't live on the *actual* coast. It is bone freakin' dry in the summer in Oregon where he is growing. He can grow melons for crying out loud!
Jul 22, 2012 teamcanada commented on Winter Squash Virgin.
I feel your pain, I'm having the same problem with my Cinderella pumpkins. On my plant, for whatever reason, the vine has produced damn near a dozen female flowers with little fruits while the male flowers have yet to open! So all I can do is wait for one of the male flowers to pop and then it's hand pollinating for sure. Meanwhile the baby fruit falls off/rots. Winter squash can be a real pain on the coast. While there is a huge vogue for heirloom varieties like the Cinderella, the fact is we're probably better off selecting early hybrids for the coast in many cases. You can game the system a bit if you have a hot place in your yard. My friend's garden is next to her driveway and the plants LOVE the heat that comes off of it. Her pumpkins do just fine there.
Jul 19, 2012 teamcanada commented on Know Your Monsters: Nancy Grace.
We didn't have cable for a long time so I had never seen her show. When I actually did I swear to god that I watched it for a good 20 minutes thinking it was something like the Onion TV. I thought it was really hilarious! Then we realised it wasn't satire and my jaw dropped in horror. The thing about insults is that it is very common to compare the person being insulted to some other appalling thing, like comparing Rush Limbaugh to an oozing, syphilitic water buffalo. But it's complicated, because women are judged so severely on their appearance that it is often the only way they are referenced at all. Their ideas and opinions often aren't even addressed. So while it is tempting to compare Ms. Grace's person to any number of revolting things, because she IS revolting on every level, I don't feel we've come so far as a society that we have the luxury to do that. But her disgusting actions and manners are fair game.
Jul 3, 2012 teamcanada commented on Hey Rob: Put Up or Shut Up.
Sorry to be a pedant, but if the lawyer wrote it in a letter then they are libeling you, not committing slander. Just sayin'.
Jul 3, 2012 teamcanada commented on He Makes Sure Homophobes on Twitter Get the Attention They Need.
I generally have a knee-jerk hatred of all things Twitter but this is just great. Dude should get a medal or something for the ability to wade through all that crap without his head exploding.
Jun 23, 2012 teamcanada commented on Intensive (Messy) Gardening.
@6 - basil and tarragon are super-easy in containers, as long as you have a sunny spot! French tarragon is a perennial and can live in a pot for years. Basil is a snap to start from seed, and will be nice and bushy if you pinch out the growing tip when it is a few inches tall. You should try them!
Jun 23, 2012 teamcanada commented on Intensive (Messy) Gardening.
Man I am jealous of those squash plants! Mine are way smaller, likely due to the appallingly crap weather we've had in Vancouver this June. I even lost my crooknecks, trying to start them again. I think the economical thing only kicks in after you've been doing it a few years and the costs start to amortise out. After putting in our raised beds and buying 4 yards of dirt, Mr. Teamcanada is keenly aware of how much our salad is costing us! Fortunately he is impressed with the flavour. My damn bush beans failed TWO times due to wet soil. The new batch seems to be catching, though. Good thing they give you a lot of seed in those packets.
Jun 22, 2012 teamcanada commented on Off the Grid.
You have to flush BEFORE? They better put reallly big signs over the toilets reminding people about that, or nobody who's been desperately holding their pee while their meeting runs overtime is going to remember that as they run to the loo!