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Aug 29, 2016 despicable me commented on Anthony Weiner Caught Doing What Weiner Does.
Weiner is obviously waaaaay beyond obsessed with his wiener.
Aug 25, 2016 despicable me commented on A Feel Bad Story in Disguise: Two Florida Hospitals Won't Bill Orlando Pulse Shooting Victims.
Oh Dan, WELCOME HOME, hope you had a WONDERFUL vacation! Now, time to get back to work please ☺ your hilariously on point snark is needed for the shit show that goes by the name of GOP. Oh my gawd, what a freaking mess! LOL
Jul 7, 2016 despicable me commented on Baker Refuses to Make a Cake for a Same-Sex Couple.
A commenter on their Facebook page points out that she does not have a brick & mortar store, she does the baking out of her home at 445 Irving Street Toledo Ohio. Guessing the health inspector, zoning commission, & business license division will all be paying LaGresha a visit real soon. ☺ Well lady, that does take the cake.
Jun 27, 2016 despicable me commented on ICYMI: Gun Advocate Needed Her Guns To Protect Herself and Her Family.
What Dan said, sick & tired of being held hostage by NRA, Repubs & gun nuts. The shear number of people killed, maimed, families devastated, millions of lives forever changed because of guns is staggering. This should be a fucking wake up call to all Americans. Shame on the "greatest" country on earth.
Jun 22, 2016 despicable me commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Good Priests, Shitty Bishops.
Always love your wonderful real life stories, Dan. I hope in the future all LGBT's can have this same accepting, loving experience coming out. Happy Pride, Everyone! ♥ is ♥
Jun 2, 2016 despicable me commented on Blue Angel Crashes In Tennessee.
Dan, your worst case scenario disorder really has it in for the Blue Angels.
May 5, 2016 despicable me commented on Two GOP Dropouts!.
Loved this series from Randy Rainbow. And a yuuugggeee yes on the GOP washout!
May 4, 2016 despicable me commented on Hillary's New Ad Targets Donald.
Hhmmm, not very popular politicians who just so happen to make up the base of the Republican party. From their mouth to millions of voters ears. Lets see faux news spin this.
Apr 20, 2016 despicable me commented on Starbucks Baristas Are at Risk of Being Poked by Dirty Needles.
Because this would NEVER happen at a McDonald's, Taco Bell, Subway, Dunkin Donuts, Panera, etc. This is no more the fault of Starbucks than any other employer. For their employees sake they need to find an adequate & safe solution, but the blame goes solely to the scumbag who put it there without a second though as to who else may come in contact with it.
Apr 7, 2016 despicable me commented on Chicago Tribune Reports That "At Least 4" Men Have Now Emerged Alleging that Dennis Hastert Sexually Assaulted Them.
The man looked in the eyes of the parents of a victim of 1 of the most violent hate crimes in history, then blatantly lied to them. He is evil and capable of anything. No amount of punishment would be enough for this bastard.