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Feb 21 Centrists Rule the World today commented on Will Gov. Jay Inslee Make a Bid for the Presidency in 2020? He Says No, The Seattle Times Says Yes.
What @6 said, and I'll add that I've never been all that impressed by Inslee. Solid, middle of the road democrat. we don't need a savior, but we do need someone who can mount a passionate defense of democracy as a majority of US citizens want to see it practiced. Thinking Inslee's qualified to do that because of the obvious response to Trump's travel ban might be the Democrat equivalent of the way republicans responded to Giuliani over his conduct on 9/11.
Feb 21 Centrists Rule the World today commented on Milo Yiannopoulos Gets Dropped from CPAC.
@47 - Milo presents himself as a journalist, who said - unironically - that a 13 year old could consent to sex with a 28-year old. Amy Schumer is a comedian who told a joke that is funny solely because of the inappropriateness she knows the audience will recognize, but which you evidently don't, can't or won't.

I'm going to assume all of the above and that you're both a troll AND a dumbass.
Feb 21 Centrists Rule the World today commented on Milo Yiannopoulos Gets Dropped from CPAC.
I might actually have some begrudging respect for Simon & Schustser, CPAC, and Republicans if they stood by him now, after screaming "Free speech!" and demanding open-mindedness for their bigoted minstrel.
Feb 1 Centrists Rule the World today commented on Confidential to the Democrats.
Amen, Dan, but they don't have to stoop to the pubs' level. The dems have to start playing to win, but they don't have to do things like label their opponents "snowflakes" or violate the constitution. They also don't have to filibuster Gorsuch. Just vote no - he needs 60 votes. Don't give them to him. Fight, use the rules, be smart - they can do all those things and still not be corrupt divisive assholes, which is a fair description of the right.
Jan 21 Centrists Rule the World today commented on White Nationalist Richard Spencer Punched In the Face During Inauguration Protest.
Remember when the old guy at a Trump rally sucker-punched a black guy whom security then removed? I can forgive this because of that, but now no more violence. Spencer has a constitutionally protected right to say asshole shit. Still an asshole.
Jan 11 Centrists Rule the World today commented on Trump Gave a Press Conference About Pee Gate. He Probably Thought He Was Tremendous.
I for one am glad that we plebes don't have to settle for "someone claims Russians have compromising materials" and instead get the real headline "everyone in US government, including the FBI director has been told that someone claims the Russians have video of him getting peed on." I take it for what it is - an unsubstantiated allegation, but given how weird his relationship with Russia is, we deserve to know the substance of those claims.

I wish the media would report his presser fairly. The headline should be: "'I'm a germaphobe' Trump claims to refute compromising materials report while hiding behind lawyer on obvious emoluments violations."
Jan 9 Centrists Rule the World today commented on Suddenly Awesome Seahawks Win Playoff Game For Fifth Straight Year Against the Detroit Lions.
I mostly agree with @4. Stafford hasn't been the same since he busted up his figer. There were a lot of drops by his receivers. That won't happen with Atlanta's offense. The Seahawks can beat the Falcons if they show up - they can't pull the disappearing act they did in Green Bay and Tampa Bay. The O-line is cheap, but they do know how to play - they've proven it from time to time. I'm nervous, but hopeful. Go Seahawks and go Green Bay - let's play one more at home!
Jan 1 Centrists Rule the World today commented on Huskies Lose To Alabama With Dignity, But We All Lose Anyway.
@2 - the NFL requires players be three years out of high school, which basically forces these young men into the college farm system. Some top programs only graduate half of the team and very few players go pro, so many if not most are risking chronic injury (including traumatic brain injury) for a false promise of an illusory dream. I'm not sure they get free steak for their troubles, as that would be a form of compensation under NCAA eligibility rules.

The traditional bowl structure was superseded by the bowl championship series and then by the college football playoff. If the PAC-12 champion is one of the top four teams in the nation, that trumps the Rose Bowl invite. Also, every other year, the Rose Bowl is the semifinal of the CFP.

There - you're up to date on the past 20 years in NCAA football.
Dec 21, 2016 Centrists Rule the World today commented on Washington State Attorney General Sues Matt Hickey Over Alleged Porn "Audition" Scam.
@39 - it doesn't matter what the women *would* have done if it were a real audition. There was no money, there never was. If you're trying to say it wasn't rape, fine, but in this case thats not what he's being accused of.