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Apr 3 orino commented on Jägermeister Becomes Symbol of Gentrification and Gay-Bashing on "Cap Hill".
I'm always amused by ads that say some business is ON Federal Way. It's not like they couldn't have, you know, checked...
Mar 28 orino commented on "Article" Actually Just Taco Bell Advertisement.
Hearst has dumbed down all of their news sites. And they share lots more content than they used to. I'm told Hearst expects Pulitzer-quality reporting but provides almost no resources, financial or otherwise. Oh, well. The U.S. media are controlled by the right, which wants, no, needs an ignorant populace to survive...
Feb 27 orino commented on Traffic Through Downtown Has Been Declining for Years Now.
Declining vehicle traffic could simply mean some people who don't live there have decided driving to or in Seattle is simply more trouble than it's worth, and don't bother anymore. There's really not a whole lot in Seattle one can't find in the 'burbs... and downtown is just a mall, except unlike the mall you get hassled by homeless people...
Feb 7 orino commented on Which Sketch Turned You into a Monty Python Fan for Life?.
Sorry to be a buzzkill, but I never found Monty Python all that funny when it was new, and quite frankly am sick to death of it 40 years later. Ditto for pretty much all the British comedy shows KCTS repeats incessantly...
Jan 3 orino commented on Here's the Veronica Mars Trailer.
This movie has nothing whatsoever to do with the series, which, while it was set in a P.I./teen soap opera thing, was actually about the relationship between Veronica and her father, a relationship more realistic, human and engaging than most any other depicted on TV or in movies. I like Kristen Bell as an actress, but I'm pretty sure I won't see this movie unless I'm really bored, and I can get it out of a vending machine for $1.30.

According to more than one source, had the series not been canceled when the UPN and WB TV networks merged, Veronica would have become a cadet at the FBI Academy, but still solving mysteries in her spare time. That would've been interesting.
Dec 26, 2013 orino commented on Do You Want to Organ-Donate Your Face?.
Seriously, I only have half of a right foot... if someone wanted to donate their size 11, I would happily take it.
Dec 5, 2013 orino commented on Cop Car Clash.
*sigh* The new Ford Explorer Police Interceptor is, for all practical purposes, a Taurus station wagon. It shares its engine and underlying architecture with the Taurus Police Interceptor. The Explorer is currently in use with many, many city, county and state police agencies, most of which report it gets BETTER gas mileage than the Crown Vics they replaced. And the Explorer is the only one of the vehicles SPD tested that has enough room for all the stuff the cops carry in their Crown Vics.

As for color, when you buy vehicles in bulk, you can get them painted any color you want... just supply a paint sample. I hope SPD sticks with its present metallic blue. Black and white is a California cop car thing...
Nov 8, 2013 orino commented on Obama Backs a $10 Minimum Wage.
I remember RICHARD FREAKING NIXON proposing a guaranteed minimum income, presumably a lot like the Earned Income Credit, but for everyone... paid through the IRS. Geez. But then, Value Added Tax was also being seriously discussed at that time, too.
Aug 25, 2013 orino commented on Big-Government Nanny State Texans Ban Electric Car Sales.
*sigh* Okay folks, here's the deal. Tesla Motors owns all of its dealers, unlike every other car company (there are lots of good reasons for this, which I won't go into now). Texas franchise law prohibits car companies from owning their dealers. Car dealers are given franchises by their manufacturers, and if at some future time Tesla decides to grant franchises, they'll have dealers in Texas.

Given the $70K sticker price for a Model S, it would seem to me not to be a problem for someone in Texas to go somewhere else to buy one, and bring it back. People do this all the time... especially on the Washington/Oregon border. The Texas DMV Web site says *NOTHING* about people not being able to register and title a Tesla Model S.

And in any case, the Nissan LEAF, Ford Focus Electric and several other electric vehicles are readily available from their respective franchised dealers in Texas. Nissan recently added a second shift at the factory that builds the LEAF to meet the demand. In Bellingham, I see new ones on the street every week.

Next time, Paul, do a little research... you're a journalist, right?
Aug 21, 2013 orino commented on Study Says Indie Baristas Really Are Hipster Stereotypes.
I've patronized literally hundreds of Starbucks and indie coffee places, and my experience mirrors the study (a few notable exceptions on each side) The baristas at SBUX really are genuinely nice people; I know every one by name at the one I currently patronize, and they know me. OTOH, the indie baristas mostly are self-mutilated, self-loathing assholes who, as previous commenters have noted, would rather be anyplace else, doing anything else. All coffee served in North America is toxic sludge, but Starbucks affords many opportunities to not have to pay for it.

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