Jun 27 woofy commented on I, Anonymous.
College doesn't always equal smart.
May 25 woofy commented on I, Anonymous.
There are still decent people around, Many!! We just don't see it because they don't get any press.
May 20 woofy commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: A Good Threesome, Spoiled.
Option 99, send a letter to Dan Savage and everyone will know.
May 12 woofy commented on Blaming Financing Problems, Mayor Announces No Deal for Troubled Civic Square Project.
I am confused. Developers pay millions into the housing fund, the city owns a lot. Simple math, build a large low rent apartment building there. At last report, the most recent excuse for lack of projects was that there weren't any good lots available for these projects. This is a great lot that IS available. What's the problem???
May 2 woofy commented on What Went Down at the Protest Outside Uncle Ike's on 4/20.
What Booker T Washington Said! See #15
Mar 30 woofy commented on I, Anonymous.
Doctors are people too. Some are good and some bad. Sounds like you got a bad one.
Mar 16 woofy commented on Returning Column!.
I think Broad city is great.
Mar 16 woofy commented on The Making of the Capitol Hill Light Rail Station.
This is great, for students, but it a shame they didn't extend to the central u district with this roll out.
Mar 16 woofy commented on I Don't Think Those Forever 21 T-Shirts Were Rapey Either.
Knee jerk reactions like this are part of what is wrong with our country now. Calm the fuck down!
Dec 3, 2015 woofy commented on I, Anonymous.
The last time i politely knocked on a neighbors door and asked them to keep it down I was threatened with physical violence.