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May 12 woofy commented on Safeway Clerk Arrested Protesting Demolition of Her South Seattle Home.
The Developer was after this woman for a long time to try to buy her house from her so they could build more of the units they had put up next door. She did not want to move as she had lived in the house for decades - this place was her HOME not just a number on a spreadsheet. As she refused to sell, the bank was just looking for a way to get her out of the house to get it into the hands of that developer. This is wrong in every way.
May 8 woofy commented on Mayor Murray Says He'll Fight Any Attempt to Save Metro by Using Property Taxes; Slams Founder of "Plan C".
Placing this on the backs or property owners alone is wrong, period. Why isn't a local only version of prop one more popular - because all the non property owners are itching to get this paid for on someone else's dime. And don't bother with the "renters pay through their landlords" rhetoric. If renters were willing to pay they would be all for a local only prop one. All property owners are not the idle rich you know. many are barely making ends meet as it is.
Apr 30 woofy commented on I, Anonymous.
I'd rather not smell anything on the bus, but a bus farter is the second lowest form of city dweller - Elevator farters are the lowest (really, you can't hold that for 5 floors?)
Apr 18 woofy commented on How to Get Pot Delivered.
Did it- took a lot longer that I thought it would, but overall happy wit Winterlife Co-ops service. I think your article might have gotten them a LOT busier than they expected0!
Apr 16 woofy commented on Get High, Get Fucked.
DAN, you have body issues? But you're a stone fox!
Apr 16 woofy commented on Drunk of the Week.
...or is it?
Apr 7 woofy commented on New Column!.
Apr 2 woofy commented on I, Anonymous.
Likely a crack ho just makin some money- the CD is just a few blocks up the street after all - oh was that offensive?
Apr 2 woofy commented on RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6 Episode 6 RuCap: Oh No She Bettah Don’t!.
Darienne is next - she is putting way too much into hating on other instead of her outfits and presentation.
Mar 20 woofy commented on I, Anonymous.
pictures please.

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